Review: Reasons to Love Quince Linen


reasons to love Quince

Happy Monday, everyone!  Today I am sharing my Review: Reasons to love Quince linen.

The affordable fabrics at Quince have captured the attention of many of us.

I have shared with you how much I like the cashmere and washable silk, but want to emphasize reasons to love Quince linen going into warmer months.

There are so many reasons to love Quince linen for your spring outfits…allow me to tell you mine.


reasons to love Quince


Wearers of Quince, share this top reason as the foundation for a love of Quince linen.


You will see many outfits like the one I am wearing for the same high quality of linen but for much higher prices.

This is a linen that is soft and so comfortable to wear.  

Today, I have on the 100% EUROPEAN LINEN PANTS in Martini Olive. (Now, I chose a size that is a little tight, but I plan to soon be going the other direction!)

My top is the 100% EUROPEAN LINEN SHORT SLEEVE SHIRT in the Martini Olive.

This is a look I will wear to work at home and then run out for errands in the humid, warm days of spring.

Quince linen is so comfortable to wear.




Next in line of my reasons to love Quince linen for spring outfits is the vast color selection that offers colors for both cool and warm palette, ladies.

I really love Quince linen in the martini olive, golden brown, driftwood, and terra cotta.  

Those of you autumns know that the struggle can be real during the spring and summer months to find our best colors to wear.

Quince makes it easy to find warm colors in a traditionally cool color season.




Another reason to love Quince linen is to see that there are many styles of linen offered for every age of woman.

Thank you for joining me today for my Review: Reasons to love Quince linen…let me know if you have questions!

Hopefully, you will join me tomorrow for the first day of spring!  Until then…..


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I am a Quince parter, and these words are my own.  This is an ad.

reasons to love Quince linen


  1. Good morning Pam. Thanks so much for modeling the Martini Olive Linen shirt from Quince. I recently purchased the same shirt in Driftwood after seeing you in that color and was on the fence about the Martini Olive. I love the way the shirt fits. I also ordered the tank top to wear as shell under jackets and sweaters. It fit a little closer that the short sleeve shirt. The Martini Olive color is fabulous on you so I will order that color today. The pants look so comfy but would be too long for me and though I work with fabric all day a loath doing alteration. The Quince shorts for waaaay to short for me but I’ll keep looking as they are always coming out with new styles. I’m off to the periodontist to learn about my upcoming gum surgery and I’m scared silly. Happy Monday.

  2. I like these pieces and they will go with other clothes in my wardrobe. It is a nice top. happy Monday!

  3. That olive martini is calling my name! I was looking at the pants last night, trying to figure out if they would be ankle length on me. I am shrinking, measuring at 5’4” now. You look great in that color, and I am a deep autumn.

  4. Saying a prayer for you now, Kathie. I was so scared of my recent root canal and it was much easier and pain free than I expected. Praying this procedure is the same for you.
    The martini olive is such a good color…more of a saturated and brightere army green. I hope you like it.

  5. I like your linen pants and shirt very much but do wonder as to the inseam of the pants. I do not see any measurements indicating inseams and as a short person that is something I always need to know. Perhaps you could measure the inseam of your pants to give me some idea of their length. I noticed there are some cropped pants which would probably be regular length on my 5’2” frame.

  6. Pam hi! Im home already from early am procedure sitting on the couch just resting as directed. You look very nicely put together in your new olive martini shirt and pants for the warmer days headed your way. I could also see wearing these pants with ivory or off white cool blouses and shirts! Thank you for sharing! Thank you for your prayers too.

  7. Glad to see you resting, Paulette…take care of yourself! I thought the same thing. This green would look lovely with a beautiful off white!

  8. That color is perfect for you……I’m betting their terracotta color paired with some turquoise native American jewelry would also be stunning on you.
    It would help so much if you provided your height and weight…I know that is really hard but some bloggers do it, and it gives us more of an idea of how things fit on real people.
    I am five one (and shrinking) and (gasp) weigh 150 pounds with a 38DD bust. Whenever I do a Chico’s review I list all my “specs” and the size I bought rather than just saying “too big, long, small, etc.”

  9. I have been wondering the length of the pants. Please share the inseam length of the ones you purchased. Thank you so much.

  10. Lovely shade of color on you Pamela and you are fortunate you can wear it, as anything in the olive family actually makes me appear jaundice. -Brenda-

  11. Hi Celia, The Inseam is 25″. On their webpage if you click over the Size and Fit, you can find it there. It is also right under the picture on the garment page where it says details.

  12. The inseam length is 25″. If you look under the pictures on the garment page, you will see the word DETAILS, and it is the first bullet under that. You can also find it if you click where it says Size & Fit. Sorry for the delayed response, I have been out and about today.

  13. These look like good travel options but I could find no washing instructions. I now get free laundry on cruises and need things that can be washed in hot water if I want to take advantage of it. Do you think if I got a size larger and washed them in hot water the fabric would still be O.K. and not shrink further with hot water washes?

  14. I really hate to give you my opinion on that one, Linda. If I were wrong and said it should be fine, I would feel awful. But, I will say…I would not risk it with my own clothes. I would not wash these linen garments in hot water…and I would hang them dry. I have never washed anything on a cruise.

  15. I love that outfit on you! It looks perfect for spring and summer. I would have to get the navy as a cool summer. I’m also afraid of difficulty in fit. At 5’2” and 143 lbs., today, my waist is always my problem in finding pants with enough easement without being a balloon on my hips and thighs. So far Chicos fit me best. 12P or 2P seems to be my comfortable size in pants. You are so lucky to be so tall! You look gorgeous right now. I’m nine years older than you and have thought of adjectives for me; casual, comfortable, affordable, classic and stylish. I do love that outfit in navy. It is tempting me. Thanks for being here for all of us.

  16. Hi Pamela,
    That outfit looks really nice on you. So going to shop Quince now for some summer linen items! I noticed the shoes you have on in the picture and wondered if you would share what they are? Wishing you success on your weight-loss journey; I also need to lose pounds so please share any tips that work for you. I really enjoy reading your daily posts – keep them coming!

  17. Ann, I will email you info on the shoes to your email. I have a savings code too. Watch your email…I will try to do it tonight.

  18. Thank you for the inseam measurement. I looked under “details”, but it’s under “size and fit”. I didn’t see it under the size guides or details so somehow missed the size and fit which is faintly colored and was hard to see. Apparently, I was not the only one who did not see that part of the description. Sorry we all missed that part!

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