Questions about Spring Shopping


spring shopping

Happy Thursday, ladies.  Today, I would like to ask you a few questions about spring shopping.

I love to tap your brains occasionally, and since this is really a holiday week for many, I thought I was a good day to ask a few questions about your spring shopping.

Often, you volunteer this advice, but I do believe all of us are helped by seeing the answers in one place.

spring shopping

So, in order to go out each day dressed as the beautiful butterflies that we are, please share with us your thoughts….


  1.  What pieces would you like to add to your spring wardrobe this year and please explain why?
  2. Does your spring shopping include shopping for travel wear?
  3. When you look over your current wardrobe, what are your biggest challenges with it at this time?
  4. How have changes in your life also resulted in changes in your wardrobe?
  5. What are your favorite activities at this stage of your life?
  6. Please tell us your top three favorite clothing brands.

You are simply the very best audience and I enjoy shopping for you.  Knowing these answers to your spring shopping needs will be very helpful.  Now go out today and …..


By Pamela Lutrell

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spring shopping









  1. I’m a bit frustrated with spring shopping this year. It’s been colder and wetter than usual in the SF Bay Area, so I’m still wearing turtlenecks, coats and sweaters. Spring colors are not that flattering on me. I have picked up several winter basics from JJill and Chico’s on sale. Your outfit is very pretty today!

  2. Thanks for starting this often today, Cathy. I am so sorry you are dealing with frustration. I will do my best to help out.

  3. 1. What pieces would you like to add to your spring wardrobe this year and please explain why? The last few years we’ve gone from winter to summer, so a short spring doesn’t call for many new clothes. Maybe a few tops.
    2. Does your spring shopping include shopping for travel wear? No.
    3. When you look over your current wardrobe, what are your biggest challenges with it at this time? I’m happy with my wardrobe the way it is.
    4. How have changes in your life also resulted in changes in your wardrobe? A more casual lifestyle means my wardrobe is almost all casual. Summertime my wardrobe is predominantly golf clothes as I golf 5 times/week.
    5. What are your favorite activities at this stage of your life? Golf, gardening, working out and reading.
    6. Please tell us your top three favorite clothing brands. Mango, Aritzia, Zara for everyday clothes.

  4. Can’t wait to read the comments today!
    1. I need more short sleeve tops, to wear now under a denim jacket and later this summer alone. I’m on a low buy, but I wish I had a pair of the Talbots classic high waist jeans in a lower size, instead of the style I bought on sale.
    2. I will shop for a long cruise to Norway and Iceland this summer, but will wait to know my size.
    3. I have to replace my wardrobe every few months. My wardrobe right now is cheap. It has to be, because of being in transition with weight loss. But I’m not excited to wear most of it, and much of it doesn’t feel as good on the skin as it used to. I have a real disconnect with myself: goodness this will never fit, and then it does. Wearing a misses size vs plus (or higher misses size) means there is sooo much clothing to go through. Who knew there were so many choices? Overwhelming!
    4. Number 3 about covers it, but on the positive side, there are many more brands open to me, and styles I could never wear before (belted!) flatter me. The sale racks in my current size are stuffed! Over time, my wardrobe has become more and more casual, and athletic wear and athleisire are a bigger part of it. Even my part time job substitute teaching has become more casual than when I was working full time; seeing jeans, joggers, athletic tops on teachers now is common.
    5. Making jewelry, reading, traveling, armchair traveling, walking, swimming, yoga, and going to see my grandson
    6. Athleta, Talbots, Banana Republic, and surprising honorable mention this year: Chicos. Much of my current wardrobe for spring is Old Navy, but it is not a favorite and I would view it as more of a stopgap.

  5. My thoughts:
    1. I would like golden yellow flats as an accent and a light weight zippered purse, about 10 x 10 with an outside slip pocket, two inside slip pockets, and one inside zippered pocket. Leather or nylon might be nice.
    2. I need to replace my navy fleece as it is a key to my travel wardrobe.
    3. My biggest challenge is fit. I am a size 14 and have a mature figure.
    4. I am retired so my wardrobe is casual.
    5. I like to garden, read, and play the organ for church.
    6. I like affordable brands that fit me like JJill, Talbots, and JCrew.

  6. Thank you for sharing, Mary. My MIL played organ at church. I know the dedication and talent it requires!

  7. 1 and 3. these go together. I am always hunting for shorts and pants/capris that fit me. I have wide hips and a belly but thinner legs, so pants and shorts may fit my hips but the legs are huge. I have started wearing Lululemon leggings instead of pants! I live in Florida and live in short sleeved tops so I am always looking for something to wear. I tend to sometimes buy tops I should not wear. Hot weather comes and I regret buying tops that are clingy or the wrong material.
    2. I don’t need specific travel clothes. I have a wide range of all types of clothing, even buying sweaters this year. We travel to New England in the autumn, so i wear them then.
    4. Since retiring years ago and moving to a warm climate, I now dress more casually and don’t need a lot of formal dressy clothes. We dress rather casually down here. i only panic when I have to go to a wedding and need a dress! lol
    5. Favorite activities are eating out, always reading, and watching prime Video!
    6. My number one favorite now is Chicos. Most of their styles fit (except the pants see above) and I love most of their styles. 2 is Johnny Was linen shirts, and 3 is Intro brand (for pants) at Dillards.

  8. Since I’m now retired I shop for more casual fashion but still want to look nice. I’ve always bought solid colored tops but am now looking for floral and stripes for Spring. I want to change my look! I’ve also lost weight because I’m eating vegetarian to watch cholesterol so I’m replacing my wardrobe too.
    I so appreciate your veggie recipes!

  9. Thank you for the detail, Linda. I have often made the mistake of purchasing a top I like and the next day it is too hot to wear it for months. I so identify with that sentiment!

  10. All of the information today that I am learning is incredibly helpful to know what content to bring to the readers…right down to the recipes! Thank you for letting me know, Susie!

  11. Hey, Pam, I’ve been enjoying your many store and brand try-ons this season (even though I haven’t been commenting much). *****
    1. I am adding new pant (jean) silhouettes and refreshing tee shirts. Also, a neon pink or green top.
    2. Our travel plans got scuttled b/c of my husband’s health. We were planning on a Santa Fe trip, so I had been looking at colorful items.
    3. Biggest challenge–I’ve let my weight creep up, so finding proportional pants has been a bit tricky. When I go up a size, the crotch is a bit long.
    4. N/A
    5. Favorite activities. Sewing, socializing, hanging with family.
    6. Clothing brands: Free People, Kut from the Kloth (the jeans are a “chef’s kiss” fit for my body type), Magnolia Pearl (for sewing inspiration only!).
    Thanks for all of your work, Pam!

  12. 1. Spring started here awhile ago so I have been replacing tee shirts that are stretched out or stained. I dropped a bit of $ at Talbots during a good sale and I’m looking forward to wearing the beautiful black/cream sweater set. I also bought 3 pairs of their wide legged, pull on pants in white, chambray and and linen pin stripe. I like to update my casual pieces because these are what I live in. I am always on the hunt for comfy sandals.
    2. We have a cross country trip planned but my tee’s and skorts will be all I need. Heading to San Antonio in October!!
    3. My size has not changed over the years and my biggest wardrobe challenge is keeping it updated; I have pieces that I think may be out of style but still fit & thus hate to donate.Even though my size has not changed my body seems to! That darn midriff fat!
    4. My life has changed in the last 6 years from a working professional to an active retiree; I moved from Long Island, NY to the desert of California. No need for coats or boots here.
    5. I golf 3 to 5 days a week; run a book club; play mahjong, walk and attend the many activities of my 4 grandchildren traveling all over Southern California thus getting to know the area.
    6. Talbots, Athleta, Chico’s. I would be remiss if I didn’t admit to purchasing Costco skorts every year for a very affordable bottom half.

  13. I forgot to mention that I would like something to wear with my new wide leg pants and jeans.

  14. How exciting…October is one of my favorite months in San Antonio! Cannot wait to here your plans in the city. Thanks for sharing all of this Linda!

  15. 1) I have replaced some Spring sweaters that I wore a lot and am tired of seeing. I have also replaced some high-waisted/wide-legged pants that I’ve had for 4-5 years for mid-rise straight or wide legged pants.

    2) I have some Spring travel in my plans. I got a new pair of Keds and some pants from Old Navy. I’m saving my travel wear budget for the Summer when I will go camping and want more outdoor performance wear.

    3) My biggest challenges in my wardrobe are transitioning to full retirement. I have added some social activities I didn’t have time for when I was working and I need some easy outfits for those. I’m not going to a lot of group exercise at this time so I am following the advice of a “Grandma” Instagram fitness personality and exercising in whatever the heck I’ve got on.

    4) Now that I am not working at all I find that I have more pajama time. I’ve also gone on more trips where I need pajamas that are kitchen-table worthy.

    5) My favorite activities are outdoor walks/hikes, crafting and cooking – which often includes having family / friends over.

    6) I have a lot of clothes from The Gap/Old Navy/Jjill. I have a few things from Talbots and the Banana Republic. I am making a decided swing from shopping online. I will order things online, but usually I like to have made a visit to the brick and mortar store to try things on. As a retired person I have more time to get out during non-rush hours so in-person shopping not only gives me a chance to try on for size, but it’s also a reason to leave my house!

  16. Taking a screen shot of your questions rather than scrolling back up, refreshing most of my wardrobe due to weight loss (genetics and non intentional), change in lifestyle being more casual and taking advantage of Spring styles that will accommodate Summer wear as well —
    1) Preferably am looking for tops that provide lightweight/comfortable/optional cover up for my arms that are suitable for different environments. i.e.: Air conditioning, avoid being slathered in chemical sunscreens.
    2) As current travel wear is namely that for the Tropics, the wardrobe for it is similar however best described as capsule, more vibrant and must be easy maintenance.
    3) Having lost weight and due to my age of 76, find the biggest challenge with my current wardrobe is ‘fit’ (regardless I am capable of doing my own alterations) and weeding out what I no longer require.
    4) As changes in my lifestyle are far more casual, I certainly find it is easier on the pocket-book as do not require the extensive wardrobe that I had before.
    5) Favourite activities are currently socializing with old friends (as well as family of course), enjoy reading and also do occasional contract work that involves policing.
    6) Never have been one necessarily to shop brands as am a classic dresser, however I find myself leaning more towards European ones as IMHO they are ahead of the curve compared to us in the Americas when it comes to style, trends and dare I even say quality and workmanship (at reasonable prices from a Canadian point of view). i.e.: Zara / COS / M & S. -Brenda-

  17. I’m looking for light (white or pale beige ) loafers; slip on sneakers similar to my old ruined Via Spiga pair from Nordstrom Rack. I had them at least 4-5 years but….
    In my area what i buy for Spring is also my summer wear. My budget doesn’t allow for two distinct wardrobes.
    Im retired and stay active at our local Senior Center ( lectures/classes/book club/parties club/exercising).
    I also exercise outside of the Center.
    My wardrobe has an overabundance of denim but lacks a good denim dress and a denim jacket in blues ( have one in white).
    I like Talbots /Banana Republic/Loft or Madewell pants. I also shop at independent boutiques here.

  18. All of my favorite styles right now are European…but I look at them and then decide how to use the looks for inspiration here. I do not know why I am so drawn toward that direction all of a sudden. The Italian, French, Spanish Instagram posts often captivate me! Thanks so much for sharing all of this Brenda.

  19. Thanks Paulette. I also got my Via Spiga loafers at Nordstrom Rack years ago…and despite the recent foot changes…I can still wear them comfortably and they look great. They have been through a lot with me, but I am so glad I found them. I will keep my eyes open for you.

  20. Hi Pamela!
    1. I want some neon tees for spring and summer because I think the bright colors go well with sunshine.
    2. I don’t have any clothes set aside for travel…yet.
    3. My biggest challenge with my wardrobe right now is shoes because I still like styles that aren’t very foot friendly.
    4. Same as #3. The change is basically my feet don’t feel the same in certain shoes (mostly high heels).
    5. Some favorite activities are walking, cooking, Bible study, volunteering, reading, shopping, watching sports (MLB season officially starts today! ⚾).
    6. I like J Crew, Anthropologie and Ann Taylor ties with Talbots. Splurge: Ralph Lauren. Save: Wal-Mart.
    Thank you Pamela for helping us out!
    Have an amazing day 😊.

  21. 1. What pieces would you like to add to your spring wardrobe this year and please explain why? I’m going to be looking for 2 or 3 pairs of capris for spring/summer because mine are quite badly worn. I know that some women think that capris are frumpy looking, but I love them and I believe that we should wear what makes us happy.
    2. Does your spring shopping include shopping for travel wear? I love to travel! I seldom shop specifically for a trip I’m planning, but I always think about how well a new item will pack and whether or not it would be suitable for travel.
    3. When you look over your current wardrobe, what are your biggest challenges with it at this time? Winter is long here in Canada. By this time of year, I always feel tired of my winter wardrobe, but it’s too soon to make the switch to spring/summer clothes.
    4. How have changes in your life also resulted in changes in your wardrobe? This is something I hadn’t given much thought to until recently. I’ve been retired for over a decade and my lifestyle is quite casual. In fact, casual is one of my 5 style adjectives. I’m travelling next week, however, to attend a medical conference as a patient representative and I want to dress a little more professionally than my current life usually requires. I’m still figuring out what to pack!
    5. What are your favourite activities at this stage of your life? Travelling, camping, hiking, golfing, kayaking, writing, volunteering.
    6. Please tell us your top three favourite clothing brands. I’m more concerned with quality and shopping ethically as opposed to buying specific brands. For me, that includes buying a lot of my clothes second hand and avoiding new items that are made in China. I don’t shop fast fashion and I very seldom buy clothing online.
    This has been fun, Pam! Thanks for making us think about these questions.

  22. First of all, I really hope Linda LM will be sharing info about her upcoming trip to Norway. As a Norwegian by heritage, it is definitely near the top of my bucket list.
    Wardrobe questions: I am always on the hunt for a pale, buttery yellow cardigan. The brighter or more mustard-y colors are easy enough, but I long for the soft yellow.
    No immediate travel plans, unfortunately, other than within Oregon. Hopefully by fall I will have figured out substitute care for my father so my husband and I can make plans again. No big challenges or changes recently to my wardrobe. Hard to believe this summer will mark 5 years since the school where I taught closed down. My favorite activities are: swimming/water aerobics; attending concerts, live theater, festivals; going out with my friends; traveling with my husband or best friends; playing piano, and reading. My favorite brands are Talbot’s, On 34th at Macy’s, and various from Nordstrom’s. For shoes I am loving Vivaia and Clark’s. And for swimwear, I still love Land’s End, both for the great fit and super cute styles. Bags, I’m a Dooney fan. Scarves and jewelry, boutiques and arts fairs.

  23. For your question No. 3 — I’ve challenges on two fronts: 1) Spring time, now, leans colder where I live. How to coordinate looks that reflect the time of year and keep me warm is the challenge. Needs include every day and cocktail. Ideally a cocktail look could be achieved by elevating everyday items. I’d like to contain the number of items reserved for “good” to a minimum. Changing definitions of what is appropriate to wear for what leaves me befuddled as to how to achieve this. 2) How to infuse my neutral wardrobe with color is the second challenge? My figure is no longer proportional. It is best served when there is no visual break. I use neutrals to establish a continuous line of color. But, a third piece is needed to add interest as well as thoughtful accessories. For every day my attempts aren’t working as I end up looking dressier than intended. And, when adding color the look is sometimes too stark. Would appreciate your approaches to address these two challenges.

  24. Thank you, Connie, for joining in. This reminds me that I need to check back in at Macy’s.

  25. 1. I want a lightweight blazer in spring color like lavender or pink to wear instead of a jean jacket or cardigan. I need a new handbag for summer as my old one is starting to show signs of wear. I don’t like to change bags, so I normally have two main bags, one for summer & one for fall/winter. I do have a couple of small dressy bags for those rare occasions. I also need some exercise clothing & am always on the lookout for shoes that don’t make my feet hurt.
    2. I am not a traveler.
    3. I have a hard time finding pants that are made for those with short legs that don’t or can’t wear heels. I have jeans that fit but would like to find pants that aren’t denim. I have had a hard time finding a tailor in my area. Several have gone out of business since the pandemic.
    4. My foot problems have worsened, so finding something besides athletic shoes that don’t hurt my arthritic feet can be problematic.
    5. I love to read, am involved with church activities & enjoy having breakfast or lunch with family & friends.
    6. My favorite brands are Croft & Barrow @ Kohl’s, Talbot’s & two from JCP, Liz Claiborn & St. John’s Bay.
    I will add a couple of caveats. Because of my upbringing, I sometimes have a hard time spending a lot of money on things like exercise clothing & very casual clothing. I am also still trying to bounce back from years of caregiving & my husband’s death, so taking a day to go shopping to try things on sometimes seems overwhelming. I know I need to do this, but it can still be hard.

  26. I understand, Becky. Just take it one day at a time, but I bet as soon as venture out that you will want to do it more.

  27. 1. What pieces would you like to add to your spring wardrobe this year and please explain why? I am in replacement mode for my basic neutrals: navy, black, and white tops and tees, which I haven’t done for years. I also bought my first pair of white jeans (!) and am looking at a couple of print tops. I’ve done stripes and want at least one floral — more color. I’m being picky: everything has to go with everything else. I’m also focused on accessories now: bags, belts, etc. My mom left me lots of funky jewelry and scarves — and I’m loving wearing them (even around the house) and remembering her when wearing them.
    2. Does your spring shopping include shopping for travel wear? Yes, going to Vancouver and the Rockies. Sneakers and shoes with lug soles are high on my list. Fracturing my ankle = osteoporosis diagnosis, so this is really important to me!
    3. When you look over your current wardrobe, what are your biggest challenges with it at this time? See #1 – replacing and adding some more current pieces, especially cardigans and sweaters to layer. I’m NOT doing trendy.
    4. How have changes in your life also resulted in changes in your wardrobe? Like others, I’m wearing more casual and practical clothes. My footwear has changed completely. I still have some lovely shoes, sigh ..
    5. What are your favorite activities at this stage of your life? Walking and hiking, reading, cooking, visiting family, doing crosswords and Wordle – also the Jumbles in the newspaper.
    6. Please tell us your top three favorite clothing brands. I’m focused on quality and sustainability. I don’t do fast fashion or synthetics (except exercise clothes). Talbots has been “my store” for more than 35 years when they had Petite business clothes, and their jeans still are my best fit … BUT … they don’t care about the environment, so I’m buying from Boden, BR, and J Crew, and Madewell jeans. I love Quince and Everlane, but they don’t make Petites.

  28. I look for simplicity. Solid colors.
    I like to shop J Jill, Eddie Bauer and Old Navy as they all offer tall sizes.
    The clothes I have work for travel as our vacations are outdoorsy and casual.
    When I shop in the spring, I think forward to fall. I buy bold or darker colored light weight pieces that will work for fall as the weather is hot until November.

  29. Great column. I am looking for a jean jacket (and I love to include thrift stores but may need new)…
    I like to mix more costly classics with less expensive – Eileen Fisher a favorite brand, but then can mix with a thrift store top, Kohl’s brands, Target etc.
    I find myself spending more on shoes — worth it — that give support style and comfort.
    Favorite stores are Von Maur, Nordstrom’s and if you know any boutique that allow for online sales (like your San Antonio stores) I would love to support and order from those.

    Thanks for asking!

  30. Wow Pam! What a great day for comments! I too did a screen shot to answer your questions.
    1. I discovered linen last year and found it very comfortable when the heat turns on in the summer. I just bought a lounge set from Quince which is navy and should go anywhere. My weight hasn’t changed much but my waist is disappearing causing me to replace my whole wardrobe during this last year. I did use your links and Jennifer Connelly’s.
    2. My husband is 82 and I am 79 and have developed a chronic pain and balance issues. It really limits travel. It limits everything.
    3. As above, my more sedentary lifestyle has put me in very casual clothes. But as a retired nurse, I only wore scrubs for 30 years. I feel uncomfortable in dressy clothes and never could walk in heels. Now my feet only allow very comfortable shoes. I wear Skechers and love the Slip ins. Their wide fits my arthritic toes comfortably. I wear trouser style jeans from Chicos, so soft and comfortable. And it is still chilly at 50 degrees today and snow expected again on Monday, I wear flannel shirts from Lands End and Croft and Barrow from Kohls to stay warm.
    4. My disability changed my very active lifestyle to sedentary. My wardrobe leans to comfortable and casual in denim and neutral colors as I was a petite blonde and am now and rounder white and silver hair mature woman.
    5. I love to listen to Audible books and color adult coloring books by Johanna Basford. My husband and I walk our adorable little dog Trixy every day. That is about it. I love to read and watch a couple of hours of TV every night.
    6. I love Chicos jeans because they are soft and comfortable. I also wear Liz Claiborne pants, shorts and jeans from JCP. I wear there flutter sleeve tops in summer. I like Lands end tees and flannel shirts. I also wear both for pajamas. I wear some St. John’s Bay. I like Croft and Barrow from Kohls. I just splurged on that linen outfit from Quince. Size around my waist is an issue as my hips and legs are still slim. I’m a little busty as well. Tricky to fit me and can’t sew anymore. No seamstress in my small mountain town in Colorado. Okay that is my answers. Hope this helps you Pam.

  31. What pieces would you like to add to your spring wardrobe this year and please explain why? I’ve recently purchased some rather bright colored pants and am looking for tops to go with them. I don’t wear usually wear prints but do like some patterns and color blocked tops that don’t include black or too much white.

    Does your spring shopping include shopping for travel wear? Travel not in my future.

    When you look over your current wardrobe, what are your biggest challenges with it at this time? Light colored neutral tops for spring/summer. Even much of what is labeled ivory is too stark for me now.

    How have changes in your life also resulted in changes in your wardrobe? Since moving from the north I no longer need a lot of heavy clothing and now actually have a spring wardrobe.

    What are your favorite activities at this stage of your life? Art, yoga, gardening

    Please tell us your top three favorite clothing brands. Shopping options are limited here. I tend to rely on J Jill, Chico’s and Talbot’s in that order.

  32. 1. I am always looking for an interesting 3rd piece as in a knee length coat or sweater coat, a jacket, something unusual to wear over simple basics.
    2. I don’t specifically look for clothes for travel (my wardrobe accosted already) , but I do look for clothes or jewelry while traveling.
    3. My biggest challenge is that as a deep autumn I struggle finding the right combinations in spring/summer to lighten up and still have contrast.
    4. I have been retired for almost 10 years. My challenges were adjusting to that, but I have transitioned. A big challenge might also be finding the right pieces for weddings/funerals that represent truly my style personality. Also I want to add skirts back into my summer wardrobe this upcoming season. I miss them.
    5. Favorite activities: family outings, museums, city exploring opportunities, watercolor painting, writing, junk shop scavenging, walking, finding 4-5 day trips to take
    6. Most used brands: Kettlewell for unusual colors; Talbots for basics, especially colored jeans and matching tops; Jjill for items less classic than Talbots (but not too many colors in my palette). I have started looking at Poetry but had to have a recent dress altered. I will see if I wear it enough to justify the purchase. I like their style.

  33. Hi Pamela,
    1. A great pair of classic jeans, some fun tops, or blouses.
    2. Yes, but I live in Florida, vacation wear daily!
    3. Some of my clothes seem too dressy. I live a casual lifestyle, but have a closet full of dresses and blazers.
    4. Multiple foot surgeries have resulted in shoe challenges which in turn affects my clothing. Additionally, I am 5 feet tall and long waisted (long torso and short legs). I’m figuring it out!
    5. Walking and volunteering!
    6. J.Jill, J.Crew and Frank and Eileen

  34. Hello Pam and all: Here late after volunteering today. Such interesting answers from everyone.
    What pieces would you like to add to your spring wardrobe this year and please explain why: hard working t-shirts because they tend to wear out more in the hotter weather.
    Does your spring shopping include shopping for travel wear? Will only be traveling to take care of the Mommy and new grand-baby and her older brothers, so more at home clothing will be needed.
    When you look over your current wardrobe, what are your biggest challenges with it at this time? My biggest challenge is to not get tired of my clothes. Retired, I don’t need nearly as much clothing, but I tend to hang on to things that are quite old and should probably move on.
    How have changes in your life also resulted in changes in your wardrobe? see above.
    What are your favorite activities at this stage of your life? Sewing, walking, piano and organ (just starting) and dare I admit it, watching home improvement shows. Just love the before’s and after’s.
    Please tell us your top three favorite clothing brands: J. Jill seems to get me, J. Crew, Quince.

  35. Hi Pam, here’s my answers:
    1. I need spring and summer tops to wear with skirts or shorts. I only kept a few that are current and gave others to a charity.
    I did meet with an associate at Talbot’s and came home with 5 pieces (sales are a good thing).
    3. Challenge.. finding petite clothes that meet my adjectives.
    2. No travel for now
    4. Because of my husband’s health, we are home and not too many activities.
    5. My activities include tennis and walking, lunch or breakfast with friends, occasionally a meeting at church.
    6. Talbot’s
    Blessings always

  36. I am interested in adding some natural or cream pants because all of my pants are navy or black. Also I’m getting interested in wide leg pants because all of my current pants are slim or straight. I love ankle pants but I think they look like flood pants in wide leg. Maybe cropped would look better
    I am travelling to Italy in the Fall but many spring clothes are fine for both seasons. My wardrobe has gotten casual since retirement. I enjoy reading, exercise class, and hanging out with grandkids. My 3 top stores are J Jill, Talbot’s, and Chicos.

  37. Hi Mary Jo, on Tuesday I will be showing you Chico’s and there is one pair of pants you might like. I hope to see you Tuesday and I will keep looking!

  38. 1. Nothing.
    2. No.
    3. Clothing that no longer fits. Too much black.
    4. More casual lifestyle now.
    5. Gardening.
    6. I shop brands wherever I can find my size, natural fabrics and colors that suit me. I shop consignment, too.

  39. Hi! It’s interesting to read all the comments!
    1. I am 68, still working and every summer I say I am not going to wear skirts because my bare legs don’t look great. Then it gets hot and I do wear them, so this spring I am looking for midi-length skirts.
    2. We are going on a week to Maine for the first time since 2019 — we used to go every year — so I plan to get some new tops and a maxi dress to wear on the vacation. Since I have to dress for work, most of my budget goes for that, and I wear the same casual clothes every weekend. So, when a week away presents itself, it’s a bit of a scramble to get ready.
    3. I’m sick of black because there aren’t as many professional clothing choices as we used to have, so often the only color option is black. Also, I look and feel better in shorter cardigans and recently all I can find are longer that I like. So I’d like to find some more colorful, shorter jackets and cardigans.

    For brands, a lot of Talbots and some Ann Taylor, and I am getting into J.Jill although their things tend to be less fitted and my figure looks best in structured clothing. You have turned me on to Dillard’s — thank you! They feature more professional clothing than we see here in New England.

  40. Hi Delia, Thank you for all of this information! Dillard’s is one of my favorite places to shop. I will be looking for options for you based on the answers you gave here. I will say that both Talbot’s and Chico’s have lovely pieces in navy blue, so it is easy to set your black aside.

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