2024 Fashion Trends: Bold colors & prints

2024 fashion trends

Happy Saturday, everyone!  Let’s keep our Saturday fashion conversations going and discuss 2024 Fashion Trends: Bold colors & prints.

Remember, the discussion about 2024 fashion trends help us to better understand what we are seeing in displays, on the racks and online.

Typically, winter wear evolves into soft pastels for spring which evolves into brighter colors for summer.

It seems as though the soft pastels are pre-Easter, and the bolder colors after Easter…but that is a guess on my part.

However, the 2024 fashion trends show bold colors & prints earlier this year.

Before I forget, the top display today is from our local Saint Bernard store and features the ALEMAIS WOMEN’S PARADISO SHIRTDRESS.

Now, we can go forward and discuss the bold colors and prints for 2024 fashion trends.


2024 fashion trends


2024 fashion trends

These are design elements in the home of my youngest son.  I use them to show you that San Antonio loves bold colors and prints.

We see women wearing them all year long.  

2024 fashion trends

However, when fashion designer Carolina Herrera stepped out in this intense purple suit in New York recently, the fashion world new these colors were on for 2024 fashion trends.

This photo is from one of my favorite Instagram sites,  The Ladies of Madison Ave.

Bold colors have a deep intensity and saturations not found in the soft pastels.

2024 fashion trends


2024 fashion trends

When I stopped by Dillard’s this week, the bold displays were throughout the store. 


2024 fashion trends

I already showed you this bold color on Thursday from Bryn Walker, Resort Light Linen Boat Neck 3/4 Sleeve Dropped Shoulder Coordinating Shirt 

Here is a slideshow with a little touch of bold from around retail world….

I did not include much green because we have discussed green so much on this blog.  But, green is definitely a trend bold color this year.

2024 fashion trends


Bold colors and prints can come from anywhere and if you love the dramatic fashions, you will find they include this 2024 fashion trend.

Something I enjoy doing is looking at a brand that I like and if I cannot afford it, then I try to put it together either from my closet or at lower price points.

This year, one of my favorite sites to spend time on is NATORI.  These clothes are not in my budget, but I am working on inspiration. They have beautiful clothes.

2024 fashion trends

Now, here is what is in the 2024 Fashion Trends for over 50 feeling 40:


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How do you feel about bold colors and prints for spring?  

Are you following any of the 2024 fashion trends?

Please leave any thoughts on 2024 Fashion Trends: Bold Colors & Prints…do you prefer wearing bolder colors in summer over spring?  Would love to know…and hope to see you tomorrow!


By Pamela Lutrell

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2024 Fashion Trends


  1. The coupon from Easy Spirit will be a nice plus when I’m looking for shoes. Thank you for that. As to the bright colors, these are “ my” colors as a winter. I recently bought a bright blue no-iron blouse from Chico’s. I have a bright pink jacket as well as a purple one. However, I do not care for items like the dress from Saint Bernard with so many different items pictured on it. I tend to buy mostly solid colored items. Is that a purple chandelier …how gorgeous.

  2. Vibrant colors are certainly memorable! If a persons coloring can handle vibrant what could be more beautiful? You certainly can, Pam! Look at you in this yellow? Wow!

  3. What a fun topic. My style analysis was dramatic minimalist so bold colors are often the way I incorporate the dramatic side of my style. I’m happy to see colors for our autumn palette featured so predominately this spring. I picked up 3 pieces in Chico’s Verdant Green and 2 in Talbot’s’ Bright Tangerine. Chico’s has a new orange called Mango Sorbet, number 21 in your slide show. I ordered the crops and 2 tops which are due to arrive Monday. I plan to wear them together. I think I need to stop shopping. Bold prints certainly fit the dramatic adjective. I’m petite and they can overwhelm me but work in pants and skirts. The minimalist in me still favors solid tops. I love bold colored accessories. In spring I switch to my bright lime green cross-body bag that I’ll used through the summer. It always gets positive comments even from strangers. Happy Saturday.

  4. Love the jewel tones and they work well for me, but the large prints do not. The slide show was very interesting. However, many of the items are already out of stock in larger sizes. I guess they have been popular!

  5. it is a purple light fixture…I think it is really cool! So, happy that Easy Spirit is making savings easy for all of us! Thanks Celia…I love the bright blue.

  6. Thanks Paulette…my best colors are vibrant autumn, but I wanted to show that color to the rest of the audience…it is fun.

  7. You are so right, Kathie…bold colors do speak dramatic, creative…I would even add courageous. Enjoy your new clothes…hope they work out for you.

  8. I have found that to be true also when shopping in store. I would love to know what the industry says about that…are they not creating enough sizes for us? Good observation, Kim.

  9. I love bold colors, though my preferred colors will always be earthy or spicy and lean neutral as an overall outfit. Pastels wash me out as a blue autumn. I’m seeing mostly green and orange this season, with yellow, royal blue and hot pink as strong players. I have orange on my radar, and turquoise, as I think they are a good way to brighten up my autumn palette for summer. I use prints very sparingly (except for stripes, which play well into my casual, interesting, active adjectives), and I would pair these bright solids on top with navy, khaki, off white or white ankle pants or shorts. Likely, I will also pair them with black, because it still lurks in my wardrobe for bottoms.

  10. It lurks in mine as well, Linda! I am so glad to see some designers embracing warmer colors for spring and summer. Makes me smile!

  11. Where I live, you would be hard pressed to see anyone wearing bold colored garments (or overly stated patterns as in the 1st photo) however I am the first to compliment anyone who does. As to myself being more of a classic dresser, I do have a few selected pieces but namely reserve them for my tropical holidays. -Brenda-
    Footnote: It is only 28°F here today and snowing lightly … groan!

  12. You would enjoy the bright colors of San Antonio…and the warmth as well. I know many are still experiencing winter weather and I feel very blessed to have the weather we do right now. You will feel blessed when we hit June!

  13. I love bold colors and patterns, so I’m very happy to see this! Most of my summer wardrobe is Lilly Pulitzer and I get one or two new pieces each year. I think bright colors are so cheery and uplifting. I just got a vivid pink bomber jacket from Talbots and I’m wearing it on repeat. I think I’d fit right in in San Antonio! I always buy Natori bras because they’re so well-made and fit great, but I didn’t know they made clothes duh. Sadly, they’re above my budget but it will be fun to look!

  14. Just wondering which Easy Shoe you are wearing….I’m in the market for a new pair and 20% discount is sure nice!

  15. I do wish I could wear Easy Spirit shoes! The sizing just doesn’t fit my arthritic feet. I can wear SAS so looking for their sale for sandals. We have had four beautiful spring days which has finally melted the huge piles of snow on our street. Bright colors and large prints just do not work with my very fair complexion and white and silver hair. The pastels work well but in cool toned solids for my taste. This is Colorado ranch country and we live in jeans and flannel shirts in the winter, snow tomorrow, ugh, and shorts and tees in the hot summers. Very casual. Dresses are for funerals and weddings mostly. But I love looking at fashion, even if I don’t wear most of it.

  16. As someone who looks best in cooler colors, I like the bold blues, pinks & lighter purples, but the citrus colors are not on my color wheel. I am not a fan of the bold prints as I find them overpowering. I am thinking of choosing a brightly colored bag for summer & may try a print for that accessory or perhaps in a scarf.

  17. Great idea, Becky. Accessories can help us add new colors away from our faces and still enjoy a trend!

  18. I didn’t know Natori made clothes either. I have been buying their underwear for a while. They have cotton briefs (the best), that don’t show and are super comfortable to wear. I think the price is reasonable, especially if you purchase the 3 or 6 packs.
    Big prints overwhelm me, but I’ve seen some lovely winter colors in tops, and like Becky, I’ve added a couple of brighter bags and scarves. And, I cannot believe I am saying this (!), I have seen a few floral prints I like. I’m not a floral kind of gal but have seen cute leggings, casual pants, and a skirt I like.

  19. Same with me Maeve…I have not been a floral girl for a long time, but this year, count me in. I do not know what changed me! But I have seen many that I like.

  20. Love the dark purple cover up in the slide show. Have a hot pink leather tote bag I am going to try to use more this year for sure. I’ve added some green to my closet mostly kahki green. I agree that where I live you don’t t see a lot of bright prints although we are getting more tourists coming from Toronto for our wineries so may see it this summer

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