Book Review: Beautiful Aging

beautiful aging

Happy Friday, everyone.  Let’s return to book reviews and today I have a book review: Beautiful Aging.

The author of Beautiful Aging,  Janie Bartlett, asked if I would review her book. 

At first, I wondered how it was different from other books on aging and after a letter from her, I was convinced I should read about what beautiful aging is.

I do think her extensive research and footnotes have convinced me that she does not what she is taking about with beautiful aging…or as some would prefer…healthy aging.

She is a all natural supplement expert, but this book is not selling any specific supplements.

She only informs us of the type of supplements which will help some of us with our beautiful aging.

This book gives you the knowledge and questions you should be asking with your doctor.  It is a nice partner with the book review we began here for 2024.

So, allow me to give you Janie’s take on Beautiful Aging


beautiful aging

Aging is inevitable.  However, we do have choices (for the most part) on how it will go.

The author writes., “Your life can still be vibrant as ever with your interpersonal relationships becoming stronger.  This is what Beautiful Aging means. It means that there will be a sense of beauty, effortlessness, and positivity in the way you carry out the rest of your existence.”

She teaches in the book how natural products and therapies can assist us in combating the largest issues we face with aging…thinning hair, weak bones, loss of energy, thin skin, etc.

There are 8 Chapters packed with information to help us experience beautiful aging from the inside out. 

She also explains the difference between vitamins and supplements and the role they play in the aging process.

This is another book which will assist you in working out the best wellness plan for where you are right now.


beautiful aging

Physical Therapy was eye-opening for me.

Each time I went I saw individuals in my age group (70) and over, who are struggling through.  Now, I know they have challenges or they would not be at PT.

I saw many dealing with severe osteoporosis.

However, these moments solidified for me that I want Beautiful Aging for myself.  I desire to be as healthy and strong as possible for as long as possible.

I desire to truly live, one day at a time, with joy and excitement….not a frail existence.

After reading the book, I believe I am doing well…except for this “obesity” thing…which I am working on.

I worked out the best supplements with my doctor.  She watched me through blood tests to see how I progress…and right now I am progressing well.

I encourage EVERYONE to speak with your doctor about supplements…we are all different and have different needs.

The big issues for me will be to lose the weight I put on after surgery, and to be active again.  I am determined to get there.

Overall, I am pleased with the health of my hair, skin, and bones.  I hope to keep them all aging beautifully.

beautiful aging

I saw this cup at the grocery and laughed.   The Pam in her fifties would have been Lucy.  

I still enjoy my morning coffee, but if I need to live without it, I am perfectly fine.

My new morning routine is:

  1. A tall glass of water first with a probiotic pill swallowed with the last gulp.
  2. A shaker of Plant Based Protein – 10 grams of protein
  3. My coffee with collagen dissolved in it. – 10 grams of protein.

If I am true to do this, then I do not get hungry for a long time and I have the energy I need to work out.  I also smile while I do this!

If you would like to order the book, Beautiful Aging, then please go to BEAUTIFUL AGING ON AMAZON (CLICK HERE).

Please ask any questions you like, and I hope your Friday is fabulous!


By Pamela Lutrell

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beautiful aging


  1. Interesting. I take very few vitamins or supplements, but I have been using a plant-based protein supplement. It helps me with appetite and I know it’s important to preserve muscle. You’re right, you will get there! I’ve done two things differently on this weight loss journey that I think have really helped. First, I’ve gotten rid of every last piece in my closet that is too big. No more packing them in storage “just in case.” Second, I get back on the horse if I’ve overindulged. I’ve been -very- diligent about logging my food (I use the free version of Lose It) even if I wince on days I’ve gone off the rails. It’s a journey for sure, but one worth taking because our health is so precious.

  2. Thanks for this review Pam. I look forward to reading more. We all wish for a healthy aging process that allows us to be our best.

  3. Pam, the pin stripe shirt you are wearing fits you perfect and very figure flattering.

  4. I agree with you I want to also age beautifully. Don’t we all haha. I believe in taking as much control of our health as we can. I do believe we have to be careful as to how many supplements we really need. Most of the time it’s too many. I agree with talking to our doctor about what we should take. Mine is very good at helping me in that way. I have been going to the Y to exercise and see many people there that still do what they can as far as physical exercise. I’m with you when it comes to weight, I struggle but now it’s slowly coming off and I feel much better. I may have to read this book I’m curious as to what she suggests.

  5. This post is so on point for me. I have collagen in my first and only caffeinated coffee first thing in the morning, after taking my dogs out. And I found an awesome green drink, Morning Kick mixed with 8 oz of water. It has all the ingredients I need for energy and digestion regularity. I have been drinking it a for about a year and have dropped my weight down to a comfortable weight that feels right for me. Now the morning green drink doesn’t mention the weight loss as an ingredient, but I was overweight when I started it and now after a year I have leveled out on my weight. And it is the only change I have made in my morning routine. The book sounds interesting, I’ll put on my list for my next trip to Barnes and Noble.

  6. You’re so right: we all want to age as well as possible. I am a firm believer in the power of protein. I need to ask my doctor about collagen — thanks for the reminder. One question: how are you getting your calcium?

  7. I like the idea of healthy aging so much more than trying to be youthful after youth is gone.

  8. Yes we do Amy. I am glad I listened, learned and made adjustments when needed.

  9. One of the main reasons that I accept offers from most supplements is because we are all different and I cannot begin to try all of them for you. We do need to be careful with doing too much.

  10. Several ways…my collagen supplement, my protein plant drink, and occasional yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese. I don’t drink milk…I have never liked it. But I do cook with it.

  11. Pam, I have to agree with Karen; the pinstriped blouse is lovely. Is that a bit of elastic on the underside? May I ask where you purchased it? Thanks so much, and I’ll be ordering the book.

  12. Hi Lin, Thank you…there is no elastic on the underside. I think I bought this top in late January. It is one of Chico’s no iron tops which I really like. It looks like this one is sold out but here I a link to other no iron tops at Chico’s

  13. Thanks for the book recommendation. I ordered it via your link. I am anxious to read it.


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