Bryn Walker Spring Outfits at Dillard’s

Bryn Walker Spring Outfits

Happy Thursday, ladies!  Today, I go to the dressing room to show you Bryn Walker Spring Outfits at Dillard’s.

I received an email from a regular reader who asked, “Are you going to show some Bryn Walker spring outfits?”

She is a fan of the Bryn Walker brand.  

Most who are looking for Bryn Walker spring outfits, have style adjectives which speak dramatic, interesting, creative, artistic, and fun.

I discovered a lot of fun in the Bryn Walker Spring Outfits at Dillard’s and I am happy to show you the styles.

One reminder:  The styles in this brand are typically oversized, and I always size down.  I would recommend that Plus Size ladies who are 1X-2X, look first at the Misses XL or XXL sizes.

I think every style here is available in plus size…just pick a link and click through to the site to find it all.  This is not a petite line, ladies. 

Some of the looks I tried on were limited so available sizes in store, but I will tell you about the sizes as I go.

So, let’s have a good time as we look over Bryn Walker Spring Outfits at Dillard’s.


Bryn Walker Spring Outfits

I found that many of the Bryn Walker spring outfits spoke…CRUISE TRIP! to me.

The linens are very comfortable and cool…and have a flow to them that I enjoy seeing on women who cruise.

And I love the flow of these pants in the first two pictures.  I am wearing an XL, so the pants are a little large and I believe I could easily wear a size L.

These are the Woven Linen Floral Print Elastic Waist Wide-Leg Pull-On Coordinating Pants in a print called Torcello, a khaki color (darker than it appears in these pictures) with black.

In the top picture, I am wearing an XL (and the large would fit better) in a top I really like, the Etta Light Linen Cowl Neck 3/4 Sleeve Coordinating Shirt in black.

In the second picture, I am wearing the Floral Print Boat Neck Long Sleeve Gianna Coordinating Cropped Shirt.

I am 5’7 1/2″ so these are long…and flowy.

Bryn Walker spring outfits

I also tried the same top with black crop pants in the Bryn Walker spring outfits.

These are the Light Linen Asymmetrical Wrap Skirt Panel Straight Leg Cropped Pants, in a Large.

This top would also be cute with these fun Ella Linen Geo Stripe Print Wide-Leg Pull-On Cropped Pants (they did not have any sizes I could try on for you).

And another super cute black top which is more fitted would be the Light Linen Mandarin Collar Short Sleeve Button-Front Shirt.

Bryn Walker spring outfits

Bryn Walker spring outfits

Here is another top I could have sized down on to a large…this is an X large.

I do like the batwing style and it would be really nice with Bryn Walker leggings….which I own and are excellent leggings.

This is the Wilder Elbow Dolman Banded Short Sleeve Crew Neck Tunic, also comes in white.

Bryn Walker Spring Outfits

This top is so much fun.  Bryn Walker styles it with prints and solids.

This is the Lucinda Organic Cotton Poplin Checkered Print Crew Neck 3/4 Sleeve Hi-Low Hem Shirt.  I am wearing a large.

It is a very polished top for spring outfits.


Bryn Walker spring outfits

Of course, a creative brand like Bryn Walker has vibrant color for spring outfits…as well as black, white, and khaki.

This one took me back to the cruise ship…so much fun.

These are all Xl, and I could have easily sized down.  Also, this color is called GENOA.

I am wearing the Marie Cross-Dyed Linen 3/4 Sleeve Drape Asymmetric Open-Front Jacket.

Underneath is a V-Neck top that I was so happy to see…there are not enough offerings in linen V-necks.

This is the Cross-Dyed Linen V-Neck Sleeveless Coordinating Tank.

Finally, they are worn over the Oliver Cross-Dyed Linen Lantern Leg Pull-On Coordinating Cropped Pants.

Bryn Walker spring outfits

This blue is stunning in the Bryn Walker Spring Outfits at Dillard’s.

It is called garda, and the navy top is called dewberry….yes, I once again I could go smaller In this top…all the way to a Medium.

This is the Bax Woven Cotton Gauze V-Neck Elbow Sleeve Dropped Shoulder Shark Bite Hem Coordinating Top.

It would also be cute with the Campa Cotton Gauze Balloon Leg Coordinating Cropped Pants in the same color, garda.

Bryn Walker spring outfits

I do love the Bryan Walker linen.  This is spring/summer bright…and fun.

This is the Resort Light Linen Boat Neck 3/4 Sleeve Dropped Shoulder Coordinating Shirt in a color called quince. 

I actually preferred the XL in this top over the smaller one…on me any way.  The pants are a large.

I really like these pants…but in other colors.

First, this color is the quince in the Light Linen Wide-Leg Pintuck Detail Coordinating Pull-On Ankle Pants.

I tried them on in the tapicoa color which is a light khaki or tan.  They would be lovely with black or blue or coral or green…or with the top in the same color, like….

The Light Linen Crew Neck 3/4 Sleeve Pintuck Shirt in the tapicoa.  The top has the same detail you see at the bottom of the pant.


Bryn Walker spring outfits

On the Dillard’s display, you see more Bryn Walker Spring Outfits.

One thing I have discovered over the years of wearing this brand, is that once you get your perfect Bryn Walker size, the oversized styles can be very flattering.

For those with the bold adjectives, it is a brand worth spending time with.

Bryn Walker Spring Outfits

This was a Bryn Walker long vest in my spring outfits last year.  I still love to wear it and it is flattering.  (Of course, hair, eyeglasses…and feet are different now)

The long vest featured this year is on the mannequin, the Keaton Linen Geo Stripe Print Mandarin Collar Cap Sleeve Button-Front Midi Vest.

And the other one is a lovely green, Keaton Solid Light Linen Mandarin Collar Cap Sleeve Patch Pocket Button-Front Midi Vest.

Also, the Bryn Walker French Terry long pencil skirts are some of the most flattering skirts I have ever tried on.  

So many of their designs are built to slim us down, but you need to find your own perfect size and decide how small or oversized you want the look to be.

I always enjoy my time at Dillard’s trying on Bryn Walker Spring Outfits.

By the way, San Antonio, I was stopping by the Dillard’s at North Star Mall, and if you go by there, ask for Stephanie.

She is a long time associate and knows the brands well.  You will find her at the desk in this department.

I also met a lovely woman and her DIL shopping there, and I invited her to join us here at the blog…hope to see you Tina.

If you have any questions about Bryn Walker Spring Outfits at Dillard’s, then let me know.  

I hope to see you tomorrow…until then….


By Pamela Lutrell

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Bryn Walker Spring Outfits


  1. Good morning Pam, thank you for featuring Byrn Walker. I enjoyed seeing the spring outfits and now feel like taking a ride over to Dillard’s. You are correct in that when you find the right size certain cuts can be very flattering. I found this to be true with 2 different styles of linen pants last summer and will be adding another pair to my closet for this summer. I love the deep Lilac color featured on the mannequin in the slide towards the end. The long vest you are wearing is very flattering on you and a great mix of colors. Thanks again for taking the time to try on these outfits for us. Have a great day.

  2. Hi Betty! Trying on clothes for you is a joy. Have fun shopping at Dillard’s…there is so much to see!

  3. The first thing I noticed was the lovely gold shoes you were wearing and how they went so well with all the outfits. Also you look great in this brand’s clothes and they look perfect for cruise wear. They
    Happy Thursday.

  4. The shoes are by SAS, and you will hear more about this brand as we go forward. They make my feet happy!

  5. A most interesting brand of clothing, but one that, as you stated, does not have petite sizing which leaves me out. But I did want to congratulate you on being able to wear your gold loafers. I know you are thrilled to be wearing “regular” shoes after your months of recovery!

  6. Thanks Celia! I am in my athletic shoes 95% of time but it is so nice to begin to wear others for special occasions. Love these SAS gold loafers.

  7. I also want to add that I met a Dillard’s customer last year while shopping and she is a plus size petite. Bryn Walker is her favorite brand. She told me she loves the bold styles. So there are a few petites who like the oversize designs. I should have put her in the post.

  8. This line of clothing always fascinates me. I love the sophistication of the cuts combined with those bold, dense colors. When I’m ready to spend more on my wardrobe, I plan to schedule a decent amount of time to try on and figure out sizing. For my own style, I would likely pair a top with more slender or flared pants from my own closet. Thanks so much for showing us your picks. These clothes really hit the sweet spot for fun meets elegant, which can be tough to find for a casual wardrobe.

  9. Fun meets elegant is a great way to describe these clothes, Linda. I confess that so many brands look alike and their spring collections are so similar. I have fun when I visit Bryn Walker for the different style and offerings. They are unique, and if you hit that fit sweet spot, they are amazing. I hope you have fun when you can work in a try-on session.

  10. Very dramatic clothing. I am beginning to notice a column of color done in colors other than black & navy. I like this trend a lot. I agree you could easily go down at least one size in some of the items. Personally I would not style two oversized pieces together. To my eye the flowing tops look better with slim pants or a cropped pant like the black pants you modeled. My favorite piece though is the flowered long vest from last year. I love the way you style it. Also noticed your gold shoes. Glad you can wear them now even. Happy Thursday!

  11. I have two long-sleeved linen blouses from Bryn Mawr. I find most of their styles too flowing for me. Not really my style. I love SAS shoes. Now I use orthotics so I unfortunately cannot wear them! So glad you came through your foot surgery and are doing so well!

  12. Hi Kathie, my personal preference is one piece skinny and one piece glory and that is why I linked to the leggings. Lately I have seen several over 60 ladies in stylish legging outfits out and about. Thanks!

  13. This brand is Bryn Walker, Linda. It is for those who live a little drama and creativity in their style messages. I am slowly coming back with my feet! Very encouraged! Thanks!

  14. WOW Pamala! I LOVE you in the outfits in Genoa and quince, outstanding. They are perfect for your height.

  15. “Fun meets Elegant” (From Linda LM’s post)
    What a great description of Bryn Walker style of clothing. That comment made me smile!

  16. Your hair looked FABULOUS in this post, Pamela. You look great in every one of those Bryan Walker outfits. They all suit you so well.

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