2024 Fashion Trends: Oversized Totes

2024 fashion trends

Happy Saturday, friends!  Today we look at 2024 Fashion Trends: Oversized Totes.

On Saturdays we have been looking over the industry 2024 fashion trends so you understand what is forward in fashion displays and marketing.

We have seen patterns, colors, and today…we delve into accessories….specifically oversized totes.

So, I hope you are comfy and ready to see what the 2024 fashion trends offer us today.


2024 fashion trends

I have always liked the look of a beautiful oversized tote and when I worked in the office world, I carried one every day.

According to experts, these are back in the 2024 fashion trends because so many have gone back to work in offices and for travel.

I do still carry one for long trips.  I own lovely oversized totes and want to use them.

I like to carry one when I am invited to speak to a group or make an appearance.  I have carry handouts to these occasions. 

I did see one quote where the industry expert said that oversized totes are “whimsical as well as practical.”

Whimsical? I do not believe I would ever describe these bags as whimsical….but I try to never say never.

Personally, I use a crossbody now more than any other style because of security reasons.  It is hard to snatch it and run if it is on me.

2024 Fashion Trends

But, I do plan to use mine more often this year because I do like to look current.

Since oversized totes are in the 2024 fashion trends, let’s look over a few currently on the market of all price points:  (The Bogg Bag is a great gift if you have a young mom in your family)


2024 fashion trends

The images from today’s post of totes are from Marshalls.

Marshalls and TJ Maxx are great places to see trends on display…they always show the current trends in stores and online for lower prices.

Here you see the green and the vests we have discussed. 

These are such good stores to visit if you have current as one of your style adjectives.


2024 fashion trends

Whether you follow the 2024 fashion trends or not, there are many sales happening to help refresh your wardrobe for spring.

Here are some you may want to check out:

JCP FRIENDS & FAMILY SALE (ends on Sunday, and you use the code 4Family)










2024 fashion trends

Mrs. Potts is still smiling, and I join with her today on this lovely March Saturday.

I hope you discovered something here that will make you smile as well…we always learn so much from one another, so let us know what is on your mind for spring shopping.

Or comment on 2024 Fashion Trends: Oversized Totes….are you in or out?

I will be here tomorrow and hope you will be as well…readers have sent some pictures to share…until then….


By Pamela Lutrell

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2024 fashion trends


  1. Lovely—Pretty bags on display here, Pam. That Coach bag is stunning. Like you, however, I lean toward my 3-4 crossbody bags for security and just ease of shopping hands-free. I do own a large tote in black but rarely use it.

  2. Good morning. I am a daily wearer of a neat crossbody bag. I do love totes and used one each day as an educator. Now I use them for the beach, toting art supplies to classes or friends, or for travel. I have an olive Longchamp to use as an ‘extra’ packable tote, but a large tapestry tote bag that I carry on as my main suitcase. I challenge myself to pack a week’s worth of clothing in it. I am taking a train to my daughter’s tomorrow and that is all that I will carry. I am a minimal packer, which I learned from my husband. When we travel together, his carry on is a bit larger than mine so he leaves room for our purchases. When we were waiting for an airport bus after once returning from Italy, a woman I was chatting with couldn’t believe how minimally we traveled. She asked to take a photo of our two carry ons for inspiration! You showed lovely totes. I may need an update for the beach. I have had fun looking through the retro Keds. I have always loved them. I also bought the book yesterday. Have a nice weekend.

  3. Mrs. Potts brought a smile to my face. I’ll give a hard no to oversize totes. You showed some great looking large totes that would be a great alternative to a brief case for a woman in the business world or a stylish tote for a mom who needs to carry supplies for her children. I had a shoulder issue years ago when I was teaching and schlepping books and papers around in large leather totes. Since then I’ve only used crossbody bags. I only carry a wallet, lipstick, phone, 2 pens and an emery board and if I’m shopping for clothing my color wallet. I favor one with an inside zip pocket to keep the lipstick from rolling around and an outside pocket for a shopping list. No stress on my shoulder and everything is secure. When I need to carry things like books to the library I use a cloth tote bag that adds not additional weight. Happy Saturday

  4. Happy Saturday, Paulette! I prefer crossbody unless I have larger items to carry.

  5. Most often I am also in a crossbody Kathie! When I found Mrs. Potts at Marshall’s, I wanted to sing! I looked around for Chip but he was not there!

  6. My purse of choice in these retirement years is a large wristlet. When we travel, shop or go for Dr. appointments, I use my large tote for all the “stuff” I need to carry and tuck the wristlet in. That way I can leave the tote and just carry the small bag to restaurants or quick stops. Works well for me.
    We are in the last days of St. Patty’s celebration her in Georgia and have a beautiful day for the parade.

  7. Funny that larger totes and purses are trending. I have been researching a new purse online since I do not live near a department store, but I have hesitated to purchase because as a short, small person, I do not want to feel over-powered by a too big purse. I tend to carry a good amount of things in my purse but still want it to be comfortable to carry. And I don’t like to have to scramble through my purse looking for something. Guess I’ll just continue to carry my old Coach which still looks good.

  8. When I travel with a tote, I use small bags inside to organize the stuff. That works well for me and then I am not digging.

  9. I have a lovely tote given to me by my DIL a number of years ago but I have never used it. It has a single dome snap on the top and I like my things to be snug as a bug in a rug. I’m a zipper, everything in it’s place kind of purse carrier. I do use a cross body but have even given up leather ones as I find them too heavy once I’ve filled them up with a phone, a wallet, a glass case, a Kobo ( for appointments ) and a folded shopping bag as stores here no longer provide bags.

  10. Yes, totes were a way of life back in my working days. I use them rarely now and like you and others mentioned, have transitioned to crossbodies. I especially love the Bagallini brand which you can sometimes find at Marshalls. Good all weather purse, the ones with a thicker strap are more comfortable.

  11. I’m definitely agreeing the ladies here. I used to carry a large tote when working, the. That turned into a book bag. As someone else commented, I just about ruined my shoulder. Since retiring I’m a definitely a cross body bag woman. So easy, and usually light enough with everything I carry. Thank you for another wonderful post. Have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

  12. I have stopped trying to carry everything I own around with me for my every day errands, shopping and lunch, etc. My husband has learned if he needs something (kleenex, gum, emery board, etc.) he needs to carry his own. And I purchase lighter weight purses too. When I pick up an empty purse that weighs more than the one I’m already carrying, I put it back no matter how cute it is. For emergencies, I have an old tote in my trunk with some things I might (someday) need but so far, it’s been there for 5 years and I haven’t used it yet. Just a security blanket I guess.

  13. Thank you for being here, Rhoda. I have something special to share tomorrow on St. Patrick’s Day.

  14. I laughed at the husband part…I believe he relies on me to have pens, tissues and gum!

  15. While I am in the market for a new spring/summer bag & usually carry a bag that is a bit larger than a cross body bag, I’m not quite ready to commit to an oversized tote. Both daughters use them because they often carry either a tablet or laptop when they are out & about. I like a larger bag because I usually carry a book & my sunglasses in a case when I’m out. I like TJ Maxx for bag shopping as the one near me has a great selection of sizes & colors from which to choose. The Marshall’s near me does not seem to be as well stocked as yours there in San Antonio.
    I thought of your series on trends when I was scrolling through Oscar fashions & saw a few gowns featuring polka dots. They really do seem to be everywhere!

  16. Wow…that surprises me to see gowns in polka dots but it seems the fashion industry has truly broken out in spots!

  17. I have one large canvas tot in navy that I carry if I need my tablet or files for an appointment. Otherwise, like you and the others, I use a cross body bag. I use a mobility device called a rollator which has a compartment under the seat where I place my handbag. If I am on my husband’s arm for support, out comes the crossbody. For those of us that are disabled, hands free is a necessity. Maybe you could feature crossbody bags?

  18. You frequently mention Marshalls or TJ Maxx. I have been disappointed every time I shop at those places, so I rarely go there.

  19. Thank you for letting me know how you feel. I will continue to feature these brands. They are good alternatives for those on a budget. I purchase a particular whole coffee bean on Amazon for $25 a bag, and just yesterday bought the same size bag at Marshall’s for $17 a bag!

  20. With the exception of three totes (one canvas/two in leather) gave them up years ago and seldom use, as prefer a knap sack/back pack if requiring ‘to tote’ as are hands-free and depending upon style can also be used as a shoulder purse. (There are surprisingly some very attractive ones on the market.) Otherwise like many other of your readers for everyday, use my choice is either a cross-body bag or a wristlet. -Brenda-

  21. I love the looks of a big tote but am too small for one. I have several medium sized bags and a medium sized tote that holds my cross-body bag. I don’t travel light, but like you, I have a couple of small bags for cosmetics, meds, etc. so that I can find things easily.

  22. Love the look of these totes, I may have to look for one. On a totally different subject, do you have any recommendations for a color analysis online? My hair is now completely white and I feel like I need a closet refresh, but not sure what colors are best for me. Thank you!

  23. Most are done in person, but let me refer you to my friend Susan…she might be open to doing one online. tell her I sent you.
    Her email is pseub@sbcglobal.net. She is a trained professional and has a popular blog
    If she won’t do it she may know someone who will.

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