2024 Fashion Trends: Oversized Button Down Shirts

2024 Fashion Trends

Happy Saturday, ladies!  Today we look at 2024 fashion trends: oversized button-down shirts.

I was surprised that oversized button-down shirts were on the 2024 fashion trends list, but they are…put there by a professional of the fashion industry.

Travel & Leisure Magazine asked Jenna Lyons, J.Crew’s past president, to curate a list of 2024 fashion trends that are affordable and timeless.

Lyons likes the versatility of the oversized button-down shirts…as well as, the variety of price points where you can find options.

She personally recommends the ones with stripes for spring and summer.

So, let’s think about this 2024 fashion trend a little longer….


2024 fashion trends


I think we would all agree that the oversized button-down shirts have been around for a very long time…thus, timeless.

I have not seen any styled beyond casual wear, but when Leigh Ann and I recently shopped Old Navy, there were so many options that I began to think about the garment longer.

Last year, I was very focused on my mother-of-the-groom wardrobe, as well as, our Alaskan cruise clothing.

The need to have more casual wear during oppressive heat in the summer caught me a bit off guard.

So this year, I plan to be prepared and have have Included 2024 fashion trends In the mix.  You can see more about this in a post next week.

As with most things, the fit of these oversized button-down shirts does matter…some are boxier than others, and the off-the-shoulder design can, with a few,  be problematic.

So look them over carefully, if you decide to add to your wardrobe.

Here are some nice ones currently on the market in all price points:


2024 fashion trends

The 2024 fashion trends do reflect several nods toward menswear…we will discuss this more later.

The oversized button-down shirts are a part of that menswear influence.

But, they can build polished, comfortable casual styles.

The most popular is the classic white with dark leggings or jeans.  Just one more time to remind you that the classic white does not look good on all women.

When you are told it is “essential” just know that if you are in a warm color palette, it is not essential for you.  But, a pretty off white or sand is.


2024 Fashion Trends

I am not going to list all of the best sellers because there are so many this week with spring on your minds.

However, here are a few of the top selling garments from this blog this week:

 V-Neck Pullover in Swirl Floral 

 Lace Trim Knit Shell

Ribbed Johnny Collar Sweater

 Ruffle Trim Top in Falling Floral

Flounced Hem Midi Dress

Is anyone else surprised to see the Over-sized Button-Down Shirts on the list of the 2024 fashion trends?

Remember a fashion trend just means you will see more of them on the displays and store racks than the year before.

It doesn’t mean that these are really style-forward items….sometimes they are and sometimes they are not.

Would love to hear your thoughts and then go out and………………………..


By Pamela Lutrell

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2024 fashion trends


  1. Good morning. I do own an off white shirt, à la coastal grandmother style. Since I do live on the coast, it blends right in. I can’t say I love it or wear it often, but it comes in handy for breezy day walks or decking it. I am a natural classic, and I am always trying to make it more ‘classic’ by trying to rid it of volume. I like a neater look. I have a knit shirt by Kettlewell that is a deep oatmeal that fits the bill, but no one would ever mistake it for an oversized linen shirt. I think some of us feel overwhelmed in them, but having one is fun to play with. That color combination on Frank and Eileen is gorgeous. I would love to duplicate that ( less volume on the shirt) with my autumn blue and that green pant. Thank you for the inspiration.

  2. I often wear a button up shirt as my topper or third piece so I’m pleased to realize I’m somewhat “on trend”. I like to have my arms covered as well as my excess here and there so a button up fits the bill. However, as a short person, I’m would not be comfortable in many of the shirts you’ve shown as I’d would feel lost in all that material.

  3. Haha, well…..I’ve been hearing that oversized stuff is out, but now we hear that these shirts are in. I guess they are a classic and can be worn anytime. I’m a small person, so I usually avoid anything oversized, but I really like No. 10 in the pink. And it comes in Petite. And Leigh Ann looks super cute in her shirt. Thanks for encouraging us to keep an open mind and a broad view of fashion.

  4. I owen 1 oversized stripe shirt. I wear it occasionally. I have mixed feelings about the trend and the style.

  5. I have a few “oldies but goodies” in oversized linen and cotton menswear-type shirts. Only one is striped, the others are beige and off-white. I think I could wear them still but they might need a refreshing.
    I’m not a huge fan of this look for myself, so my pieces haven’t been worn in at least two summers. I’m surprised I kept them in my cedar closet. It’s definitely a casual look!

  6. I know there are petite versions with some of these brands. We saw small sizes at Old Navy and for Leigh Ann they fit well.

  7. Many do, Audrey. That is why I was surprised to see someone like Jenna put it on the trend list.

  8. I agree that it is a casual look, and really a look for at home or running errands. But I might play with them and see if they could be elevated in any way.

  9. I sometimes wear a denim shirt that’s too big as a topper, but I’m not comfortable with tons of fabric. I might wear the shirt if I belted it, or it might work as a swim coverup. I like more clean classic tailored lines. Leigh Ann’s shirt looks slightly oversized, and I would maybe wear that at home or very casually.

  10. Happy Saturday Pam. Yes, I am surprised to see an oversized button down shirt on the trend list. Its a look that’s been around as long as I can remember so its nothing new. I think of it as mostly a young look. It takes a bit of styling to make it work for someone over 50 as it can easily look frumpy. Too much volume adds pounds and most of us don’t need that. Leigh Ann is modeling one that works well. It fits her through the shoulders and has a trimmer silhouette and stripes. Its a good casual look for her. I’m 5’3″ and most shirts are too long on me so If a shirt is long I will wear it open over a tank top like the photo on the top. A good look is a sheer oversized shirt over a column of color. And about the “essential white shirt”, once I decided to go with my color analysis I got rid of all my white shirts. The younger me paid attention to these lists of “essentials”. I’m still interested in trends but don’t feel compelled to follow them.

  11. I love button downs and have many in my wardrobe. I’m petite like Leigh Ann and love the blue stripe she is wearing more straight across the front which flatters me more . I normally wear a small but according to size chart need a medium. I’m wondering if I should get the small so it’s not too oversized. I’m loving the earth brown color.

  12. Pam, thanks for the note to those in warm palettes that white shirts are not an essential. I wear warm, bright, medium colors and do not own even a single white shirt. I do however, have some cream blouses and tees to mix with my brighter colors.

    I have been exasperated so many times over my 69-year life span to read fashion police statements such as, “a crisp white blouse is a necessity for every woman,” a little black dress is a must-have basic,” “mature women should wear jewel tones such as deep emerald and ruby red because tomato red, Kelly green, and golden yellows make one look childish,” etc. None of these statements take color theory into account! I look great in tomato red and very drained in a jewel-tone ruby red. My husband has the opposite coloring from me. I have pale yellow-ivory skin, medium brown hair with natural gold and red highlights, and warm hazel (green-brown) eyes. My husband has extremely fair, pink-toned skin, deep, deep brown, almost black hair, and murky hazel-gray eyes. He looks great in ruby red, whereas I look like death warmed over.

    I read somewhere recently that Coco Chanel was the inspiration behind the “little black dress.” I was aware of that, but was not aware of why the LBD caught on in France and later, much of the rest of the world. Many southern French women have dark hair and eyes and have cool-toned complexions. The color black truly suits them! Because I am a musician, I have had to dress in black throughout my life. I had to don black dresses for the first time as a teenager. That was long before the days of “Color Me Beautiful.” When I looked around at my fellow female musicians, I noticed that some of them looked fabulous in their black dresses and others looked drained. I was in the latter category. I always felt I needed brighter makeup on performance days so that I did not look dead, ha, ha.

    For whatever reason, I have been very aware of how colors interacted with my coloring since later elementary school. Like most young girls, I loved baby pinks and lavenders. Unfortunately, I felt that I looked bad in those pretty colors. As a 5th grader I could not understand why. When I looked around my classroom I saw other girls with light brown hair (Yep, my hair has darkened with age) looking great in pinks and lavenders. I thought my coloring was similar, but did not understand that their skin’s undertone was different from mine.

    In 1984, I was color typed and then trained as a color analyst. It was a bit of a revelation. I say a bit, because by that time I was 29 and had seen that skin tones varied widely. It was obvious when I held my arm next to my husband’s that I looked yellow and he looked pink. When I was color typed at my first analyst training session, the trainer was practically gleeful when she took a look at me. She announced to the room full of trainees that I was particularly easy to analyze. All of the trainees agreed that I was a Spring. Maybe the warmth in my coloring that is so easy to see is why I have known life-long that I need bright, warm colors to shine.

    That being said, if any one is still reading, I always felt that the 4 season system did not have nuance and that many individuals do not fit neatly into one of the four seasonal boxes. I am one of them. When I trained as a color analyst in the 80s I did not change the colors I chose to wear. Here 40 years later, I have still not changed the colors I choose to wear. I did not spend much time as a color analyst because A) I thought the Color Me Beautiful system was too broad and B) I decided to spend my time teaching music instead.

    During Covid, when I had more free time than usual, I started poking around the web looking at various color theory systems. It’s amazing how many there are out there. I really like Jen Vax’s Your Color Style system. She uses simple terms instead of stuff such as Blue Autumn. Jen says all of us are either cool or warm, bright or soft, and light, medium, or deep. I am bright, warm, medium. In her system I find all of the colors I have chosen to wear lifelong in that category. Perfect fit! In the old four season system I chose some colors from spring and some from autumn. Bright rust is my favorite example. In the four season system, Springs do not wear rust. Only Autumns get that color. It happens to be one of my personal favorites. However, I only like bright rusts on me. If they have a dusty or muted quality, they are not for me.

    I have loved seeing your transformation, Pam, since you had your colors done. When I first found your website a few years ago I have to admit that I did not care for the clothes you were choosing. I wondered why you were choosing so much black when you had such obvious warm coloring. I stuck around because I liked your writing:). It wasn’t long after I discovered your site that you changed your color choices. I was very happy to see that and have enjoyed watching your color journey. Thanks for letting us share the ride!

  13. Hi Pam,
    I happen to be an oversized shirt wearer. I do it for comfort and I like the look. Like Cecilia, I have to cover my arms for various reasons, and through all season. However, they do make me look larger than I am but I still love the look. A slide show of plus size women in oversized shirts might give me some ideas on how to look a little more put together. Have a great weekend.

  14. Thanks Kathie…I rarely read the articles that have the word “essential” in them. Clothing is so different from woman to woman for many reasons that saying something is essential for all really doesn’t work and is deceptive. Thanks for your comment.

  15. I would get the small to avoid it being too oversized, Susie. That brown is very pretty.

  16. Loved your comment today, Kathy and I think you know I went through the same experience. I was so drawn to the elegance and sometimes edginess of black…and I have to be careful because sometimes even now it will entice me. But, when I discovered what it was doing to me…aging me and making me look unhealthy…it truly was a revelation. I would look at a different person in the mirror and regret I wasted so much time getting here. Again I say…those articles which tell you that you must own white shirts or black dresses are deceptive and incorrect. What you must own are clothes that give you confidence and put a smile on your face. That just might not be what others are wearing. Thank you for sharing!

  17. I will do that for you on Monday, Betty! This conversation will probably go on Monday when I show you the ones I purchased and explain why!

  18. I am pretty much over the oversized trend no matter the garment. In the past, I have worn a shirt over a tank or other sleeveless top but was never entirely comfortable with the look. I always felt unfinished with this look. I am short & being short is not necessarily the same thing as petite. I have short legs but am a bit longer waisted, so petite tops often are not proportioned well for my needs. I find many oversized shirts have way too much fabric in the waist area & hit me mid-thigh or longer. Fit, even if it is oversized, is still key for me.

  19. Thank You!! I love a great oversize shirt. I do have a beautiful pink linen shirt that I picked up in a boutique in Miami, (clothes from stores where I don’t live are my souvenirs of trips) that with a cute form fitting tank makes a great spring outfit. Not sure what my color palette is, but I can do stark white, pinks, clear reds, sage greens, black and I avoid any yellow like the plague…. the reader comments were really in depth today….have a great weekend.

  20. I bought that striped shirt from Old Navy. I washed it in cold water and dried on low (as the tag said). It shrunk a lot!! I went back to the store and asked if I could exchange it for a larger size and was told that once an item is washed, it can’t be returned. 🙁

  21. Kathy, I loved your lengthy comment. I am 71 and would still love to train to be a color analyst just for myself. As an artist with a small practice and a life long interest in style and color, I still have much to learn. Color theory is fun and interesting. Thank you. Pam , for making this a great space for us all.

  22. Nancy…you are like me! Since I started traveling in my early 20s, clothes have always been my souvenirs! Especially boutiques!

  23. Invested in a couple of long sleeved linen over-sized shirts last summer namely out of necessity, being ‘a battle of the thermostat’ as husband runs hot and I run cold so wanted casual comfort in an air conditioned environment but something that also would be feasible in the sweltering heat. On that note a word of caution though , styling can be a challenge as their excess fabric can feel overwhelming. For example; take note of the body types modeling them plus how they are being worn and with what. i.e.: Will it be worn as an overlay? Is the shoulder fitted or a drop one? Would sizing down and/or a petite version or even a crop style, suit your needs better? What bottoms do you plan to wear them with? Etc. -Brenda-

  24. If you’re someone who often wants a “topper” with an outfit I think the Boyfriend shirt is a good look. It often will need to be ironed, so bring home a can of spray starch and make sure when you iron it that you spray it so it’ll resist wrinkles. I do sometimes want to tie oversized shirts, but I usually wait until they’ve been worn a couple of times and are nearly ready to go into the laundry before doing that as knoting the tails wrinkles them.

    I think Pam is on target about clothes for a hot Summer. Last year I found myself looking for a gauze shirt/pants in July, and there were none to be found. The The Marshall’s I visited the other day had gauze shirts/shorts/dresses but the selection in Large (my size) was sparse. Old Navy is offering 30% off some of their more sedate gauze items as swimwear/shorts sets arrive. Even though it’s not that warm now, this is the time to pick that kind of thing up!

  25. Oversized linen blend shirts, like the one here from Old Navy, do work well for me as a replacement for a blazer in summer heat. I wear tank tops, but never alone. I have to protect my skin from the sun. Oversized shirts are my third piece of choice for warm weather.

  26. Iam a petite and only wear big shirt over leggings . Or a column of color as a light weight jacket look over a tank . Otherwise overwhelms me .they just make me look dumpy and frumpy

  27. Yes, Rose! By the time I was looking for cooler garments in late summer, not much was left!

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