My go-to neutral for winter outfits

winter outfits

Happy Monday, everyone!  Today I am discussing my go-to neutral for winter outfits.

Since, I am a warm autumn palette lady, my go-to neutral for winter outfits is navy…and I have been wearing the color often.

I always loved black, until I realized it was not my best friend for my complexion…simply because it is not my best color.

But, wearing navy allows me the dark columns of color I love and find to be slimming, yet it is In a flattering color that does not age me more than my young seventy years.

Today, I want to show you a couple of ways I have worn navy outfits recently, just to go out and about.


winter outfits

The day after my recovery boot was sent on it’s merry way, Leigh Ann & I decided to go out and about…including brunch to celebrate.

This meant a winter outfit and with athletic shoes in mind, I styled more of a navy athletic-wear-vibe-winter-outfit.

I am wearing the CHICO’S PONTE SIDE STRIPE FLARE PANT….love these pants!  Also, available in PETITE.

I believe this pant elevates athleisure pants…comfortable and fashionable.

I am also wearing a CHICO’S MICROFIBER TANK in classic navy.

Everything else has been with me for awhile….the jewelry and the older JJill jacket.

I remembered my old jacket when I tried on the Talbot’s PONTE PLEATED BACK JACKET  because the designs are very similar.

I wish I had one in the excellent Talbot’s ponte knit, but this one is so similar I cannot justify getting the newer one…though I highly recommend it.

The lighter weight one I own will serve me well past winter outfits.

winter outfits

Dressed spiffy in our winter outfits, we decided to try out a new brunch location called Mimosa Gossip, owned by two sisters.

It was delicious and fun…both of us had the spinach and mushroom omelet with the specialty potatoes (so good).

winter outfits

However, most people are taken with this new place because of the 37 varieties of mimosas…alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

It was such a difficult decision!  But, the selection we made was amazing…I just did not like the name…The Evil Queen.

The Evil Queen includes apple cider, caramel, and non-alcoholic champagne.  It was delicious!

People go for the mimosas and food…the location is not as funky or cute as many in San Antonio, but it is definitely worth the visit…and we will go back.


winter outfits

The next selection of my winter outfits was worn before the doctor’s visit…so I still went out in a boot.

I like this navy monochromatic color. 


My navyTalbot’s Cardigan is old and was originally purchased in a Red Door Sale.  If I was buying a cardigan today, it would be this KATE CARDIGAN.

I love the gold buttons on that one.

My boot is EASY SPIRIT, and I think was the most comfortable shoe my one foot wore during this time!

The necklace is fun and I have owned it for several years.

At that time, I was just cutting through JCP at the mall, and my eye fell on a designer pop-up shop.

I do not remember the designer, but on that day this necklace was $13…I do remember that and I instantly loved it.

It has such an artistic, sparkly design to it…makes winter outfits more fun.

My go-to neutral of navy blue for winter outfits creates a blank slate that I can create anything upon.  And I love doing that.


winter updates

I am excited about two new pants for my column of navy in winter outfits and other seasons as well.

JJILL has just introduced a new slim leg jean for us curvy ladies.  I have ordered the CURVY FIT SLIM LEG JEAN so, I can check it out.

And, YES…they come in petite and tall.

I also just received the TALBOTS PONTE STRAIGHT LEG CUFF .  I will style them for you soon…hopefully this week.

So, what neutral do you wear the most with your winter outfits?  Please share ….we would love to know and tell us why it is your favorite.

Leigh Ann and I will be back tomorrow.  Until then…make sure that you………………


By Pamela Lutrell

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winter outfits


  1. So happy the boot is gone 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 I, also, stopped wearing black and have moved to navy as my dark neutral. My biggest complaint is that most blacks match, no matter who the designer might be. Navy’s, not so much! I’m a thrift shopper and it can be challenging to match navy blues.

  2. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Talbots PONTE cuff pants. Also, the JJill jeans.

  3. I agree with you Deborah…it is more difficult to get navy blue to match across brands. Sometimes they can compliment each other in interesting ways. Have fun with your thrift treasure hunting.

  4. I will report back Sandy! I have the Talbots pants and can share soon, but JJILL is on the way.

  5. Your brunch with Leigh Ann sounded like a lot of fun. You are lucky to live in a town with so many fun new places to try. Also lucky to be able to wear navy so well. I’m an autumn but need a warmer palette. Navy, other than “marine navy” is nearly as draining on me as black. It was harder to get rid of my navy than it was my black. My winter neutrals are brown and olive green. Since I need a coat to go out I generally wear a warm sweater with jean or cords in the winter. For church I often wear a column of color under a jacket or long vest since I take off my winter coat. My life style has turned more casual with my husband’s disability and I find that though I love them, my blazers and jackets spend most of their time in the closet. The upside though sweaters come in a wider range of colors. I tend to wear them most of the year. Linen sweaters are wonderful in the summer. I hope you have good luck with the J Jill jeans. I find J Jill jeans give me the best fit. Their straight leg jeans and cords are my favorite. They are slimmer than other brands’ straight leg style. For me they hit the sweet spot.

  6. I love brown and olive as well…great colors for columns underneath a nice jacket or topper. I wear these colors all year.

  7. My neutrals are black, navy and dark grey; black is a good neutral for me because I have grey/white hair and it makes an excellent contrast. Navy has always been my top choice as an alternative to black mainly because very often black just seems so predictable. I love all the Talbots T knit pants and I buy them when they are on sale. One requirement is that they have pockets, zippered pockets even better! On another note, both of my granddaughters turn 12 this year and I’ll be purchasing the James Avery charm bracelet for them. I sat down with girl #1 whose birthday is in April and we had a fun time choosing 3 charms. Of course, I will use your link!

  8. I was analyzed as a winter years ago when my hair was still brown so I’ve worn columns of black for years. However, as my hair has gotten more gray-white, I’ve gravitated toward more navy although I still often wear black. I often wear a column of navy or black with a third piece topper jacket, kimono, or sweater. Your fashion suggestions over the years have often influenced what I buy or wear.

  9. Pam, you look fabulous in your navy. I am a cool winter skin tone, but I like navy, too. It seems to look good on many different skin tones. Looks great in winter with camel or cognac accessories (shoes, bag, etc.) I’m so glad you and Leigh Ann are celebrating!!

  10. I’m a Spring and I don’t know what neutrals flatter me the most. I don’t wear many neutral colors as a top, I like colors of joy as they lift my mood. Nor would I wear all one color top to bottom just for personal preference. But pant colors that I am drawn to gray and brown but also wear blue and black. Today I have on brown leggings and a brown and pink and white flannel tunic. Do you know what flattering color a Spring neutral would be?

    PS : Glad you are out of your boot!

  11. I do not get any affiliate compensation from James Avery. They do give me product for working with them. Any link will work…

  12. Columns of color are easy and successful ways to dress. Happy to help, Celia. That is what I am here for.

  13. First off; so happy for you Pamela that you are no longer in the boot and in due time will be sporting a variety of footwear that you desire. As to the subject of ‘navy’ blue in garments; with the exception of jeans and one or two casual t-shirts, I don’t wear it myself as for my climate black (and even grey) is more versatile as a neutral staple for even in our summer months. (In fact right now I have a pair of white Birkenstock sandals (that have seen better days) slated to be DIY dyed grey on my To-Do List.) Last but not least, the omelet you had for brunch sounds delish but my curious mind would love to know ( ☺ ) what was the Mimosa’s garnish?

  14. My main neutral is navy too. When moving to my autumn palette, I considered chocolate brown, but there are so many years you can’t find enough of it. When working with navy instead of just defaulting to black, I realized that navy is just as versatile and even elegant.

  15. You look fantastic in the navy clothing. I have worn lots of navy and it is my go-to neutral even though most of my blouses and pullover sweaters are in pastels and spring-like colors. I am never without a navy cardigan to pull things together, and transition to warmer weather with a lighter weight cardi, which I love to pair with khaki capris and a cream blouse. I also want that KATE cardigan, 😍 preferably in triplicate: the navy, the white, and the light blue!

  16. I was so excited to see the curvy fit J Jill jeans that I jumped on the link and ordered them before I even finished reading your post! As another reader said, I am a warmer autumn and navy is no more flattering to me black, but I do wear it a lot because I feel like it’s appropriate for a lot of situations where I want to show respect or exert authority, like funerals or wedding client meetings. I am gradually learning to incorporate medium shades of brown into my palette, and I’ve always loved olive or army green. Thanks for the reminder about wearing a column of color. Between the holidays and a recent trip where I ate my way through New Orleans for four days I am up about 10 pounds and that will help me disguise some of it until I can walk it off. You look fabulous in navy, and I’m still rejoicing that you were out and about without the boot. Thank you for modeling so much faith and patience for us during your lengthy recovery period.

  17. You mentioned that your neutral outfit showing jeans and a white top was a clean slate for creating an outfit. Tell us about your options. I’m always looking for creative ideas.

  18. I wondered about the garnish, too, atop the mimosas. Looks like maybe a slice of apple dipped in a batter and fried?

  19. Oh how I like the Talbots pleated back jacket but will wait for it to be marked down…a bit pricey for me at the present time. I’ve never looked at ponte and the Chico’s pants are very appealing. As much I love navy, it seems that navies vary in tone (or whatever the word)…and don’t always look terrific stacked in an outfit. Any suggestions???? As a former blue-eyed blonde, I am a blue-eyed senior with white hair; black is just too dark for me unless broken up with a color near my face.

  20. Like you I love navy abd it has been my go-to for at least two decades. Yes matching tops with bottoms is sometimes challenging but with a wide woven leather belt or a fabric belt in print and in a contrast color, it can be done.
    This winter I have added tans/beige/camel with winter white too. I’ve been gifted two items I’m having trouble with – a cashmere v neck sweater in cobalt blue ( cobalt is an old dated term I realize) and a minty green top. The green is okay with navy pants or dark jeans but the blue doesn’t look flattering somehow. It only looks right with winter white jeans.

  21. I will report back on those jeans, Lorri. I look forward to trying them. It too me too long to learn that impatience makes any journey harder.

  22. I think what I said was a column of color…any color has many styling options, Judy. But I am sure the same number of opportunities exist with jeans and a white shirt…accessories and toppers open so many looks.

  23. I try to match as closely as possible and if the colors are two different, I just wear them separately.

  24. That bright blue does look good with jeans…and brown denim. But I think it would be lovely with ivory or winter white.

  25. As a former blue eyed petite blonde, I am now a white and some silver haired still fairly petite senior. At 79 my skin tone seems to have changed. My best column of color is very pale grey. It is hard to find too. I also use a lot of navy. Cool colors work best for me. I love Chicos but not enough petite sizing. I love the fit of their petite trouser jeans. They are so comfortable even for long sitting periods.

  26. I really like the pants I am wearing today and they come in petites. I encourage petites to give them a serious look!

  27. Yea! The boot is gone. I’m sure you are so happy. The outfits you picked are nice and like seeing you in Chicos clothes.

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