Timeless Comfort: Frank & Eileen Travel Sets

Frank & Eileen Travel Sets

We are sliding down toward the weekend, so let’s celebrate with Timeless Comfort: Frank & Eileen Travel Sets.

We discussed Frank & Eileen early in the year and their commitment to sustainable, classic comfort wear.

The Frank & Eileen Travel Sets in Triple Fleece seem to be the most popular items.

Now that I have tried one of the sets…I am a fan.

I am not waiting to wear the Frank & Eileen Travel Sets  on an actual trip…I am wearing this one to travel my city now.

Come read why…..


Frank & Eileen Travel Sets

Once I tried on Frank & Eileen Travel Sets, I was an immediate fan for the timeless comfort in style, fit and fabric.

I love the popularity of the monochromatic outfits.

I am wearing the Malibu Set in an XL and in their signature neutral, British Royal Navy, which is a dark navy blue.

Here are more Frank & Eileen styles in the British Royal Navy.

There are five styles of the travel sets, and I would be willing to own more than one for the amount of time I have already worn this one.

I like the capelet style of my top.  I have not worn the pieces separately yet, but know I will.

In fact, today I am wearing Frank & Eileen Travel Sets to my first Physical Therapy appointment.

I really like the style of the neckline in the set, but I also am considering the Patrick Popover Henley in Triple Fleece, for it’s V-Neck design.

I like the look of the Cinnamon Color, and believe I can wear a large, since the top I have on today is a little large on me in the capelet design.

I know this line is pricey, but I also know my cost per wear will be low…I like the look and feel and will wear it often.  Plus…NO WRINKLES.

So many times I desire something I can toss on quickly to go run errands that looks good….this is it.

And for the trip I have one the calendar…yes, this is what I will wear and hopefully by then, can add another one.


Frank & Eileen Travel Sets

For now, I am enjoying wearing these Easy Spirit Romy Walking Shoes.  My recovering foot seems to like them.

In the past couple of years, my feet have been happiest in Easy Spirit shoes. 

But, I will be discussing shoes with the PT today, and see what they recommend for me. 

Frank & Eileen Travel sets

Since the temperatures are cooler right now, I do throw my trench on top of the Frank & Eileen Travel Sets.

My trench was found in Nordstrom Rack, and my necklace is older Etsy Fashion Finds.

Also, Nordstrom does carry a few Frank & Eileen styles…just click Nordstrom Frank & Eileen for Women.

I plan to stop by Nordstrom soon and try on some of the other styles.

My experience with Frank & Eileen Travel Sets is with only this one…the Malibu…but I think you can tell I really like it.

It is timeless comfort…two words that often do not go together.

If you have any questions about Frank & Eileen Travel Sets, go ahead and ask, I will do my best to answer.

Thanks for being here and make sure that you………………………………………….


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was donated product for this post, but the words are all my own on all of the items.

I was encouraged to explain more about my SHOPPING LINKS page and how to use it.  (In fact I just added a few new brands to the list)

I am an affiliate for many different brands and when you click on those brands and shop, then I receive a small commission.

This is such an important income for me and my family.

I have tried to include the brands most shopped by this audience, but sometimes I miss one of your favorites.

If you will tell me what you are shopping, then I can tell you if I am affiliate for them and give you that link…if it is not already on the page.

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Frank & Eileen Travel Sets


  1. Frank and Eileen are way over priced with their unfinished hems. And they don’t wash well. Who wants to steam or iron casual knits? They are not polished and they wrinkle after wearing.

  2. I completely disagree, Ann. This has not wrinkled at all. Yes, the hems are unfinished and frayed by design which is a current style. I have worn and washed this set with no wrinkles. Prices are in line with other brands over 50 women wear. Share with us which garments you have worn and experienced what you say here. My experience is with the travel sets of fleece.

  3. Good morning! I think it is wonderful that you have found some comfy sets to use for PT and upcoming travel. You look good in your column of color; that was a discussion that I missed this week, unfortunately. I love playing with columns of color and have found ways to tweak them to my advantage. ( I look a little boring in only one or two colors.) This brand has some really interesting pieces that I want to look over. Thanks for introducing it in a more prominent way.

  4. Really like the look of the capelet style because it is not the usual, and the monochromatic look is great on you. But yikes! The prices are a bit high for casual wear, at least in my world. But I would be interested in how the pieces “hold up” after a lot of wear and multiple washes. To me that would get me to at least consider the line, or maybe to check it out at a sale. Thank you for giving us your insights on different brands 😁

  5. You are welcome, Deborah. Off to PT in a few moments…this outfit is perfect for it.

  6. If you separate the pieces and look at that cost, Gloria…that is what many women pay at some of the favorite brands here. Together, I can see that it might be jarring. But I am wearing this often right now and I will report back…so far…it is great and washes well.

  7. Thanks Paulette. It is a dark, rich navy and I like it. This is a great outfit for something to toss on for errands or something like PT appointments. I do plan to travel with it, but that will be awhile before it happens.

  8. I wear unfinished hems a lot, as I think they fit my interesting adjective. I had never heard of this brand before all of a sudden so many influencers are posting about it. I like the look, and I certainly like the ethics of the brand, but I would hesitate over the price. However, I used to feel that way about Eileen Fisher too, so maybe. That said, I could get two outfits at Athleta, which I know to be high quality and comfortable, for the price of this one. And I do want a smaller, higher quality wardrobe. Food for thought. In the meantime, you look nicely polished, yet comfortable.

  9. I hear you on Eileen Fisher…this would be comparable. I think I would wear this more than the EF pieces currently in my wardrobe. Just what I need right now.

  10. I know women that can afford different price points read your blog, and that you feature a variety of clothing for that reason. This is a cute outfit, but it is extremely expensive for me.
    Wishing you the best in PT!

  11. Wow, almost 400 dollars for a lounge/travel set? I agree with Linda LM, I can get two sets at Athleta, which I consider my top dollar for travel sets (not that I ever travel in sets like this, I break pieces up and add a third layer for airplanes). I can’t justify that for going to the grocery or running errands. Sorry, not sorry. Just can’t.
    The color and outfit look nice on you.

  12. Pam, you look great in this outfit. And your smile shows you are comfortable…….definitely a plus. Best wishes for a successful PT visit today. TEAM ROAST BEEF is cheering you on. 😇

  13. Being petite and slightly overweight this outfit wouldn’t suit me at all, very boxy. Also, my first thought for travel… looks comfy for a car trip, for plane travel I usually wear compression socks and that wouldn’t be a good look. To top it off… way too pricey. I can see this being good for your purpose of PT.

  14. I think you look good, and it’s nice to find something you love. I don’t wear fleece outfits other than for exercise, and I like a lot more shape to my clothes. I’m with the group that finds this brand way over-priced, but that may just be because I’d never wear it. There are competitive brands with lower price points and more fitted style. Good luck with your therapy today!

  15. I am only here to bring you options. There is no need to apologize. What I do is research…test…and then give you my opinion. Obviously there are some who like this brand and others who do not want to pay for the price. I have not tested Athleta. But will look into it.

  16. Just returned from first PT and it went really well…I am encouraged. Thanks to all on Team Roast Beef! (If you don’t know what that means, just ask)

  17. You know, I am pleased to represent this brand. I bring all price points here from JCP to this one. So I have no qualms about showing you guys something new. You have to determine what is best for you. Some lower priced brands are good…some are not.

  18. Just because I am wearing this today, doesn’t mean that I do not have the fitted comfort wear. I do and I like both. This to me is COMFY wear and I like having a set like this in my closet.
    There are readers who have ordered this outfit…so I guess I am just hearing from the ones not interested and that is fine. I want to bring you all the options that I believe are good ones at all price points.

  19. The travel set looks great on you. I appreciate your sharing different brands at different price points. I’ve bought a Frank & Eileen button down a few years ago. It was a little more than I usually spend but the quality was certainly there ,and I wear it often. If I know I can get many years of wear I might consider it.

  20. Thank you, Susie. I appreciate your comment. It is difficult on my end to gage how many want to know about a higher end brand. I want to be helpful to every type of shopper.

  21. Congratulations on getting started on PT! You look great in your column of British navy. You are tall and can carry the look. I’m short and busty and can’t wear this style. Plus, I’m in the JCP, Kohls and LandsEnd budget. I love seeing the more expensive styles out there. I can always admire a Mercedes but drive a Subaru.

  22. I get great inspiration and style ideas from looking at lots of brands. I may never shop in the Italian boutiques I love so much, but they certainly inspire me and get me thinking of how to make some of the ideas work for me.

  23. so glad your pt went well, I like the outfit on you but it’s something I personally would not wear but I do like hearing about new brands and like that you do show different price points also was wondering if you have ever tried or heard about the brand Petalura

  24. I have not..but will check it out. I actually think I might get a catalog from them. Will look into it…thanks for sharing brands you are interested in.

  25. I love seeing you show different price points! I love finding bargains, but I also love exploring more expensive clothing, noting the differences in fit, quality, and construction. That way, when I want to splurge, I have an idea as to what to choose. I have been stalking expensive wool coats (like House of Bruar and Robert Stolz) and boots (Penelope Chilvers). Maybe I will get lucky on EBay or maybe I will one day indulge. I love researching. Thanks for being so open to different brands and price points. I am happy PT went well!

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