Easy Spirit Footwear for Foot Health Over 50

Easy Spirit Footwear

#ad  Happy National Foot Health Month!  Let’s commemorate it with Easy Spirit Footwear for foot health over 50.

 April is designated as National Foot Health Month, and I really believe that women over 50 are challenged by our foot health constantly.

According to the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, “Women are more vulnerable to certain foot problems than men, mainly from years of walking in narrow-fitting shoes that squeeze the toes and from high-heels that cramp the forefoot and pose risks for arch and ankle problems.”  (This was me!)

These problems most often are manifested in Morton’s Neuroma, Heel Pain, Plantar fasciitis, ankle sprains, bunions, and hammer toes.

Foot health has been on my mind for a very long time and especially since my recent two surgeries to reconstruct completely the top of my left foot.

Excellent foot health matters for those of us advancing right along during the second half of life, because if we take proper care of our feet, we will be healthier and avoid injuries, especially those resulting from a fall.  My grandmother could not walk because of her feet and needed a wheelchair later in life until she passed at 106.

This is why I elected to have foot surgery last November…to right some earlier wrongs and keep me on my feet longer enjoying life and hopefully not sitting in a chair.

Easy Spirit Footwear

Regular followers know that Easy Spirit footwear has played a major role in my foot health and seeing me through recovery.  It is by far one of my favorite brands.

Easy Spirit has met every footwear need I have experienced over 50.

The brand has been there for me while working out, while traveling, and now, in recovery from two recent surgeries.

Allow me to share with you my current favorite shoe…


Easy Spirit footwear

Today, I am showing you one of the shoes that is assisting me with recovery toward better foot health. My new foot loves this shoe.

This is the DENISE AUSTIN MEL EMOVE WALKING SHOE in the Medium Blue color.

The shoe carries the name of Denise Austin, an American fitness expert.

My feet love the cushioned memory foam layer which provides more comfort, arch support and the Easy Spirit EMOVE technology which includes superior cushioning, maximum support, is weightless, and absorbs shock.

I also want to add the importance of a sizable toe box, and one of the reasons I love this shoe. 

All of these are very important to me…not only in recovery, but really from now on.

Easy Spirit footwear

Easy Spirit footwear

I must be able to trust the shoes I am wearing so I can return to the mobility I desire and not worry about falling.

You can see here that I trust this Easy Spirit walking shoe on the treadmill or walking in the neighborhood after a rain.  The grip and construction is exactly what I need.

And I must trust the shoe.


Easy Spirit Footwear

Easy Spirit Footwear

Isn’t it great that beautiful sneakers go with just about any outfit now?

Because I enjoy wearing this walking shoe so much, I am wearing it to meet friends for lunch and to run errands.

My feet are very happy.

There are 11 color combinations, so I am considering adding one more!


Easy Spirit Footwear

Balance and mobility are key results of good foot health over 50.

I am so thankful to have Easy Spirit in my closet to keep me going and strong.

And here is exciting news….




 Of course, I will remind you of this often until December 31!

Thanks to the wonderful people at Easy Spirit for the savings and for great shoes that keep us moving into good foot health over 50.

If you have any questions about Easy Spirit footwear for foot health over 50, then just let me know!

Until then,


 By Pamela Lutrell

 Disclaimer:  This post is sponsored by Easy Spirit, and the words are my own.


Easy Spirit footwear




  1. Thank you, Paulette…this is such a lovely way to start a new month and a new week. I appreciate you!

  2. Good morning. I am so looking forward to looking at Easy Spirit and seeing what other brands or educative information you explore this month. Thank you for the offered discount. You are looking happy and positive in your recovery.

  3. Thank you Deborah. I like these walking shoes so much that I ordered another all white pair over the weekend. I noticed with my older athletic shoes that my knees were beginning the hurt, and when I switched to this pair, the knee pain ceased. These are my go-to shoes right now…I am have them on as I type this. Thank you for being here this morning.

  4. Pam, you look great. I know you’ve worn Easy Spirit for a long time. Do you wear the same size in the athletic shoes and the casual styles? I know I go up a half size in athletic shoes. Since I will be purchasing online, I wanted to as accurate as possible when I order. I would like to order the athletic and casual styles.

  5. I did go up a 1/2 size Lin on these and they fit great. My foot seems to be more comfortable in the slightly larger size now. Thanks for asking.

  6. After years of resisting sneakers for more polished outfits, I’ve embraced the trend the last couple of seasons. It’s one of the few trends that are friendly to our aging feet, so I’ve decided it’s a blessing. I now have a sneaker collection to rival my other styles. I’m glad you are getting a few more colors. I do love when you style elevated outfits with sneakers, because it gives me ideas beyond the striped Breton shirt that is my go-to these days.

  7. Thanks Linda…I am sure you will see more from me. My feet are happiest in sneakers these days. I also ordered an Easy Spirit black leather sneaker that is in their flash sale today so that I have it when I want it…especially for fall and winter. I do love a black leather sneaker with denim and a blazer during cooler weather times.

  8. You look great wearing these shoes. I bought two pairs from Easy Spirit fall before last; they are comfortable and very cute. Since I have an uncorrected hammer toe on each foot, that generous toe box is so important to me. Glad to know about the discount. Thanks!

  9. You are welcome, Connie. The generous toe box is now the first thing I look for. My daughter is in her thirties and has enjoyed the Easy Spirit ballet flats. She is beginning her own bunion. (Sigh)

  10. I hope this sneaker thing is not a trend that will end. I will have to stay with it for life even if it does. I am happy to see young girls adopting the trend and even wearing sneakers with prom dresses. Some have their fancy shoes for photos but switch to sneakers to enjoy the night. I hope they keep on for life. I think I, too, will look for black leather for fall and winter. Thanks for the discount. Your outfit today is very slimming as it fits so well.

  11. Pam, I ordered the same shoe in white. I’ve been looking for a pair of white sneakers in size 7W for a while. I usually wear Skechers 7W. Thank you for the 20% coupon. Fingers crossed that they fit my arthritic feet.

  12. Foot health is so important and becomes even more important as we age. I take yoga classes 3 days a week and the teachers focus a lot of time on foot health. Your new sneakers go so well with your outfits and provide you with the support you need even standing on one foot! I have also embraced high quality sneakers as my go-to shoes. I’ve found some brands that work for my specific foot issues and I now own an impressive selection. Something I learned years ago is not wear the same shoes two days in the row. Good for your feet and your shoes. I think sneakers, like jeans, will stay as classics now that so many companies are focused on stylish, comfortable and supportive sneakers.

  13. Thanks for sharing, Kathie. I am so glad to have Easy Spirit for my foot health.

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