Review: Quince linen and washable silk for spring outfits


Quince linen and washable silk for spring outfits

Happy March!  Today, I am discussing a review of Quince linen and washable silk for spring outfits.

I have shared how the temps are already heating up in South Texas and that is why I am adding Quince linen and washable silk for spring outfits.

Often, in South Texas, it can feel like summertime very early and I want nice garments which will keep me cool.

The challenge has been real…especially last year.

Quince linen and washable silk for spring outfits will answer many of my needs this year, including the need to get quality at a great price.

First though, let me address the elephant in the room since many of you have asked on another post…let’s talk wrinkles.

Also where I live, we are accustomed to our linen-style including wrinkles…it is just part of wearing linen.

That is why I wear my linen most often for my casual wear.  If you look at the front of this blazer, you will see that the wrinkles are mostly on the sleeves….that I tend to push up and down.

There are a couple of creases in my blouse that I noticed after sitting over an hour at my desk wearing it before pictures today…the creases are right where the tops of my jeans are.

Other than that…these washable silk blouses stay smooth and lovely.

I decided in this review to show you the Quince linen and washable silk as it looks while I wear it.

So, let’s talk specifics about Quince linen and washable silk for spring outfits and why I will wear it!


Quince linen and washable silk for spring outfits


One reason to think Quince linen and washable silk for spring outfits is the sustainability…which you get with this look.

I am wearing the WOMEN’S 100% EUROPEAN LINEN in the color called “driftwood.”

This is a great fitting blazer that is light and breathable, and perfect for warm-temp-time, and spring outfits.

After I removed it from the package, I placed the blazer in the dryer on Refresh, and then ironed it with my steam iron.

I like to top off outfits… but often in heat it is a challenge…not with Quince linen for spring outfits.

I am certain this spring I will reach for this relaxed look often.

I love it with jeans and my sneakers.




Quince linen and washable silk for spring outfits


For me, Quince washable silk has become a new MUST HAVE for when the weather heats up in the spring.

In 2024, I have fallen hard for it…like the WASHABLE STRETCH SILK TIE NECK BLOUSE In navy blue that I am wearing under this knit poncho.

The Quince washable silk pieces are beautiful, effortless, and so comfortable and light.  I can go out in confidence this spring when heat is up in the 90s.

And it is the most affordable washable silk I have seen around.

Quince linen and washable silk for spring outfits

Today, I am wearing, under the linen jacket, the WASHABLE STRETCH SILK SHORT SLEEVE BLOUSE in Forest Green….beautiful color and there are five colors in this blouse.

I now own the green, brown and navy….as well as two of the in the navy and cream.

It is a challenge to look polished and put together in excessive heat, but Quince linen and washable silk for spring outfits makes it possible to do that.

These fabrics mean so much to me to remain active and look good during the heat.


Staying cool and looking good is what Quince linen and washable silk for spring outfits are all about….oh yes, and not breaking your budget!

Let me know if you have any questions about Quince Linen and Washable Silk for spring outfits…I am a fan.

Then make sure you…………………………………………………………………………


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I received product from Quince for this review, and the links do provide affiliate commissions to me.  The words are my own.

Quince linen and washable silk for spring outfits


  1. Hi Pamela,
    Ok you’ve to look into the Quince brand! Late spring and into summer can get very hot where I live and I need a fashion upgrade from my usual tshirts. When I read silk I think ooh la la and when I read washable I think hooray! Thank you for the fine curating that you do for us. The forest green color looks great on you! 😊

  2. Quince gives us lovely color selections and such excellent options to beat the heat in style. Thanks Sandra!

  3. I bought the bitter brown silk camp shirt but haven’t worn it yet. I can’t even think about wearing a bottom layer that doesn’t cover my elbows for another couple of months, no matter what I layer over it! It is 7* this morning. I have been thinking about how I will style it though! Thank you for the review! The forest green looks lovely on you.

  4. The brown is beautiful! I will style it for spring. I know exactly ways I want to wear it. Can’t wait for you to open yours, Deborah!

  5. I’ve been visiting my grandson and missed commenting on yesterday’s post. It was a great one! I too use “polished” as an adjective now, in the way you do. The washable silk from Quince is on my radar, especially for cruising this summer. I want to wait until I see where my weight settles, so I appreciate that this retailer appears seasonless, with its entire line available year round. I am in love with the purse I purchased there.

  6. Thanks for a review of Quince linen. The jacket looks great on you and I like how you styled it with the green silk blouse. Of course linen wrinkles. That’s just what it does but I’ve found that after several washings it continues to soften to the point where it wrinkles less. Its just so comfortable in hot weather that the wrinkles don’t bother me. I would love that blazer Quince offered petite sizing. I do see they have linen tank which I would have called a shell since it buttons in the back. I will try in the driftwood color that looks good on you. Also the short sleeve linen shirt which is not long. I had several similar to this many years ago and wore them until I wore them out. Oh, for some spring weather. We are in the 40s all day with rain. Still its March! Happy March.

  7. I think the trade-off of wrinkles vs comfort is a real one even in our relatively short summer heat and humidity. I take comfort everytime— in wearing linen or flax/cotton blends. If it wrinkles so be it. I don’t own any washable silk pieces. Maybe that’s next.
    Have a wonderful Friday! ( It’s a brisk 25 degrees here right now). Lol

  8. Thanks for sharing, Linda. The washable silk items are a great way to say polished!

  9. Good point, Kathie. I will report back after I have washed it and see if it does soften up a bit. I like this jacket….even with the wrinkles of linen.

  10. The washable silk is very comfortable and looks so elevated…amazing they offer for the prices they do. Thanks Paulette.

  11. I have loved everything I’ve gotten from Quince, from sweaters to pants to shoes. The quality and price is unbeatable and with free shipping and returns as well. Their ultra-stretch ponte pants are wonderful and now with a choice of 4 inseams. What’s not to love?

  12. Thanks so much for covering the Quince washable silk, Pam. I’m a recent convert to their cashmere -love it! – and have been wanting to try the washable silk for travel. How does the washable silk look after handwashing? Does it need ironing, or will the wrinkles hang out?

  13. Pam, can you tell me what size you wear in the washable silk blouses? I am on the fence about their sizing..and do you find the short sleeve blouses to be too cropped? I am 5’8” tall, and would really like to know if they would be too short to lift your arms up? Could they be tucked at all? Maybe into a high rise pant? I hate to send things back, and have only ordered from places when I can get free returns or take them back to a store location..

  14. I am impressed with the Quince shirts and blazer you have shown us. The price looks unbeatable! Unfortunately Quince doesn’t come in plus sizes, otherwise I would be all over this! 😊

  15. It looked great, Susan. I did not iron it, but after it dried on a hanger, I tossed it in the dryer on Refresh and it was soft and lovely.

  16. Hi Susan, I am wearing an XL. And the sleeves are a great length…I do not consider them too short at all. I am 5 Ft 71/2. I like how the hem is straight across and looks good not tucked in.

  17. Quince does offer plus size options, Denise. Just go to their website and search plus size tops…you will see what they have!

  18. Hi Pam, the only silk I have is 4 mulberry silk pillowcases. I have had them for a couple of years now. My hands are very crippled with arthritis and I no longer can hand wash anything. I wash my pillowcases in the washing machine on cold and hang to dry. They come out silky smooth and are holding up so far. It is recommended that they be hand washed but I can’t do it. I bought these on Amazon and can’t remember the vendor. Quince has so many beautiful things but are still expensive for me. Thank you for sharing these beautiful products.

  19. I am trying to peace with the wrinkles in linen & have a couple of pieces, but it is a work in progress. I do have a question about Quince. Do they have any items in plus sizes or XXL?

  20. Yes they do, Becky. Just click on one of my links and you will be on their website. Then search those sizes and you will have some garments pop up.

  21. I have to admit I didn’t know there was a washable silk! I will definitely be trying this brand especially knowing it’s lightweight for the summer. Thanks so much!

  22. Quince doesn’t have petite sizes either — you can search on it, but it won’t take you to anything that has the word petite in it. The best I could do was a 28″ inseam. Has anyone 5′ 3″ or under, who is not a plus size, had any luck iwth Quince clothing? Thanks!

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