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Today's news

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  It is time for Today’s News for Women over 50!

Today’s news for women over 50 is all about finding lifestyle news that is current and curating those stories into one location just for you.

If you are like me, you get weary of all the negative news everywhere, so this day, I curate lifestyle news I believe will be inspiring, educational, and informative just for this audience.

Today’s News seems to be a helpful post which saves time for many and brings forth ideas you may have missed.  I did get a bit carried away today! 

So, let’s get our warm beverage and a cozy spot, and read some of the headlines in today’s news for women over 50.


today's news

Tom’s Guide: I tried a week of gratitude runs to boost my well-being — here’s 3 ways it changed my training

CNET: Age With Grace: Prioritize These 3 Exercises for Wellness in Older Adults

Business Insider: A woman who never worked out until age 66 says a simple exercise routine helped her lose 50 pounds and stabilize her blood sugar

News Medical & Life Sciences: Apple cider vinegar shows promise in weight loss and metabolic health

Today Show:  The 8 healthiest Easter candies



today's news

Homestead How To: 12 Plants To Grow Now For A Mosquito-Free Summer

Homes & Gardens: 7 modern farmhouse living room ideas for a classic scheme that has the perfect amount of lived in feel


Today's News

My French Country Home: Berry Layer Cake with Spring Flowers

The Kitchn Lemon Soy Glazed Salmon

Eating WellBroccoli-Cheddar Quiche with Sweet Potato Crust and the Best Chicken Salad recipe for Sandwiches

Two Spoons:  Vegan Mushroom Wellington

Food Network: Bananas Foster Banana Bread Sundae

Real Simple: What’s the Healthiest Salad Dressing? How to Make (or Buy) Better Dressing for Your Greens

Taste of Home:  Chicken Rice Bowl


Today's news

The Discoverer Blog: The most stunning mountain towns in Europe

Southern Living: Hillariously “Weird” Easter Dishes Some Southeners Serve Every Year

The Today Show: 50 Motivational Quotes to Get You Through the Wednesday slump

Good Morning America:  Tell us about a deserving mom for a Mother’s Day surprise

ABC News: ‘Little House on the Prairie’ cast talk 50th anniversary, remember Michael Landon



today's news

Commercial Appeal: Christian Siriano exhibit at Brooks Museum features gowns worn by celebrities

FEATURED VIDEO: Spring Fashion for Women Over 60 


Thank you for joining in for Today’s News for Women over 50!  Let us know what you think or saw in the video that you like!

Until then…make sure you….


By Pamela Lutrell

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today's news


  1. Hi Pamela!
    Great articles, news, etc!
    I’m going to make the Bananas Foster Banana Bread Sundae.
    I appreciate the healthiest Easter candies article too.
    Tomorrow morning I’m going to read through more articles and really enjoy it all while having a nice mocha latte, so thank you for making tomorrow morning brighter!
    Oh and I did not know about SAS shoes at all.
    I could use more foot friendly shoes so I plan on trying these.
    There were a few pairs that caught my interest.
    You’ve got great style and a radiant smile!
    Thank you for all you do.

  2. Oh so true Pamela, one does get weary with so much negative news every where. As to the reading material you so kindly provided, shall browse them for sure. Did take a peek though at the Three Exercises For Wellness and from personal experience; do agree ‘there’s no one size fits all approach’ with lesson learned be cautious ladies that you do not overextend yourself and whatever ones you choose, ensure they are the right ones. For example if you have osteoporosis you are more prone to injury even through exercise. -Brenda-

  3. That is so true, Brenda. I really recommend a talk with your doctor over anything health related and to work with a knowledgeable personal trainer. That is what has helped me throughout this journey with my feet.
    Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Love the women on the street videos. Today my fav is at 17 seconds, the off white blazer and tee over dark jeans. Perfectly wearable anywhere! I’m also going to visit the SAS near me in search of nice looking and hopefully comfy shoes. Thanks for the tip and discount.

  5. You are so welcome…that look is a uniform look for me…I wear it often. Thanks Sharon!

  6. Good morning
    Great post today, printed a couple of recipes, watched the video….liked the blazers with so many outfits, checked out haircuts as well.
    I will also save the post so I can go back and enjoy more of the articles.
    Blessings always

  7. I liked the article on salad dressings the best. They recommended, and I eat, a lot of the Bolthouse dressings, which are quite good for a very modest calorie count. They are also good for subbing out most of the mayonnaise in egg or bean/pasta salads. I eat a big salad as my main dish the majority of nights, so I’m always looking for tasty, healthy dressings.

  8. Good morning. I was drawn immediately to the fashion video. I watched it and thought “Look at those glamorous women. They are so lucky to have aged so beautifully”. Then I decided to watch again to see how they accessorized, tried out the half tucks, styled their hair etc. I became aware of several things. They aren’t perfect. Their hands and necks show their age, most arms aren’t unusually toned , they have lines in their face. Did it matter? No. They were well groomed, they diverted attention away from what they didn’t want us to look at with either jewelry, hair, lipstick, belts, and they all had SMILES, the best accessory of all, which happens to be what Ms. Pamela Lutrell is always reminding us. I felt an ‘ah-ha’ moment. We can all do it with our own individual poise and style. We need to keep moving forward- physically and mentally. I have been recently struggling. I felt that this video was meant for me to see. Thank you. Have a lovely day.

  9. I really enjoy the videos like the one you shared today. Most of the outfits are wearable, & they inspire me to look at my closet for new combinations. I like that the ladies show different types of accessories. From the jewelry to the handbags, these are items that I might have or can purchase at various stores at various price points. The article about the lady not exercising until she was 66 was very inspirational. I know I need to add more movement to my life. I have fallen into some bad habits in the past year or so, & it is so hard to climb out of them. I also enjoyed the article on Southern Easter foods. I have eaten some of them myself, but there were some that I would be a bit skeptical about trying. Thanks for keeping us updated & positive!

  10. Thanks for being here, Becky. I did not walk into a gym for myself until I was right at 60 years old. I also easily get stuck so I completely understand. But every time I get up and get back in the saddle I see the results immediately in energy and enjoyment of the day. You can do it…join me in getting on that horse! I also love to look at videos and display and then try to copy them with what I have…it is the fun of fashion.

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