Sunday Mornings at Home

Sunday Mornings at Home

Good Sunday morning everyone…welcome to Sunday Mornings at Home!

Sunday Mornings at Home has become a weekly lifestyle post…where I discuss a little of this and a little of that.

We may talk health, or cooking, or grandparenting, or books, or fashion…or just about anything relevant to our over 50 lifestyles.

Now, let me be clear,  I do not serve Mickey Mouse coffee at home…but it was served on the Disney Cruise family members took last week.

I thought it would be fun to begin our day with a little Mickey-joy! Can you hear his distinctive laughter in your head?

So, whether your morning beverage has Mickey on it or not, let’s get cozy and gather together over Sunday mornings at home.


Sunday mornings at home

Yes…these are my feet today!  While my doctor’s appointment last week was progress…it was also a reality check.

I wanted a green light to normal life, but instead received a caution flag and ticket to the Physical Therapy World.

He was very pleased with my progress after looking at an Xray and the foot.

In my head, I would leave with approval to walk, lift weights, shop for shoes, go easily up and down stairs…but that is still to come…and I must persevere and remain patient.

The patience is difficult as I struggle with activity and watch my hips spread.

The doctor said it would actually be the PT doctor who gives me the green light back to normal life.

“You need to learn how to walk,” he said.  Something I thought I knew how to do, but I guess, I don’t.

For now, he prefers I only wear athletic shoes…I can make myself do that.

But, he also said to absolutely behave and only follow the PT doctor’s instructions.

First PT appointment is Thursday.  Hopefully, my next appointment with the surgeon will be my last and it is in late March.

So, the fun continues for awhile longer.


Sunday Mornings at Home

After my recent trench coat purchase at Nordstrom Rack, I did hear from a couple of you with your favorite trench coats.

Last Sunday Mornings at Home, we met Sandra in her favorite London Fog trench.

Today, we are meeting Tracy.

Sunday mornings at Home

Tracy has been reading the blog for about seven years and is 65…of course, I love that…you look great, Tracy…love the hat as well.

She wrote:

I have a ‘thing’ for trench coats, too. I found this Marks and Spencer 100% wool trench coat for $35 at a high end consignment store. It still had the original price tag on it! I live in Vancouver Canada and we just had a -14C good snap so it was the perfect weight to wear.

Remember,  I would love for you to send home decor, holiday decor, recipes, clothing shots, display shots….all from your world.  The audience loves it.

Just send your images to


Sunday mornings at home

My favorite meals right now are simple ones with fresh ingredients.

I do love cooking, however, I simple means that I don’t stand as long in the kitchen.

Sunday mornings at home

This one is very simple with tomatoes and eggplants…for me this is a meal, for Mr. B it needs meat.

I sliced one eggplant, one red pepper, and two tomatoes.

In a bowl, I whisked together 1/4 cup of cooking olive oil, 1/8 tsp salt, 1/4 tsp garlic powder, 1/8 tsp smoked paprika, 1/2 tsp. Italian seasonings, and dash of pepper.

I put parchment paper in a baking dish.  Laid the eggplant slices on the bottom with tomato slices on top of each, and the red pepper slices on the side.

Then I poured the seasonings over the veggies (ok, I know tomatoes are fruits)

Baked for 15 minutes at 350.

Took them out and put fresh mozzarella on top of each and placed under the broiler until melted.




Sunday Mornings at Home

At the time my children and grandchildren signed up for the Disney Cruise, we had just returned from our Alaskan cruise and I also knew the foot surgery was imminent.

But, looking at all of their pictures…I so wish we could have joined them.  My daughter said I would have loved it. And being a fan of traditional Disney, I am sure I would have.

However, I sent a lovely family of six children out on a cruise and got back PIRATES!  What is up with that?

Sunday mornings at home

Well, the pirates were joined by Peter Pan, Wendy and Tinkerbelle.  Soooo cute.

I was told that I would have loved the Broadway-calibre productions presented each night…and, again, I am sure I would.

We just may have to go back for Gigi….as soon as they say yes…I will shop for a pirate costume!

The cruise that sails out of Galveston, TX is so easy for us.

But,for now, all of their pictures bring me one joyful moment to the next.

Have any of you been on the Disney cruise?  Did you dress up?

This week,  Leigh Ann and I go out for some fun.  I hope to enjoy time with her often before her next adventure takes her away.

Any thoughts on anything today from Sunday Mornings at Home?

I want to thank everyone for your prayers, comments and concerns over my foot surgeries.  You guys are so, so thoughtful and mean the world.  Now go out on this lovely Sunday and…..


By Pamela Lutrell

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Sunday Mornings at Home


  1. Thank you for the update. I thought physical therapy might be part of the continuing recovery. I think PT can be great. Not only does the therapist help you physically, but since you get more time with them a friendship of sorts can form. Forward strong Pam!

  2. Patience is one of your strongest virtues. Such progress made. Joy is all around you. Look at those smiling faces!

  3. Congratulations from graduating from the boot. Since you need to wear athletic shoes for a while why not look for a pair in navy or some fun color? There are so many choices now. Loved the family cruise photos. Easy to see that they had such a good time. Did they take their own costumes? Oh I wish I could find a good trench coat. Many years ago when I still made my own clothes I copied a London Fog trench. I was able to purchase London Fog fabric and even made a matching hat. Its not a project I’d care to repeat. I guess I should check out some consignment shops. Happy Sunday!

  4. Pam, you are on a good path with your foot healing. Your positive attitude will get you through, and you will WIN. What a darling family you have. A blessing. Tracy is a stunner in her trench coat. What do you mean by red peppers? The kind you buy in Produce that come in green, yellow and red? Or something in a jar? Happy Sunday!!

  5. PT will make you stronger. They will give you exercises to do, which are helpful but not easy. So you aren’t on hold, you are actually building back. PT will get your gait back to normal as you learn to “ambulate” again. I needed to re-learn how to go up and downstairs as well as how to walk and stand for long periods. You’ve been out and about, so your PT may be short. I loved mine and being able to see the progress I made. Good luck.

  6. Yes… they took their own costumes. Nordstrom Rack may be cheaper than consignment. I was in a consignment recently and could not believe the prices! I cannot imagine sewing a trench. Super impressed you made one!

  7. Oh Pam! I hope you meet a therapist (pT) as kind and hard working as mine was back in 2012 when I had my knee surgery ( not a replacement, just knee surgery). He was the BEST. Patient and yet effective and after his sessions encouraged me to Tai Chi classes which I found locally and still attend – yes, same teacher! He helped me strengthen that left leg and improve balance amazingly! So between two awesome professionals, one a doctor and the other an ardent Eastern exercise practitioner I’ve doing fabulously and wish the same for you.
    Happy Sunday!

  8. Oh, my, your story took me back. After my Achilles detachment and augmentation round one, I too thought I would be pretty close to normal after the boot came off. Not! I stood up and stumbled into the wall! Recovery was very, very slow (as in a year). If I didn’t follow the doctor’s orders, the next day I would be in tremendous pain. I found out later that the overdoing also creates scar tissue that can limit mobility forever. It’s a long road. The good news is, at some point it’s over. Now I never think about a foot that was so bad at one time I could only wear mules (in an Ohio winter), even walking. You will get past this and be better than ever.

  9. Pam, I know it feels like forever but you will get there, one day at a time. As others have written, my PT experience for a foot problem was a joy because my team was so supportive and caring about my progress. I thought I would die of embarrassment wearing athletic shoes for 6 months while working in a corporate setting, but to my surprise, no one seemed to notice. I tried to coordinate my outfits with the colors of my 3 pairs of Hoka’s that I bought on sale once I knew what style and size fit me. I got positive comments one day about how my turquoise scarf coordinated so well with my turquoise pair! Another surprise was that I felt a bit sporty and young at heart wearing sneakers with my work outfits. I’ve learned from you that what you wear affects how you feel about yourself and I hope that your adventure in athletic shoes brings you some positive surprises, too!

  10. Thanks for sharing your story, Linda. I have made a promise to the doctor to be patient and obey!

  11. Thanks for the update. So glad at least the boot is off. Yes follow what the PT says. My husband hand a wrist issue and tried to do more than he should and that set him back a bit. But now his wrist is just fine. Patience!
    This looks like a really good and easy recipe that il going to try. And my husband probably won’t eat it but I’ll make something for him. Meat!! My son doesn’t eat meat because of an issue with colon cancer so I’m going to send it to him to try.

  12. Mr. B doesn’t care for eggplant…so this one was just for me as well. Thanks Paula…patience is something I will pray for every day. I hope your son is in cancer recovery and doing well.

  13. Good morning Pam,
    Seeing you in two shoes is a blessing in itself and it makes my day! I know this has been a difficult journey, but your positive attitude is an encouragement to us all. Blessings as you move forward in this next step of your recovery.

  14. Those Disney cruises certainly seem to be great fun for kiddos, young and old. Your grandchildren are still young enough to delight in the “magic” that is anything Disney. Their pictures dressed as characters are so cute. If you’ve ever been to PT you know what help these therapists are when it comes to your adjustment to life after an operation or injury. It often takes dedication to stick to your directions because we all want to be well and “back to normal” quickly, but it just doesn’t seem to work that way. Best of luck as you enter this phase of your recovery.

  15. Love the wee pirates! I wonder if your physical therapist would sign off for you to do some gentle water therapy at your local pool? I have always found the resistance of water exercise to feel so good for the muscles, and yet very kind to my joints.

  16. How lucky you are to be wearing sneakers right when sneakers are in their most favored spot ever. Do you have some glitzy ones? Maybe gold? Sneakers are going to Mardi Gras balls this year. Don’t try to hide them or try to look like you aren’t wearing sneakers. I hope this is not just a trend but a real turn toward everyone wearing comfortable shoes that do not ruin their feet. Hang in there with the PT!

    What would Dr. Lyon say about your eggplant dish? Was there enough protein?

  17. Congratulations on graduating out of your boot! Wearing sneakers today is fashionable so not a punishment. PT is really a needed part of recovery. I have a total knee replacement and understand the need to do your exercises as directed by your PT. The effort worked for me. If you didn’t see my long scar on my knee, you wouldn’t know I had a titanium knee joint. I have to carry a card that states I have it for TSA at the airport. You will do great and we are cheering you on all the way to healthy healing.

  18. Pam, seeing your feet (both of them!) in tennis shoes made me so happy – so I can only imagine how happy it made you. I know that you’ll do all of that PT like the good soldier you are, and the results will be worth it. I suffered through PT after a knee replacement some years ago and it was worth every moan and groan.

    I’m going to try your tomato/eggplant dish tonight! It looks yummy. One question, why do you put parchment paper in the bottom of the baking dish?

  19. I rushed straight home from church today so I could sit down with the last of my Lemon Capellini (made from last week’s delicious recipe!) and see what your doctor said. I rejoice with you that you have progressed to athletic shoes, and those look great with the pants. As others have said, everyone wears them with everything now, so even though you and I prefer our regular shoes, you won’t look weird wearing them anywhere you go. I’m having a foot flareup this weekend so I’ll be wearing Rykas til it improves. Would love to see photos of what you’re wearing with yours as your recovery continues. I have followed my PT from her previous clinic to the clinic she now owns, and I credit her with every bit of mobility and flexibility I enjoy after five foot surgeries and three back procedures. Hoping you connect as well with yours!
    Loved seeing Tracy’s fabulous camel coat and hat, and since I’m turning 65 this year she’s a great inspiration to me to keep on accessorizing. For Kathie’s trench search keep your eye on Dillard’s and Nordstrom’s websites as they close out coats from this winter season. I’ve bought all mine from these two trusted retailers over the years, and haven’t paid full price for a coat in decades. Ebay is also a great source for them if you buy from sellers who accept returns.
    Pam, your family is precious, and I loved seeing them in their costumes. My grandkids received a Disney cruise from their other grandparents as their big Christmas gift, but I think it’s for spring break. Seeing your kids’ photos made me even more excited for them. Here’s to entering the month we celebrate love in all its forms with great JOY!

  20. Loved our Disney Cruise. They really do know how to do it right. The shows, food, characters aboard and the service were over the top. . I highly recommend it.

  21. I do have gold sneakers and love to wear them. I know there is protein in the cheese, but I eat plenty of protein… not worried about that one.

  22. So it’s easier to clean…I love parchment paper.
    Also so the eggplant slices come out easier.
    Thanks Yvette!

  23. Thank you, Lorrie! I am so glad you enjoyed the pasta. Everyone is right about sneakers! They are even appropriate at weddings now! Thanks for the support. Your family should love the cruise.

  24. Well, at least you are out of the boot! If you intend to wear black or navy pants for awhile, I would invest in a comfortable black or navy sneakers. Then you won’t feel that your footwear is so obvious. I use orthotics all the time and have many pairs of sneakers. In fact, I don’t even own a white pair! lol

  25. I will look around for navy sneakers…I can see where that would be a benefit in my very navy wardrobe. Thanks Linda

  26. Congrats on getting the boot off! As for the PT — it’s such a good thing. Just think how it is making you stronger. Every time I’ve needed PT I’ve thought of it like having a personal trainer. Makes me feel lucky and a bit pampered.

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