Love Talbots’ New Arrivals for Petites

new arrivals for petites

Happy Thursday, everyone!  Welcome to a fun post about how we Love Talbots’ New Arrivals for Petites.

 It is February…the undisputed month of love, and we do love these new arrivals for petites.

Of course, when it comes to the new arrivals for petites, I call in my friend, Leigh Ann…a perfect model for petite fashions.

She doesn’t turn me down when I say…Let’s go to Talbots!

So, shop with us as we show you the styles she loves in the Talbots’ New Arrivals for Petites.


new arrivals for petites

During this month among the new arrivals for petites, Talbots will give ladies a HEART-OR-TWO for Valentine’s celebrations…think Galentine’s parties too.

But, Leigh Ann began from the bottom first with her favorite pant of the day.

This is the WIDE LEG TROUSER JEAN in the Railroad Stripe….and it is super cute.

She is wearing size 6P.

She found in store a PIMA COTTON V-NECK TEE in indigo for a layering piece.  It is a small.

The TIPPED HEART V-NECK CARDIGAN size for Leigh Ann is a Petite Small.  We decided that it is so cute the sweater can be worn anytime.

new arrivals for petites

She also liked her favorite pant with this SOLID PIMA BATEAU NECK TEE in indigo.

She is wearing a petite small.


new arrivals for petites

Leigh Ann gave her heart approval of this entire look for a more elevated casual style in the new arrivals for petites.

The pants are the TALBOTS WESTON PANT in the color called rattan.

The size is 6P.

This denim blazer is very tailored classic style.

It is the REFINED DENIM MODERN BLAZER, and Leigh Ann is wearing a size 6P.

new arrivals for petites

The blouse was one of Leigh Ann’s top favorites in the new arrivals for petites.

She loved the details on this blouse….plus the fact it is no-iron! And who would not love a shirt in a pattern called Teatime Stripe???

It is the NO IRON PERFECT SHIRT in her size, 6P and this color is Rattan.

new arrivals for petites

Another elevated style in the new arrivals for petites is this lovely outfit in blue.

These are the blue TALBOTS PROVIDENCE PANTS in her size 6P.

Leigh Ann paired the pant with this cardigan in new arrivals for petites…the CHARMING CARDIGAN – POTTERY FLORAL.

She has it buttoned up so it looks more like a pullover here.


new arrivals for petites

Leigh Ann decided see what the OUT & ABOUT STRETCH JOGGER was like in this color called shadow heather (gray).

She tried it on in a PM, and said it is super soft, warm and comfy. 

She topped the relaxed look with the soft FEATHERWEIGHT TERRY CREWNECK PULLOVER.

Tomorrow, Leigh Ann will join me for one favorite relaxed item as I return to show you the Misses new arrivals I liked.


new arrivals for petites

Yes, we loved what we found in new arrivals for petites.

We also know that this kicks off new arrivals coming in on a regular basis as spring is anticipated.

I am glad that we found so many styles that we could feature an entire post of new arrivals for petites.


A Classic Award Members event begins tomorrow (Feb.2) and continues through Feb. 11

During that time you will receive 25% off your purchase with an extra 5% off if you shop with a Talbots Credit Card

Plus, earn 3X Style Points & 100 Bonus Style points

San Antonio, you cannot go wrong shopping with the Talbots’ associates at the Village at Stone Oak or at North Star Mall.

All of these ladies are very professional, helpful and joyful.

Thanks for being here…I know there are many of you looking for new arrivals for petites…so let’s get it started….


By Pamela Lutrell

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new arrivals for petites


  1. It is always fun to see Leigh Ann out and about with you. I will be nosing around that sale tomorrow. Talbots is one of the few stores left where you can actually find a SA to help you. May that never change. Have a nice day.

  2. I just spent some time in Talbots. Because I have no idea anymore what my size is and how things will look on me, I love stores where they will bring you another size without having to get dressed and go on the hunt myself. Talbots and Chicos never disappoint in that way. I loved the Teatime Stripe shirt you showed today. . Meets my Interesting adjective without being too elaborate. That is the sweet spot of my personal style.

  3. Thanks for sharing, Linda. Customer Service is so important and I wish more store managers would follow the lead of Talbot’s and offer assistance from associates that care.

  4. I LOVE Leigh Ann’s choices, and Talbots cloths are always one of my two go-to stores. I’ll be online in a few to get some spring colors, of the boatneck elbow sleeve cotton-spandex tops🥰

  5. Thanks Leigh Ann for showing us some of Talbot’s new petite offering. The striped pants are darling. Did they come home with you? I agree that the customer service at Talbot’s is excellent. All the associates at my local store are helpful and friendly. Chico’s and J Jill are in the same neighborhood and they also provide wonderful service. I also love the Talbot’s and J Jill carry a full line of petite sizes. They don’t always have all the colors but at least I can try on for size, they will order it for me. Chico’s has pretty much stopped offering petite tops but still is a great place to shop for jeans and pants. I shop at all three of these stores and generally skip the department stores. Looking forward to seeing Pam’s choices tomorrow.

  6. Enjoy shopping, Sandra. Please consider clicking on my links so I am paid my affiliate payments…I so appreciate those who shop with my links.

  7. Those striped pants were the best. We did not purchase anything that day…waiting for the special sale tomorrow.

  8. Those striped pants are very nice looking and could go from late Winter/early Spring into Summer nicely just by changing out the color of the top and switching to open toed shoes.

    By the time February rolls around I am ready for lighter colored clothes. It’s still not warm here so they need to be heavier. I think the gray/mint outfit is a nice late Winter look.

    Have you been looking at open toed shoes with more coverage so you don’t feel self-conscious about your toe situation?

  9. I have just returned from a shopping trip to a major Midwestern US city. The shopping centers were deserted. I shopped on a weekend and weekdays. There were so many vacant store fronts. I was, at times, the only woman in the store/fitting rooms. In large department stores, with the exception of cosmetics, there were no sales associates to be found. I had to ask for help. The sales associates were not helpful or friendly. Sadly, the combination of Covid and online shopping has been devastating to so many businesses.

    With the exception of some accessories, I returned empty handed. The oversized, cropped look just doesn’t work for me. Like Leigh Ann, I’m best in petite sizing. The word “bathrobe” was used!

  10. Hi Rose, my doctor had told me that my foot would adjust to the loss of the toe and it would be difficult to notice it is gone…he was right. I think you have to really be staring right at my feet to notice there is one missing. I am encouraged by how the toe looks and will be looking at open toed shoes again…probably not a fit flop style.

  11. Down here in San Antonio, our stores have women shopping. I have been in Chico’s, Talbots, and JJILL recently and the stores had a number of women shoppers. So here we have hope that store fronts will be here for awhile. I would hate to see it all go online. We also do not have a COVID outbreak that would keep shoppers away.

  12. Love that more petites are available! Online shopping is my only way to get any clothes or shoes. Our small town struggled before Covid and now downtown is very dead. There are bars and a Mexican take out place and beauty shops, that is about it. An old Victorian hotel has been under updating and restoration for a decade and is finally finished! They have a bar open, a real restaurant that is going to open soon and 29 rooms which we all hope will bring interest to our small town. I’m afraid Talbots is over 50 miles away but I love your dressing room try ons.

  13. Leigh Ann looks great and as if she has lost weight. I want to check out the weight of the pima cotton tops, like the navy one she tried on. I dislike those front pockets that everyone is showing now, but if you look at them, they show how well those Talbots pants are made. The pocket stripes are lined up perfectly with those of the pants. The teatime stripe blouse is so attractive on her as well.

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