Clothing advice over 60

clothing advice over 60

Happy final Thursday of February!  Today, I have some clothing advice over 60…and it is motivated from a book review I began to work on.

Clothing advice over 60 does begin to change as we move forward in life (I like that better than saying as we age!)

The majority of women over 60 have retired…travel more…and spend more time with family and out in the community.

Clothing advice over 60 must include the fact that our clothing needs have changed.

What hasn’t changed is our desire to be confident, joyful, and a bright light to those around us.

First, let’s address the book that began this post in my head.


clothing advice over 60

This book was recommended by a reader and I so hope she will not be offended by what I have to say, because she is amazing.

STYLE STATEMENT by Carrie McCathy & Danille LaPorte share some basic principals with what I believe.

For example, they write….

Style is a language that we help people articulate. (Yes, it communicates)

People are like snowflakes, uniquely beautiful because of the details.  (Each and every one of us is unique)

Working from the outside in, can create deep transformation.  (I have experienced this first hand)

You need to be “at home” in your life. (Just another way to say confidence is important)

And, I completely agree with all of these words.

However, this 253 page book is one of the most complicated and difficult to follow style books I have ever read.

Honestly, I have always believed that developing a wardrobe that reflects who you are and works every day for you…and saves you time and money…is very simple and easy.

 Some of my best clothing advice over 60 has been to keep your style consistent…day to day…and uniquely you.

The most simple question you can answer in front of the mirror each day is What Do I Want to Tell the World About Me with what I wear?

When you have clothing that answers that question with each piece, then getting dressed is stress free and easy.


clothing advice over 60

My clothing advice over 60 encourages you to remember that we gain strength from confident dressing.

I am confident when I dress with my style adjectives.  

I ask if each outfit tells the world that I am polished, approachable, Joyful, and current.

To me, these style adjectives say that I am

POLISHED – I am put together and take time for myself.  My outfit shows that I respect me and others.  (many interpret polished to mean classic…I use it for more than that)

APPROACHABLE – My outfit encourages others to speak to me in a friendly way.  

JOYFUL –  My outfit makes me smile when I look in the mirror and I go out smiling. (another way to say confidence)

CREATIVE – I love fashion, and I like to add accessories, colors, or designs which tell the world that I am a creative person.  

CURRENT –  My outfit is current and not frumpy.  I want the outfit to assist me in feeling youthful and vibrant.  (Helps me to feel strong and not old)

Style adjectives are so easy and simple…once you select them, use them to dress every day and when shopping.

If a garment doesn’t speak all five (or whatever number you decide) adjectives, then it should go.

But if you stay true to communicating your adjectives (no matter the number) over time, then you develop a style that is uniquely you.

I have discovered over time that I do not identify with the ONE WORD system.  I am not just classic or bohemian…but a unique combination. Thus my five adjectives.


style advice over 60

I confess that being stuck in athletic wear for so long has been a drag to me…my adjectives typically have little to do with athletic wear.

So, when I saw this Joseph Ribkoff top (can be a jacket or a top) that I believe spoke all five of my adjectives, I said…”Oh yes, you are coming home with me.”

It was for sale in my favorite local boutique, Elizabeth’s Boutique.

And it has put a bright smile on my face since I found it.

Now, I do know that it is NOT in my best colors.  But, the green (not my best green) is closest to my face.

This garment helped me to tweak my adjectives into athleticwear.

I liked the top so much and it goes great with my T by Talbot’s high waist flare leggings, that I just had to have it….I needed a style boost after living exclusively in athletic wear for so long.

This proved to me though, that my adjectives can work easily in any situation. 

Conclusion?  The book is interesting, but style is not complicated.  Using 4 or 5 style adjectives will accomplish all that is written of in this book….in a much easier manner.

My key clothing advice over 60 is to wear clothing and styles you love…and that is best accomplished with style adjectives that speak to a confident you and others who you are.

I hope this helps!

Any questions about my clothing advice over 60?  Please ask…..and make sure to…..


By Pamela Lutrell

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advice over 60


  1. Hi Pamela,
    Love your outfit! You look vibrant, happy, healthy, friendly, energetic, pretty, and very chic! Great post. Oh and I made the taco casserole dish and it turned out great! I used lowfat instead of nonfat hahaha. Anyway, thank you for always inspiring! 😊

  2. Thanks for the quick review. I have never considered energetic as a style adjective but I love it! Thanks for a new one to consider!

  3. I have followed the “foundational five” method from the first time I heard you mention it! My adjectives are evaluated at least annually, but most often seasonally to be certain they are still in line with what I want to “say” with my style. My biggest challenge is the three days a week that I spend with my best dog friend, and I have to be prepared to get really messy yet still look presentable for a run to the store. Haven’t got this one figured out yet, but life sure is different from my formal office days! It’s like living in two worlds, because I love to dress up! Style adjectives definitely work for me!

  4. Thanks again for sharing how they work for you, Karen. It is interesting how in this second act we do have challenges to find our comfort and confident style…since we are not dressing for an office every day. In some ways it is really fun and in other ways really frustrating. But, I have found that the adjectives keep me confident in both worlds.

  5. I wear leggings 5 days out of 7, joggers and jeans the other 2 days. i feel more comfortable in leggings and able to go outside and walk or on my treadmill. i like dressing up but i don’t like getting clothes messed up from cleaning or cooking since being retired its hard to buy new clothes. Thanks so much for your posts each day, I love reading them.

  6. After reading your interesting post, Pam, and Karen’s response, maybe we should all add “flexible” in parentheses to our 5 choices. Life isn’t consistent, day after day. By the way, your outfit is fun and unexpected!

  7. Love these posts… I just want to contribute my 2 cents today about looking youthful. I am 70+ and my youth has been over for a while. 🙂 I do want to look modern, current, confident, put together, attractive. etc. rather than dated, frumpy, messy. I mean no disrespect to others who strive to look youthful… But being an attractive elder is OK!! Have a great day!

  8. Life isn’t consistent, but I do believe if you have steadfast style adjectives then your confidence will be steadfast. I tried to demonstrate that today by showing how I used my adjectives for athleisure wear. Of course there are Uber casual days for being outside that I throw on clothing that I don’t care if it gets torn or stained. But then I change before going out. Just makes me feel better.

  9. Hi Pam, very good blog today. Had to laugh on your comment about athletic wear being a drag… I can really relate!

  10. Absolutely, Jean. When I feel confident and joyful when I go out, I feel youthful and vibrant…in a good way.

  11. Thanks Mary. As I said in the post this was a purchase at a local boutique, so I have no link. But I can tell you that it is by Joseph Ribkoff and the brand does have a website.

  12. Your new top is totally fabulous. So what if its not your best colors. You glow in it anyway It really elevates the leggings and sneakers and I can see how it hits all your adjectives. Its the 2nd week of my husband’s RSV & pneumonia and his constant loud cough. To cheer myself up I decided to wear a new sweater I was saving for “good”. I needed a boost today even though no one will see me in it. And I’m taking a chance on a sweater that’s my style but not quite my best colors. I even remembered to order it through your links. Happy end of February. One day closer to new shoes for you.

  13. It has been for me, Judy. But I am learning to find ways to embrace it! That is a good lesson the surgery has taught me.

  14. LOL! Thanks Mary Ann…I really like it…but do not consider it my best. It is fun though.

  15. Hi Kathie! You are wearing it to be seen by the most important person…You! Hope it puts a smile on your face and that he makes significant progress toward recovery today.

  16. I like what you say to keep it simple with the style adjectives. If styling was too complicated I know I would throw up my hands and say forget it! We have to be able to look at something and hopefully know what works best for us. I’ve been there floundering and seeing something on someone else and it just wasn’t me. Or reading something and wondering if I’m doing it right.
    Also really like the new top. The colors are very nice for spring.

  17. Good morning Pam,
    I want to voice my agreement with you and Jean. I’m 68 and realize I’m not young, but I still care about the way I present myself to others; and even how I feel at home. I think that one of the reasons being “old” has such a negative connotation concerning style is that too many people have traditionally let themselves go after a certain age. It’s just not in me to do that. I’m not trying to look young. I’m trying to remain true to my style, no matter how many years have passed. I don’t think of youthful as a goal, but I’ve been told I am.

    I’ve had plenty of physical challenges and understand that that can be a reality as we age, but there’s power in being the best you can be.

  18. This post made me go back to review my adjectives. They’re still holding true! Thanks for this simple method!

  19. Pam, I never had a career with nice office clothes. I wore ugly colored scrubs that the hospital chose so people wouldn’t steal them! Today at 79, I war comfortable trouser style jeans from Chicos and plaid flannel shirts. It is up and down on temperature here yet, high of 62 today. Because of my disability and where I live, my lifestyle of casual, functional, comfortable, current clothes dictates what I wear. I like using these adjectives to describe my clothes and my day with our little dog and our elderly cat. My husband lives in jeans, long sleeve tees or plaid flannel shirts. We both wear Skechers shoes. They are very comfortable for my arthritic feet. You look very happy and just glow in your outfits today.

  20. Love your new jacket and Pam; you can pull this vibrant piece off just perfectly. It’s you!
    Don’t you just love walking into a small out of the way boutique with all types of creative and unique pieces and find THAT one you just must take home?

  21. Hi. I was thinking about age. I am 70 1/2. I do not think about my age except to be sure to exercise and eat properly. Part of this is that I am fortunate to be healthy plus my mother was a great role model. I enjoy your posts because you are positive and upbeat. That is even more important than the fashion; however, I greatly enjoy clothes.

  22. Thanks Kathy…looks like we are the same age! One of my desires is to bring joy and smiles to those of us in the vibrant second act!

  23. Well said, Pam! A thoughtful, interesting way to explain your approach to those of us still trying to figure it out for ourselves. And, that top looks terrific on you!

  24. Thank you, Barbara. Thinking about what we actually communicate with our style choices can make a huge difference and prevent us from wasting money.

  25. You look happy in the black and green top. It is stylish and made me happy to look at it. I also like the light brown top you were wearing in the quote.

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