Let Chico’s spring outfits shine in

Chico's spring outfits

Happy Spring Tuesday, all!  Let’s go shopping together and let Chico’s spring outfits shine in!

I stopped by Chico’s during last week’s sale, and it was as if the sun was shining on the Chico’s spring outfits…so much fun to see there.

Trying on outfits for you was easy, because there was a little bit of color for every woman…warm colors and cool colors in Chico’s spring outfits.

You will also discover a variety of knits, linen, and cotton for your spring outfits, no matter what climate you live in

So. join me today and let Chico’s spring outfits shine in…to your closet!


Chico's spring outfits

I reached for this linen top because I wanted to show the new color Mango Sorbet.  Very bright orangey yellow.

This is the Linen Popover Top, and I like it….especially with the collar. 

They did not have another version in this color for me to try on, but I believe I would really like it in the Satin Keyhole Neck Blouse (I like the flow it appears to have).

These first two Chico’s spring outfits feature my favorite linen pants which also flow beautifully. I own these pants from a past purchase a couple of years ago…and I still like them.

These are the Wide Leg Linen Pants in alabaster, available in four colors, including the warm color called Teakwood.

Chico's spring outfits

The Chico’s website shows this teakwood top with the wide leg linen pants in teakwood, and that outfit looks great.

The top I am wearing is the Linen Floral Applique Tunic in Teakwood.

I have found from past experience that Chico’s linen does not wrinkle as much as some do.

Please remember these garments that I am showing you go through a lot when they are tried on my multiple women and hung back up to go again.

For the warm palette ladies, this is a lovely top and even better with the matching pants.

Chico's spring outfits

This top would also go great with the Teakwood linen pants.

This is the No Iron Linen Etched Leaf Tunic, and it could be worn as a tunic or as a topper with a tank underneath.

Chico’s styles it online with a column of white underneath and pearls at the neck…from casual to casual chic.

This print is also available in the Leaves Linen Blend Flutter Sleeve Top.

I did size down on this top from my current size 3 to 2.5.

The pants here are not linen, but this was my favorite pant of this try-on session….polished and fit well.

These are the Trapunto Wide Leg Cropped Pants in smokey taupe…these come in SEVEN colors.

If you are shopping for a wide leg cropped pant, I would recommend this pair.

Chico's Spring outfits

Here is more in the Teakwood, but this jacket is also available in cool colors as well.

This is the Linen Blend Stretch Blazer.

I am wearing underneath the jacket a tank in Teakwood.  They come in the Contour Cotton Square Neck Tank (the one I am wearing), and the High Neck Microfiber Tank, (the one I prefer).

The pants are the Linen Ladder Trim Cropped Pants in oatmeal.

Chico's spring outfits

Here is a better view of the jacket with white underneath….The Textured Knit Tank in Alabaster.

It is styled with the Neutral Links Necklace in a smoky taupe.


Chico's spring outfits

Let’s move on to a few stand out pieces from Chico’s spring outfits that I want to make sure you don’t miss these.

I love this dress and a bought it.  It will be perfect for warmer weather when I just want to toss on something that is comfortable and speaks my style adjectives.

This is the Zenergy UPF Neema Bungee Dress. 

I really like this dress…and I walked around wearing it in-store for a long time, because I did not like the bungee straps in the front.

The sales associate had me tie it different ways and none really made a huge difference.

But, I liked the entire dress so much that I did take it home.  I hope in the future, Chico’s can bring more dresses like this without the bungee straps.

I plan to wear this with my new all white Easy Spirit, Denise Austin Mel EMOV Walking Shoes…and of course, use my code Pamela20…good all year long.

Chico's spring outfits

Here are two garments I believed a few of you might like…I know there are classic navy fans here.

The top is the Embroidered Scallop Sleeve Top.

This is a good casual top…soft, fits well, and would go with any of your spring bottoms….would look great with white jeans.

I tried it here with the Poplin Culotte Pants in victory blue, but I will add that I was not a fan of the fit of this one.

If I was looking for a navy wide leg, I would trust the fit of this design more…Brigitte Wide Leg Cropped Pant.

Chico's spring outfits

Here is one last statement piece that some of you may love…especially those who like capes and ruanas.

This is the Embroidered Knit Triangle Poncho….in driftwood.  It is also available in the mango sorbet, white and blue.

Chico's spring outfits

I sized down to the S/M.  I do like how Chico’s styled the mango poncho in a larger size over a column of white.

But, you can see on the mannequin here that you do need some kind of top underneath it…or the girls will show!

Thank you so much for shopping with me today.

I hope you enjoyed Let Chico’s spring outfits shine in and that you will allow a little spring inspiration to shine in on you!



By Pamela Lutrell

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Chico's spring outfits


  1. Chicos really has brought it this season! I love these bright colored solids or interesting (teakwood) neutrals this year. In focusing a lot of value this season, I’ve looked closer at Chicos quality, and it really is there. The buttonholes are nice and the fabric holds up. I find good linen doesn’t wrinkle as much. If you get a chance, I’d love it if you would try on the linen shirt at Athleta. What a beautiful, old school, thick linen that is. Final thought on how that Neutral Links necklace really makes a pretty basic outfit into something special. My favorite things in fashion are shoes and accessories. Thanks for the try on … lots of virtual fun.

  2. So glad you enjoyed it, Linda! I agree Chico’s has really brought the looks this year! I was so excited to find colors for every woman…warm and cool!

  3. Your Chico’s has a much bigger selection than mine! I appreciate seeing you wearing options I would only have online as it gives me a better idea of the silhouette.

  4. Happy to help out, Kate. That is why I stop by on a regular basis! Have fun looking at the website…my links will take you there.

  5. Very interesting assortment of styles and colors.
    Re: the bungee dress. Are you going to take out the bungee cord? I would think that might be very easy to do!

  6. I haven’t decided yet, Kim. I do like the dress enough to bring it home, but conflicted about the bungee detail. If you draw it in, it does fit the dress better, so I do not know that I want to completely take it out.
    Thanks though.

  7. The dress is darling. I can see why the bungee cords bother you but as you say they do give a nice shape to it. I’m too short for Chico’s dresses but have found lot of good items this spring. I’m a big fan of the mango color. I have the linen popover shirt which I sized down in. Also crops and a tee. I like the look of the Trapunto crops you modeled. I see they come in petites. The website does not give a petite inseam but I have asked a question so perhaps I’ll get an answer. My local Chico’s has a wonderful staff but doesn’t carry petite sizes. Thanks for the great try-on.

  8. I ordered the alabaster wide leg jeans. I missed out on a white pair of their jeans last year. Petites go fast. I wear a 2P, 142 lbs. and 5’2” tall. Their jeans fit me perfectly and I love them! The ones I have are 29” inseam which work with my Skechers sneakers. Most of my jeans are from Chicos. They are so comfortable and look great. Thanks again Pam for the link and great try on!

  9. It looks like Chicos is ready for warmer days of spring and summer with an array of great looking pieces in linen.
    Wish it would warm up here. You look great Pam, and i see you’re wearing assorted pants so your foot is improving enough to allow that…..so happy for you!

  10. Thanks Paulette! I still cannot do the cardio I need to. Trying to be patient and not push it!

  11. What shoes are you wearing, as they look super comfy and work well with the clothes you tried on.

  12. Hi Julie! The shoes are slip ons by UGG that I bought at Dillards three years ago. I can wear them now if not a lot of walking is going to happen. For my recovering foot, this is not a good walking shoe. On this trip I was in and out of the store and parked in front.

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