How I elevate jeans with tweed

jeans with tweed

Happy Tuesday, friends!  Today, I want to share how I elevate jeans with tweed.

Here is how I arrived at a post on how I elevate jeans with tweed…..

I am in a challenging period with my clothing because medical professionals want me in sneakers…all of the time.

I know that sneakers are approved fashion to wear with just about everything.

But, I am still old school, and struggle with wearing them when I want to dress up.

So, my uniform at the moment is to wear many different looks in jeans with sneakers.

The way I elevate my style then is to wear jeans with tweed…and that is what I did this past weekend.


elevate jeans with tweed

My church streams its services, so I have been able to watch at home since my surgery on November 6.

This past Sunday was exciting because I could finally return to church…so I wanted to elevate my jeans style a bit.

That was when I my eye fell on this boyfriend double breasted tweed blazer that I originally bought in the past at a Talbot’s Red Door Sale.

Both this jacket and my shoes look white white here, but they are not.  They are a creamy off white, and the tweed jacket is lovely with the gold buttons.

I wore it with the Quince Stretch Washable Silk Tie Neck Blouse in navy…creating a column of navy underneath the jacket.

I have always liked this look…tweed, jeans, and sneakers.

It is elevated, chic, casual to me. 

Here are some of the wonderful tweed selections currently on the market in a slideshow…or see here all the Talbots Tweed.


elevate jeans with tweed

Of course, the right accessories will also elevate jeans with tweed.

I love wearing these Gold Tone Stretch Bracelet Set from Chico’s.  These are beautiful gold tone bracelets.

And my gold metallic Patricia Nash crossbody bag was the cherry on the top.

I felt very confident in this elevated jeans with tweed look for church.

How do you like to elevate your jeans for a nicer occasion…or your sneakers for a nicer occasion?

Thank you for joining me today for how I elevate jeans with tweed….now make sure you…..


By Pamela Lutrell

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elevate jeans with tweed


  1. I love your blazer and how it changes the feel of your outfit. I find it hard to wear sneakers with jeans and I tend to wear flats or brogues with them as that’s what fits my classic style aesthetic. I have tried sneakers with dresses but that doesn’t work on me either as I have slim ankles and feet and the proportions do not look right. I wear sneakers to the gym, around the house and when I go for walks.
    Also, I bet you can’t wait to wear more varieties of footwear again.
    Take care.

  2. Your look today has prompted me to look at Talbot’s jackets. I’ll definitely order through your link if I buy one. Could you please tell me which shoes you are wearing? They look polished and comfy.
    I look forward to your emails. I’m happy you are on the road to recovery .

  3. You look amazingly stylish Pam, sneakers and all. Your jacket and jewelry accessories just elevate the jeans/ sneakers! A great look.
    My daughter just purchased (for me and my 70-something feet) a great pair of Taos sneakers in tan/cream/black with comfy toes and built-in arch support ( really arch support) ! They look great with pants of all
    types! I think the foot surgeon or PT person might have to approve for your feet, but I can walk my 2-3 miles without issue. Of course I’m not healing from surgery as you are. Just a thought! Happy Tuesday!

  4. How stunning you look in that jacket, Pamela. It is truly an outstanding piece for your wardrobe. Crème! You looked lovely going back to church.
    I live in colored jeans and have a myriad of jackets to elevate them. I usually have a scarf to add to my multi color look (which looks best on me). Sometimes the scarf itself is multicolored, especially if I am wearing a column of color, or the scarf can be a single color if I am wearing 2 or three colors with the jeans, top, and jacket. I recently bought a pair of sleek boots that look like brogues that have 3 shades of brown. Shoes, particularly boots this time of year, elevate my jeans along with my plaid coat and brown fedora. Oh! I found a 15+ year old blazer in a storage coat bag that has a slightly nubby fabric ( good texture for autumns) in sand! Can’t wait to play with that this week.

  5. Thanks for sharing, Paulette. Until they say…Shop…I will follow the orders. But can’t wait for new options!

  6. What a pleasant surprise to find something in a coat bag you haven’t worn in awhile! I love that you wear fedoras!

  7. Hi again Pam, I forgot to include the Taos sneaker style- Direction! That’s the walking sneaker she bought for me in tan/cream and black. They feel amazing!

  8. I like this look a lot, and I think it could be worn just about anywhere. The sneakers look like a style choice, and not like a medical necessity. Friends traveled with us on one of our last cruises, and the wife couldn’t wear anything but sneakers. She wore them even on formal nights. It bothered her, but I thought she looked fine, and nobody even noticed. In general, mostly people look at a person from the waist up. Also, I think making the jeans a dark wash was a smart choice and really elevated this outfit. Good work!

  9. Thanks Linda! I know light wash is on trend right now, and I will wear mine, but I have always preferred the dark wash…especially for a dressier look. Thanks so much!

  10. Wearing sneakers all the time is an investment in your future feet! I broke my foot decades ago and had to wear tie shoes (sneakers weren’t the thing then, nor jeans, but dresses mostly …) and it was hard, but I just had one pair, put them on, and off I went! So these days, while many people would say that sneakers with everything isn’t their “look” they are certainly ubiquitous and I imagine you don’t stand out (in a bad way) as much as it might feel. Even if this is for many months, the time does go quickly especially now that you can get out more and get around a little easier (compared to post surgery). I hope your pain is minimal, that your feet, ankles, and legs grow stronger every day even as your spirit does. I am grateful that you continue to bring us good ideas on fashion as well as personal growth and faith!

  11. Like you I am not as comfortable wearing sneakers with everything as some but I too am most comfortable in my sneakers so I make it work, and not worry about what someone may think. I’m still wearing turtlenecks with my tweed jacket or cardigans along with either a necklace or scarf. I saw this lady jacket trend coming and wish I had bought another one or had an old one saved in my closet. You look very on trend with your bow tied blouse, jacket, and jeans.

  12. I can appreciate today’s post since I had reconstructive foot surgery 3 years ago, and ever since then I am really only comfortable in sneakers. For awhile , I was really bothered by how this affected my outfits. Now, I guess I’ve just accepted this and have mostly, decided to be thankful both of my feet still support me. Good luck in your recovery.

  13. Thank you, Kim. The pain is minimal. If I overdo it, then there is more pain and swelling…but that is becoming less of the case as I improve.

  14. Yes, being thankful is so important. I am thankful that the pain I had on the bottom of my foot is gone. It was a pain I had lived with for a long time and looks like the surgery has sent it on its way. My nail technician and I were marveling yesterday at the difference in the bottom of my foot! Thanks Sandy.

  15. Your outfit looks wonderful. The bracelet photo shows a better image of the color of your beautiful tweed jacket. The tie blouse is perfect with it. Regardless of light wash jeans being on trend I agree that a dark wash like you are wearing is always dressier. In summer, of course, white or off white jeans are quite dressy, at least around here. Your shoes look fine. My best friend has had several foot surgeries and has had to wear the boot then supportive shoes. She reminds me that most of the time when we go out we are sitting–at dinner, in the theater, etc. and people see us from the waist up. Ditto for church when we are in pews. The towns I’ve lived in are very casual and jeans are considered appropriate for pretty much all occasions. I wear colored sneakers with jeans which I also wear in a variety of colors. My dressy sneakers are metallic gold! Keeping my fingers crossed you get the go ahead for shoe shopping soon.

  16. Thanks for the encouragement, Kathie. Yes, in Texas, we were jeans for almost everything…and even to country weddings! I love my jeans!

  17. Your outfit is very attractive and that includes your sneakers. I love all of the Ann Taylor blazers, especially the one button style which has been around as long as I can remember, 79 years! Your bow blouse in silk is a great choice with your lovely blazer. I have to wear sneakers all of the time so I am grateful for living in Colorado where the style is normal for all occasions.

  18. I love this classic look & think it is a very classy outfit, sneakers & all. The blouse & jacket definitely give it the elevated look that you were looking for. I add a blazer or beautiful sweater when I’m looking to dress up my jeans & sneakers. Special accessories, like yours, always add an elevated look as well.

  19. You look fabulous! However, I want to address another issue that seems to be rampant out there in fabric and fashion land and that is the misuse of the word “tweed”. In most cases the fabric should be called “boucle”. If you want to know what tweed really looks like go look at the Harris Tweed website. Harris Tweed and a few others who manufacture and weave true tweed have worked very hard to preserve their craft. We need to give credit where it is due. If you buy a real true Harris Tweed jacket or coat you had better like it because it will never wear out so although it might be expensive it will be dollars well spent amortized over the life of the garment.

  20. Count me in as a member of Team Tweed! I’ve always loved it, as it goes well with my classic style preferences. Your church outfit is perfection, and I agree with you and others that dark jeans are much dressier that lighter wash. They are also more slimming, which matters to many of us. I have two spring tweed jackets in my closet and both are from Chico’s, but it has warmed up so quickly this year I may not get to wear them. Thanks for all the wonderful slideshow options. I especially loved the Anthro jacket and the longer Ann Taylor choices, but they wouldn’t be very practical for my current lifestyle in such light colors. If I was still in a “business formal” dress code environment I would buy one in a heartbeat.

  21. I wish I had an opportunity to wear more sweaters…especially cashmere. Thanks for sharing your look, Becky.

  22. Thanks for the lesson, Lauren. I identify garments by the way the brands do. This was interesting though.

  23. Thanks Elaine…when I saw it in the sale that year, I grabbed it! It was at the end of the sale and had been through a couple of markdowns. I was proud of myself!

  24. I would be a total disaster if I had to 1. wear shoes, 2 wear tennis shoes The only time I can make myself wear them is to the gym. At home I workout bearfoot (I know) Guess I better get with the times!

  25. If you had been through two recent foot surgeries like I have, you would get why for a time there are no other options.

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