Talbots sale update with best selling styles


Talbots sale update

Happy Wednesday, friends.  Welcome today to a Talbots sale update with best selling styles.

I realize that I usually do something special on Wednesdays, but honestly the week got away from me.

Between new medical appointments and catching up as new collections roll in, I decided to share a Talbot’s sale update.

The new collection at Talbots is selling fast with some very popular best selling styles.

So, allow me to catch you up with a Talbots sale update.

First Talbots sale update….the sale itself…now everyone can receive 25% off your purchase until February 11.


Talbots sale update

The second point in my Talbots sale update includes my most recent purchase.

I love these PONTE STRAIGHT LEG CUFF PANTS in indigo blue.  The fabric is super soft.

They are one of the best selling pieces in the sale…along with the PONTE PLEATED BACK JACKET…a great travel set.

Today, I paired the pants with an older Talbot’s Field Jacket, and a striped long sleeve tee in navy and camel (it is sold out so I am unable to link to it).

I am wearing a pair of gold metallic sneakers…which are older.  But, I do love the look of these GOLA MARK COX TENNIS SNEAKERS in off white/gold.

I have already written that I am tired of wide leg pants, because that it all I have worn during foot recover.

These pants are a welcome way to celebrate moving forward.


Talbots Sale Update

Talbots sale update number two includes the best selling pieces from this audience.

We must begin with the top seller…the RAILROAD STRIPE WIDE LEG TROUSER JEANS…in all sizes.

Talbots sale update

Another best selling style in the Talbots sale update is this PERFORMANCE INTERLOCK HALF-ZIP PULLOVER – WAVY SWIRLS.

Now, I must disagree with two of the comments on this garment on their website.  This is not a crop top!

In fact, I found the length with the rounded hemline to be very flattering and not short at all. A crop top would not look good on me.

I am not sure why two purchasers felt that way…but I would disagree with the description of calling it a crop top….it is not long, but going longer might add bulk to the look. 

With the solid blue insets on the sides, it is a really flattering fit.

Also, selling well in this same print is the PERFORMANCE INTERLOCK SKORT…though, we did not try this one on.  Leigh Ann loves to wear skorts.

She is a tennis player after all.


Talbots sale update

Finally, in this Talbots sale update several of you agreed with us that the CoolMax garments were worth ordering.

The most popular is the COOLMAX SNAP BUTTON SWEATER…however, the majority prefer it in the indigo blue.

Well, that is our report on the Talbots Sale Update with the best selling pieces using our links.

Thank you for your patience.  I experienced a couple of glitches with Street Style Videos, so this was the best option for today.

I had promised to share with you the cuff pants once I received them…they are keepers!

Hope to see you tomorrow with something fun…let us know if you have questions….


By Pamela Lutrell

I was encouraged to explain more about my SHOPPING LINKS page and how to use it.  (In fact I just added a few new brands to the list)

I am an affiliate for many different brands and when you click on those brands and shop, then I receive a small commission.

This is such an important income for me and my family.

I have tried to include the brands most shopped by this audience, but sometimes I miss one of your favorites.

If you will tell me what you are shopping, then I can tell you if I am affiliate for them and give you that link…if it is not already on the page.

And remember to send your recipes, home decor or street style from where you are with pictures to over50feeling40@gmail.com. 

Send to email and do not try to put in comments! YOU are the best.

Talbots Sale Update


  1. With 20% spandex does the wavy swirl half zip pullover cling to the torso area? Did you size up for fit? Love the color on you.

  2. Loved seeing you wearing slim pants and gold sneakers. I’m a big fan of gold sneakers myself. I purchased the coolmax snap sweater in tangerine. Its a great color for springs and autumns. I am glad I tried it on in the store. I almost always wear petite at Talbot’s and lately have found many of their petite tops too long for my taste. I thought this sweater was a bit short and opted for the regular. I passed on the matching racer back top. Its not a practical size for me at 75. Interesting about the comments on the swirly top being “cropped”. For the past several years Talbot’s tops have been longer than what they traditionally offered. I have several pre-2020 tees in regular (not petite) that are shorter than the post-2020 petite tees. I think Talbot’s is simply returning to their traditional sizing.

  3. I wish I knew, Kathie. I definitely would not have called this cropped. Just a reminder to everyone that all of the clothing Leigh Ann tried on are petites.

  4. I think Talbots did a great job with their collection this spring. I love the half zips (I own several), and agree one hundred percent that if too long, they add bulk. I like that their bit of shaping helps define my squishy middle. Half zips, particularly from Talbots, hit my adjectives, especially casual, polished (elevated for workout/leisure wear), active, and interesting.

  5. Thanks Linda…for me the lengths were just right. And this collection speaks my style adjectives as well.

  6. Thanks for sharing the cuff pants . I’m 5’1 and sometimes cuffs aren’t my best look, so I was eager to see how they look. I may take a chance on them. Also, I wasn’t sure how thick the ponte would feel, compared to the Talbots joggers that I already own.
    BTW, that Coolmax orange sweater is beautiful on you!

  7. Hi Sandy, I am not certain how the two pants compare, but these are a nice, just right weight to me…not too heavy and not too thin. I really like this pant….have it on right now.

  8. Love this post…I’ve been going back and forth on the Talbots railroad stripe trousers. Now that they are on sale, I’ll probably get them. I tried using your shopping link, but I keep getting an error. I’m guessing this is thru my firefox server. But I can order them and get to Talbots with Chrome. Is there a way your link works with Chrome? as I’d like to support your shopping links..

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