Spring Outfits for Women over 50: What They Want

spring outfits for women over 50

Happy Thursday, friends!  Today let’s discuss Spring Outfits for Women over 50: What They Want.

Last week, I took a brief survey to see how this audience is shopping spring outfits for women over 50.

I realize I did this at holiday time and many were busy with family and friends, but I took the answers from the survey and drew a few conclusions about shopping for spring outfits for women over 50.

Of course, we can add to this in today’s comments, but I thought you might enjoy learning of some conclusions and what women over 50 want.

We will start today with what I am loving personally for my own spring outfits…


spring outfits for women over 50

My spring outfits for women over 50 must include more green…and different shades of green.

I cannot get enough of this color this year.

What I wearing today is currently one of my favorite outfits.

The top is the Tuckernuck Pomander Place Selena Blouse in Hunter Green.

I love this Hunter Green so much…and the top does come in several colors including a fun blue & white pinstripe.

This blouse is awesome and worth every penny.  I love the material, the high neck, the beautiful sleeves, and the way it flows away from my mid-section.

However, it does tuck in nicely if you want to tuck.

I styled it with my Talbots HIGH WAIST RELAXED JEANS,; my Susan Shaw Mixed Medal Cross Toggle Bracelet, and a past purchase Patricia Nash Cross Body.

The shoes are my SIMPLIFY SLIP ON LOAFER in SUNSTONE.  The following is important to remember when shopping SAS in April:

Through April 26, you will receive $10 off your purchase at checkout with the code SASPAM10. If you are shopping in store, then simply show the sales associate my blog post with the code in it and they will honor this in store through April 26.

I am sure that as temperatures heat up, I may add to my own spring outfit want list.  For now, it has been all about colors.


spring outfits for women over 50

Well, we do not want to walk around with greenery on our heads, but some women here have very specific requests for spring outfits for women over 50.

It appears that this audience is enjoying retirement in a variety of ways and definitely majority rules with desiring more CASUAL…CASUAL…and more CASUAL.

There were a few requests for skirts and dresses for special events.  But, some also admitted, they no longer have a need for many dresses.

Though your lives are casual, a few specified that they want to look put together and polished….even if on the golf course.

Because the retired life take’s you outdoors, you also are looking for UPF Clothing.

With so many specific requests, I am going to be showing ideas throughout several posts.

Today’s Slideshow features ideas for UPF clothing, yellow flats, and pajamas (all specifically requested) and remember I will always keep the ideas coming….

There was also a request for blazers in spring colors…which I found at all price points…so here is another slideshow to complete some spring outfits for women over 50: (The designer blazers were found at Nordstrom Rack)

As I said, I will be featuring the requests some of you gave to me throughout spring posts, and if anyone wants to add requests, please do.

I love to be your personal shopper for spring outfits for women over 50 and above.

Please note….

Sadly, I removed a comment this week (not from a regular reader here) because it would have been so hurtful to a certain segment of this audience.

I love to hear from you…however, please keep your comments positive and kind.  This isn’t Tik Tok or Snap Chat or Twitter…but hopefully an optimistic, safe space for you!  Now….


By Pamela Lutrell

Please remember to shop with my Shopping Links found at the top of the page. Thank you so much to those who shop this way.   

spring outfits for women over 50


  1. You look fabulous with the hunter green blouse!! It would go with so many colors……maybe even with the yellow flats if you were feeling extra cheery on a certain day. 😁

  2. Thank you for featuring SAS! I found my local store and headed there yesterday. First thing they measured my feet; interesting, I thought, when was the last time my feet were measured? More interesting, my right foot is a half size bigger than my left. I bought 2 pairs of sandals; a beautiful brushed gold Pampa and the cork Nudu. I used your special offer; sales help were wonderful and my feet are very happy!

  3. Linda, thank you so much for sharing your experience at SAS! The excellent customer service makes such a difference!

  4. What a great look on you today. I love you in green! Do you feel about white pants as you do about black … as in, fine/ok on the bottom for an autumn? I bought both white and off white jeans for spring. I think the off white look better, but the white are a little easier to style because so many stripes and prints feature bright white.

  5. I just joined the blog. You feature my favorite stores! Thank you! It’s challenging as we age finding age appropriate outfits. You recognize that! I can’t wear mule shoes or heels anymore since my foot surgery and flats can change the look of an outfit. Keep up the fabulous blog!

  6. Welcome Karen! So happy to have you here. Let me know if I can help you in any way. I appreciate your kind comment.

  7. Great post! I purchased a very similar forest green top at JJill about a month ago and like it very much and like the way it looks with white jeans, too. Thank you for such a personalized list of clothes to view. Hope everyone has a joyful day.

  8. You look stunning in that green blouse! One of your colors, I’m sure! I too am searching for summer tops now and light colored loafer style shoes. We may see flurries here today so i never feel rushed to shop for warmer days (snow may mix in with our unrelenting chilly rain). Everything is green and i like to keep it that way / not white with snow!
    You look wonderful and hope your foot Is A-ok!

  9. Hi Paulette! The foot gets a little better every day. Stay warm up there….spring will come!

  10. I love spring and always enjoy your blog and Facebook posts! Thank you!!🌺

  11. This green looks so lovely on you and the top details are so good. I really like your bronze accessories, too. I didn’t realize green was a priority on last week’s list, hope you are able to feature another “green” outfit.

  12. You look so vibrant and lovely in that green blouse. I think the blouse style could lend itself to looking elegantly feminine or softly casual. 😁

  13. I really love this blouse! I close to fall they might release it in warm colors. Then I would own another one. Thanks Robin!

  14. I have worn a few of Chico’s color called verdant green…I think they got me started. Just scroll back through the posts and you will see what I am wearing in green! Thanks!

  15. Thank you for joining us from Facebook, Laura. You can also scroll to the bottom of my home page and if you want you can subscribe through email. So happy to have you here.

  16. I love your green too. I can’t wear it, but it looks good on you! I wanted to let you and readers know that Lands End has a nice selection of UPF clothes. Because of skin cancer I remain pretty covered up in summer and find their rash guard t shirt and long sleeve t shirts are great for casual wear.
    Unlike a lot of others, I do still wear dresses. Casual dresses are kind of my style, one thing and done, no worry about what top goes with what bottom. I wear skimmies on hot days to eliminate chafe and to not have to wear a slip. One and done! I buy dresses on Amazon, at Chicos, Macy’s, Loft, Talbots, always looking for short sleeves, cool fabrics, midi lengths or at least knee length since I’m tall, and not too much in the way fussy construction. Works for me but I know lots of people don’t love dresses. It’s easy to get a wardrobe of dresses going.

  17. I wear them more in the summer…good way to stay cool! All the brands you mentioned, Susan are on my Shopping Links page at the top of the blog. I so appreciate the support!

  18. That green is a beautiful color on you! I agree with casual clothes being what I wear all the time. I have to be careful to make sure my casual stays up to date and not just tee shirts, sweatshirts and blue jeans. Those are nice and comfortable but sometimes I need a little more. I really like the first picture of you in front of your door. That is a nice casual look.

  19. Cute yellow shoe choices with the Vivaia and Easy Spirit picks, and I didn’t even know I was interested in yellow shoes! 😄 I’m up in the Portland area for a few days, and was able to get to a Chico’s yesterday. Didn’t buy a thing, but enjoyed seeing all the pretty spring clothing. They had tons of navy and khaki core pieces, and some beautiful coral and mango colored pieces, both floral and solids, that really felt light and happy.

  20. Thanks Paula. I also love a look like this for casual if I am going to be seen!

  21. I am so glad most stores are shoring up navy pieces, Connie. And Chico’s has done such a great job.

  22. I enjoy semi-casual and elegant outfits!! I will always need skirts because this is all I wear!! Love your SAS Suntone loafers!!!

  23. I love seeing you in green! Definitely your color! It isn’t my color unfortunately as I like it. I stick to cool colors mostly in neutral but also any shade of blue. Would like to try those LandsEnd long sleeve sunblock shirts but I would be afraid they would feel very hot. Our summers have changed and gotten much drier, windy and hotter. But now that we have our little dog to walk, I will have to protect my very fair skin and hair. I shop at JCP, LandsEnd, Chicos and a few things from Nordstrom Rack. I just ordered a pair of white sneakers from Easy Spirit, hope they will fit. I also want a 50 mile trip up to Colorado Springs to the SAS store for some sandals and a walking shoe. I will use your code. Thank you for helping my retirement budget.

  24. Hi Pamela,
    I love your blog. I also love green this season, I’ve bought several pieces. I really enjoy your fashion choices. And the shoes and other accessories too! I’m very short (5 feet) but I get many guidelines by reading your blog. Thank you for making and keeping this space a safe spot for all of us. Thank you!

  25. I love your outfit and you look very polished and approachable. The green you are wearing suits you.

  26. Just wanted to let Susan know she is not alone in her fondness for dresses! I prefer them, especially when my weight is up a little, as it is right now. Dresses are so much easier to sit in when pants tend to be too tight. I especially gravitate to dresses to survive our brutal Texas summers. I prefer midi length which I wear bare-legged, over knee length which I don’t wear without hose or tights. I have bought a few new spring dresses at JJill, PACT (online,) and Nordstrom Rack. For now I’m holding off on additional spring/summer items, as I don’t want to buy too much in my current (hopefully temporary!) size. I have added a couple of new A-line styles that I can belt later if I get some semblance of my waistline back. For now, this feels like enough.

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