Floral prints at Chico’s for spring


floral prints at Chico's

Happy First Day of Spring, everyone!  In honor of the new season,  let’s enjoy floral prints at Chico’s for spring.

I surprise myself often with how I change my likes from season to season, and this year I am excited to wear floral prints at Chico’s for spring.

 I am embracing the floral prints at Chico’s.

Exciting designs and options now at Chico’s help to feed my celebration of spring flowers and to breathe this beautiful season in.

So, allow me to share with you a few of my favorite floral prints at Chico’s, so we can all celebrate spring together.

And of course…smell the flowers along the way.


floral prints at Chico's


 This year, I am particularly drawn to the floral prints at Chico’s in their pants.

You will see me this spring in these BRIGITTE FLORAL ANKLE PANTS.

I love the fit of these pants with stretch and recovery fabric, and a tummy panel to slim and smooth where I need it the most.

There is a WIDE LEG FLORAL VERSION of this print, but for my floral spring outfits,  I liked the slim ankle design at Chico’s as a best fit for me.

Today I am wearing the SPUN RAYON TANK in verdant green, and the TOUCH OF COOL EASY CARDIGAN (the touch of cool cardigans are perfect to wear in air conditioning throughout the summer).

Yes, I am still crazy about this color!

floral prints at Chico's


I also now have in my budding floral prints at Chico’s, the RUCHED SLEEVE BLAZER in the same floral print as the pants.

I have already shared how much I like the fit of the ruched sleeve blazers ( I now own three) and that motivated me to try the floral matching pants and jacket.

I have never worn this type of full body floral print spring outfit, but when I tried them on with the verdant green tank, I liked the look and the fit was amazing.

Wearing it with the green underneath softens the black base in this print.  I also tried it with a creamy off white blouse and liked that look as well.

I have two special occasions coming up and I will wear this spring outfit with the matching jacket and pants for both…and yes, it does speak my style adjectives of polished, approachable, joyful, current and creative.


floral prints at Chico's


The floral prints at Chico’s are blooming through many different designs.

You can go big…like I will with the jacket and pants…or bloom softly with just a spring floral top over your jeans.

Here are other available floral prints at Chico’s now….

The advice in our opening quote today is so perfect as we begin spring….live life fully one day at a time…stop and appreciate the beauty around us and if you want to be bold and wear a floral print…DO IT!

In San Antonio, the flowers are in full bloom.

floral prints at Chico's

Thank you for joining me on this glorious first day of spring.

If you have comments on Floral prints at Chico’s for Spring, then please let me know…until tomorrow….


By Pamela Lutrell

By Pamela Lutrell

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floral prints at Chico's


  1. I saw those pants at Chicos when I was in there last, and thought they had a fresh look to them and were good quality. I can certainly see how they fit your style, and if they help you get the most out of that green that looks incredible on you, it seems like a great purchase. However, in order to get the most out of my (much reduced, by weight loss and choice) smaller wardrobe, I generally forgo printed pants and do tabletop dressing. I did buy some striped, cream and black linen blend shorts at Costco though, so we shall see if I end up branching out this summer.

  2. I love these pants and the jacket too. I decided years ago to let go of the Costco membership and for us it was a good decision, but we have a great grocery in HEB and I like supporting them. Thanks Linda!

  3. When your opening picture rolled up, I just thought “ Wow…that’s truly out-standing in your field!”. When people say that phrase, this is what I think of , someone standing in a field and your field is full of flowers! A beautiful picture! Love your green although it probably has too much yellow in it for me, but looks so good on you. And really like the floral pants too. So many lovely tops…so difficult to choose.

  4. This year there are so many! Great ways to celebrate warmer weather and I love standing out in this field!!!

  5. Happy Spring. It may be in the 20s this morning but sun is shining, the birds are singing and all the fruit trees are in flower. Pam, today’s outfit is so perfect for the first day of spring. I agree, Chico’s floral this year are appealing. I also love that green. I have the same sweater set. I sized down in the cardigan and probably should have in the tank as well. I will try to gently shrink it just a bit. I love that color so much I bought the “perfect tee” in the same color. I saw the flowered jacket & pants styled together on the mannequin and thought it was stunning. I was tempted but I know I just don’t have many opportunities to dress up. I’m pondering the Bridgette floral crops. I did purchase the “floral 3 button sleeve tee” in nectarine which I know I will wear often as it goes with jeans. I think the colors are good for most autumns and springs. I found it flattering. You might want to check it out.

  6. Another fashion blogger told me florals were not on-trend this year. I guess that’s not quite accurate. I’m not a big fan of florals, but there have been several nice alternatives. You look cute in the pants, and I really like the green and white shirt in the slide show. I wish I’d had it for St. Paddy’s Day.

  7. Really lovely items from Chico’s and I can hardly wait for a time to wear them. However winter is still hanging on here, snow, wind and freezing cold for the next couple weeks so I will just look at your gorgeous pictures and dream. I really like the white base floral pants in the slide show. Glad to see you in more shoe styles.

  8. Thanks Kathie! I actually wished I had sized down on the cardigan! I am wearing the jacket with jeans out and about today, and plan to wear the pants to church Sunday.!I know for certain that I have two occasions for the whole outfit on the horizon.

  9. I think they are on trend since I see florals everywhere. For some reason I like the selections more this year than I have before.

  10. Fun to be wearing new shoes and I will have more to share about my favorite brands soon!

  11. Pam, you look lovely in your floral pants and green tops. I did buy a few flutter sleeve tops in subtle floral prints last spring. I can’t wear green or yellow or large prints. So I will pass on these prints. I do enjoy seeing them on you. Happy Spring! Still 5” of snow in my backyard, but warmer weather all this week in the 60s should help to melt it.

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