Sunday Mornings at Home

Sunday mornings at home

Happy Sunday morning…and for some, Happy Palm Sunday!  Welcome to my weekly lifestyle post called Sunday Mornings at Home.

Sunday mornings at home originally began, because Mr. B and I would attend church on Saturday evening, so Sunday mornings at home was a special time for me.

Now, we are back to attending on Sunday mornings, but the idea of a lifestyle post which features a little of this and a little of that is still popular with this audience.

And, I love focusing on our total lives….and not just one segment.  As women over 50, we are so much more.

The photo at the top today is one of my favorite flowers…hibiscus.

This is how my backyard looked in the past…I loved to fill it with these amazing flowers…red, yellow, peach, orange…I love them all.

However, weather wiped out all of the color last year, and now, this flower represents my focus…my goal of what I want to see when I look toward the back.

FOCUS…this is what we will talk about today.

So, let’s get cozy and spend a quite morning together as we look over my thoughts for your Sunday mornings at home.


Sunday mornings at home

My primary focus right now is improving my health.

I am still struggling with low energy coming out of the two surgeries…by the end of each day I am wiped out.

The only way I can work in my yard, and be active into the evening is to get back my health and energy.

Improving my diet, and doing some new nutrients is making a difference and weight loss is in progress.

Sunday mornings at home

I watched this woman working out at the gym this week.  She was amazing and so inspiring to me.

My new gym focus is to one day be like her…she rocked her workout.

Sunday mornings at home

While my desire and passion is to workout harder, I must follow the advice from my Physical Therapy doctor.

She said, “Take it slow and listen to your body.”

This week, I was on the treadmill and began to feel things in my foot and one knee that indicated I might be doing too much…with the incline and pace.

So, I decided to do less on the treadmill and finish the workout on the sitting cycle.

It is important to just keep moving, be patient and not overdo.

But, my focus remains daily on improving my health and energy.

I already told you that my current mantra is SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE.

Sunday Mornings at Home

This turtle also needed new socks if I was to spend more time in athletic shoes…so I began researching socks.

I came upon the FEETURES ELITE brand.  Lots of glowing reviews.

I liked that they were made with targeted compression in the arch said to deliver superior comfort and support.

Enhanced fit (no bunching up) reduced blisters.

The fiber is designed to keep feet cool and dry.

So, I ordered one pair in early January.  

I just ordered three more.  These socks are the best socks I have ever worn with athletic shoes.

And these feet have been through a lot and deserve good socks!

They wash well and stay in shape.  Very comfortable….so now I can give my glowing review.



Sunday Mornings at Home

I do not know about you, but this week was difficult with very sad news every day.

I firmly believe that during the pandemic, God called me to a ministry of prayer and that has been my focus and calling.

I regret too often in the past grumbling about circumstances and not praying and counting blessings instead.

A focus on prayer more than anything has changed my life and I do my best to listen when the Holy Spirit says…PRAY NOW.

Sunday Mornings at Home

Mr. B is back to getting up two days a week at 4:30 A.M. to run at a nearby park with his friends.

I am the type of person that once I am awakened, I might as well get up, because I will not go back to sleep.

So, I do get up and make him coffee before leaving.

This week was the first week that I did this with a grumbling spirit…not happy to be up that early and desiring to sleep longer.

However, I felt reproved by the Lord, when his running partner sent this picture of the morning sunrise.

Just, wow.

I would never want my grumbling spirit to deprive him of this experience the days he gets up.  It brings him such joy.

I asked God’s forgiveness and prayed….Lord, forgive my grumbling and turn it into thankfulness for all you create and do for us.

Sunday mornings at home

I have a friend in San Antonio who is a fashion designer and artist.  He is the kindest man and super creative.

Agosto recently posted this quote and I love it. 

All I would add is that God is the master painter…the master artist…and He gifts us with our talents and His beauty all around so we can live as artists.

I would also like to share with you a blog post from our blog community friend Elaine in Canada.  Please continue to pray for her…..and all who are sick including Princess Kate.

Elaine’s Post.

Elaine and I have been blogging about the same amount of time…she is a wonderful woman…and I consider her a friend.

I would like to challenge all of you to focus on prayer this week…the Bible encourages us to pray without ceasing…the more you pray the stronger you feel.

And what better week,  Easter week, to begin to improve your spiritual journey.  It is amazing how God’s peace will flow over difficulties and challenges.


Sunday Mornings at Home

I heard from one of you how you really wanted to find this over-the-table rod.

Persistance paid off and I located it at a site called TERRAIN.

This is the OVER-THE-TABLE IRON ROD, and it is the exact rod that I purchased at another place.

I love the solar lights that I see on it at night…it is such a great piece to own for decorating any table…mine is outdoors.

I hope you enjoyed where my focus is today in Sunday Mornings at Home…would love to hear from you ….have a day full of blessings…..


By Pamela Lutrell

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Sunday mornings at home



  1. This week is Holy Week and yes I’ll be immersed in prayer- both prayers of thanks for me ( getting through a minor surgical procedure- gastro) and prayers of comfort and healing for others in my life, as for Elaine. She sounds so courageous here, Pam.
    Like you I’m working out again ( took one week off), as I’ve been for the past 20+ years. Moving, positivity, meditation (quiet( and healthy diet are my answers to a good life. ( Prayer too.)

  2. Feetures look interesting. I’ve been wearing Bombas, and their running socks also have that cushion. The high school girls’ basketball coach always said to stay off the treadmill, as it was too hard on the feet, even for his young and healthy athletes. He recommended using the bike, elliptical, and arc trainer instead. My podiatrist always said to put the resistance down lower than you think you need, and make up for it with time. Just my .02, as I’m neither a doctor nor trainer, but I’ve also read that the trainers sometimes push too hard because their clients are so anxious to see results. I’m the kind who goes nuts when I get going on an exercise; I recently managed to (fortunately briefly) hurt my back when I was sure I could swim a mile every other day. Sigh … it’s much easier said than done, but I’m glad you are listening to your PT.

  3. Prayer is important. A small group leader once mentioned that if we wake up in the night, we should pray because perhaps someone needs it at that time. There are many times that I do this, especially when there are heavy concerns for someone I know.

  4. Last month in Texas I purchased some Feetures socks at a Scheels store. I had read about them before. My daughter has planters fasciitis and the salesperson recommended a specific style of their socks to her. I purchased a different style. She also helped her buy a pair of hokas. Very helpful. Also I had multiple surgeries a few years ago and was told to give myself a year to get my body back.

  5. Thank you for your thoughtful Sunday post as I prepare to head to church as well. God is walking with Elaine through her increasing challenges. Her road is a hard one. I am praying for her. Both she and you reminded me that we need God beside us so that we can bless others and thrive as we are able. It’s not about us. Agosto Cuellar’s inspired observation that all of our life choices and activities are art is profound and reiterates to me that my choices can add purpose and satisfaction to my life and embrace and bless others as I make those choices.
    Socks in tennis shoes are a challenge. I have tossed several pair that slip underfoot and your recommendation looks like a solution. Sometimes it’s the “little things” that help us not grumble. Happy Sunday from the high north!

  6. So thankful your procedure went well, Paulette. Your words here will encourage all of us.

  7. Right? These are great socks! So glad zi found them. Socks make a big difference.

  8. I am smiling at your comment, Kim. God wakes me up often during the night to pray.

  9. Good advice, Shelia. The lesson for me has been to slow down and allow the healing. It is hard for me sometimes, but I do not want to hinder it.

  10. Hi Lou, thank you for being a blessing this morning. You are right that little blessings can make a huge difference.

  11. Those socks sound worth a try. I’m struggling with the neuropathy in my feet and it does make a difference as to what socks and shoes I wear.
    I’m with you on praying I do feel better when I do and sometimes feel out of control when I don’t. Take care and take it easy on the exercising.

  12. Pam, thank you so much for sharing the link to my blog post! I am truly touched. If my story impacts even one person and encourages them to trust in the Lord for the big and little things in life, it gives meaning to what I’m going through. And thank you to each and every one of your readers who is prompted to pray for me. I appreciate it so much!

  13. Look at the socks and see what you think, Paula. You phrased it so well…I also feel out of control when I don’t pray. Thankfully it has become ingrained in me and it is harder not to pray.

  14. We are here for you, Elaine. Just know you have prayer warriors on your side.

  15. Thank you for letting us know about Elaine. She will certainly be prayed for here. About your return to the gym, yes, please be so careful not to push too hard. I have a friend who is laid up after asking too much of herself following knee surgery, and now has to heal again almost from scratch. Absolutely love that picture of Mr. B with the sunrise behind him. You getting up so early to cheerfully send him off are a blessing beyond measure.

  16. I will be careful though it is hard when I have to turn things down due to fatigue. And I will remember the sunrise on Tuesday so that I arise with a joyful spirit. I am joyful today as I read how many of you are praying for Elaine.

  17. Once again thank you for today’s post. Praying for ourselves for direction, and strength, then praying for others for their needs is a special bond.
    I am going to try the socks, between tennis and walking I am not pleased with the ones I have been wearing. My sister fractured her foot and is now dealing with pain in her arch. I am sending her the link.
    Blessings always

  18. Thank you, Audrey. I was so disappointed in the name brand socks I owned after several washings. That is why I waited to see how these new ones held up and these really are great socks. I am very confident in recommending them.
    Blessings back!

  19. Prayers for you, for Elaine and for all those who are in need which means all of us. The message of the Savior is that He cares, understands and knows our pains and trials and fears. We can hope in Him!
    I wonder whether your grumpy thoughts could possibly have happened because you were still sleepy and fatigued. Sometimes we are very hard on ourselves when our attitude is a little less than what we consider it could be.
    Thank you for your inspired words. I will give those socks a try.

  20. That scripture from Philippians is one of my favorites. In January, my church participated in a Prayer School conducted by a minister in Kansas City. It changed the way I look at prayer. My prayers are so much more God focused & less focused on me & my wants. I still pray for myself & others as that is important, but I keep God & Jesus at the center of things. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

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