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Happy Wednesday, everyone!  Welcome to our weekly lifestyle roundup called Today’s News for Women over 50.

I curate the worldwide web every week, to compile a list of lifestyle news into one location just for you.

Hopefully, these posts keep you informed and show you what is happening that you may have missed.

This is mostly optimistic news sprinkled occasionally with what I call “need-to-know” news to keep you updated.

Today’s news is NOT political spin of any kind…so rest assured, these posts are designed as if you have your own lifestyle magazine right in front of you.

So, let us get a morning beverage and a cozy spot and enjoy some of the stories in Today’s News.


today's news

MIT Press Reader The New Science of Optimism and Longevity

Yahoo Finance:  Retired But Want To Work? Try These 8 Jobs for Seniors That Pay Weekly

Forks and Knives: Massive New Study Presents Strongest Evidence Yet Linking Processed Foods to Range of Health Problems

Business Insider: A 101-year-old former CEO shared his longevity advice: Early retirement is ‘stultifying,’ and the Mediterranean diet is best


today's news

Sally’s Baking Recipes20+ Easter Brunch Recipes

Plant Powered:  7-Day Vegetarian Meal Plan for Weight Loss

NY Post: I save money at the grocery store by making my own butter at home for less than $3.00

Skinny Taste: Turkey Shepherd’s Pie Stuffed Sweet Potato

All Tasty Bites:  Mom’s Apple Crisp

Better Homes & Gardens33 Fresh Easter Side Dishes That Will Be the Best Part of Your Meal

Simply RecipesUnstuffed Cabbage Rolls


today's news

House Digest: The Property Brothers Shed Light On A Dated Home Feature That’s A Dust Magnet

Southern Living13 Habits that are secretly making your house smelly, according to experts

Better Homes & Gardens: 16 Best Indoor Vining Plants to Create a Jungle Feel

and These Front Door Paint Colors Could Increase Your Home’s Value


Today's news

French Country HomeIntroducing a new travel site for the best of France

The Discoverer Blog5 U.S. Destinations Perfect for Spontaneous Travelers


today's news

CNN: I’m 70 years old — why shouldn’t my clothes convey my sexuality, and sense of style?

There Is so much to take in with today’s feature video…I will curious to read your comments…let’s transition to spring in Milan….



Diane Keaton’s new fashion book will release this fall and pre-orders are on right now!

The forward is written by Ralph Lauren


Today's news


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That is it for today’s news for women over 50, please leave any thoughts you may have…and I will see you tomorrow!!

By Pamela Lutrell

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today's news


  1. Good morning, Pamela. Thank you for this great collection. I’m going to make Sally’s French toast casserole for Easter brunch! Love the Milan style. ❤️

  2. Thanks sounds so good…maybe I will join you in making the same here! Thanks Marcia.

  3. Thank you for a most welcome, non-political, post. I’ve been reading you for sometime and have never seen any “political” comments. So I’m guessing that someone said something?
    Well, shake it off girl, your posts are always entertaining and informative and there is always something that speaks to us, whether it be fashion, food, locations, etc.

  4. No one said anything, Rhoda. But, we have some new readers and I am just assuring them they will not find that here. Sometimes it is difficult to hold my tongue in certain situations, but I have managed to so far! Thanks for your kind comment.

  5. Thank you for all you do for your readers – I know it’s not easy. I’ve been a follower of your blog for years and appreciate the time involved for you.

  6. Pam, I really enjoyed your choice of articles today as well as the Milan video. I’m encouraged by the wide leg long trouser style jeans which I wear here. It is a bit fashion forward here in southern small mountain town Colorado. But all of my jeans are now this comfortable easy to wear style. I loved the article about the 70 year old fashion mentor for the Parsons students. Our bodies do change as we age, even if our weight gain is modest. The students also had to take into consideration disabilities. At 79, still interested in being stylish but disability limits my shoes. Many older women wore very sturdy sensible looking shoes or sneakers. Very interesting blog today!

  7. I enjoyed the video even though I can’t imagine wearing most of what I saw. There was an animal print jacket at 3:46 that I would happily add to my wardrobe though and I liked some of the wide-legged jeans.

  8. I love to watch the videos and rarely see clothing that would look good on me. I am so glad to hear from you and hope you are still improving. Thanks Elaine.

  9. Spring in Milan. I was there 14 years ago around this time though I can’t remember what anyone was wearing. I noticed nearly all the pants/jeans were wide legged and many were frayed rather than hemmed. I don’t care for the ones that drag on floor. I’m still trying to find the right way to style my wider legged pants. My favorite outfit was at 2:46, orange cropped pants with gorgeous brown jacket, I’m tempted to try that look though I don’t know if I can pull it off. I can try it in a fitting room. One look I won’t copy is the very short mini skirt. Its best left to the young. On women of a certain age it just isn’t a good look. Happy Wednesday.

  10. I love the street scenes. Most of what they are wearing would not be worn in my small lake town, but I love to see what others wear. The other articles are interesting. Thank you for all you do.

  11. If there is a way to try it without spending money, you should just to see what you think. When I shop alone, I spend more time in the dressing room. I would rather spend the time in there than coming back to return it. Have fun trying something new.

  12. You are welcome, Cheryll. I also love to watch street scenes…live or on video.

  13. Interesting style video, thanks (though I did watch with the volume off). Whilst I know red is supposed to be trending this season, I saw ‘your’ grass/ kelly green in there too, Pam! Anyone else notice the oranges in there as well? Something I’m looking forward to emulating with my own Deep Autumn wardrobe!

  14. I loved the video and I saw lots of things that inspired me to experiment re colour combinations eg. the lady with light wash jeans and camel peacoat. Again, the shoes and the bags changed the look of outfits. I loved the Easter decorations too.

  15. I couldn’t help but notice all the people with their noses in their phones! It’s a wonder they get where they’re going without an accident. LOL

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