2024 Fashion Trends: Vibrant Pink

2024 Fashion Trends

Happy Saturday, friends!  Welcome to our weekly 2024 fashion trends feature and today it is 2024 Fashion Trends: Vibrant Pink.

Since the beginning of this year, we have looked at 17 2024 fashion trends….including prints, designs, and colors.

I believe for women over 50, this is the place to be every Saturday to learn what trends are for you….or not for you.

A reminder that a trend is what you see forefront in the stores and online.

Of course, we see other clothing, but the trends are typically featured at all top retailers and they are often cyclical.

So, let’s spend a little time looking over the latest color in the 2024 Fashion Trends: Vibrant Pink.


2024 fashion trends

Fashion has moved through spring to summer and always includes pink.

However, the vibrant pinks are the ones on trend. 

Remember in our past that we called this HOT PINK??  Now, these vibrant pinks have many names…so I just collected it under the word VIBRANT.

Many women in cool palettes and some in spring palettes can wear these vibrant pink colors with great success.

The blouse in the first photo is the JOHNNY WAS Cachemire Point Collar Long Sleeve Floral Embroidery Button Front Tunic and they call the color ULTRA PINK.

The dress in the second photo is IC COLLECTION Knit Floral Patch Appliques Round Neck 3/4 Sleeve A-Line Asymmetrical Hem Midi Dress and they just call it pink.

2024 fashion trends

This past week, I showed you this BRYN WALKER Fran Light Linen Round Neck Ruffle 3/4 Bell Sleeve High-Low Coordinating Shirt and the color is called Lantana.

Today’s slideshow includes vibrant pinks at all price points from your favorite retailers including in accessories:


2024 fashion trends

First I want to thank those of you who order with my links…you are such a blessing to me and you keep me going strong with the blog.

Chico’s 2024 fashion trends include the Zenergy Bungee Dresses.

This audience agrees with me that these a perfect for summer heat and the sales reflect it.  And YES, you can be on trend in this dress with the one in PINK BROMELIAD.

I added red to my collection and soon the add classic navy…yes, they are that good.

And have you seen this linen jacket in the new Chico’s collection…love it….check out the LINEN BLEND STRETCH STRIPE BLAZER in flax.  Great for warm palette ladies!

2024 fashion trends

This audience said YES in big numbers to the JJILL PURE JILL RELAXED LINEN POPOVER top this past week.

The color you liked best is the light turquoise.

You ordered many different items featured on the blog and on Instagram…these two were in the largest numbers.

Your turn…do you wear vibrant pink?  Do you need to pull it out of the closet? If you love it, what are your favorite ways to wear it?

Tell us what you think of the pinks in the 2024 fashion trends….

Thanks for being here and I will see you tomorrow…until then…


By Pamela Lutrell


2024 fashion trends


  1. As a warm autumn I do not wear that vibrant pink as it is way, way too cool for me. I think its a great color so some especially when worn with white.. There are other pinks that actually work well for me especially in the summer. Chico’s “Watermelon” is one I wear. I love this color and purchased 2 tops this season. Kettlewell Colours in GB specializes in offering colors by season and has peachy pinks and pinks that lean toward coral which are good for springs and autumns. I have a few of these pieces. I tend to only wear these colors in the summer. Hmmm. That’s kind of interesting. Happy Saturday.

  2. Another (deep and bold) autumn here that can’t go vibrant. Sigh. I love it. I do have coral pinks in my closet. Thanks for the reminder to pull them out. Like Kathie, I seem to ignore them in the winter. Thanks for the diligence showing us trends this year. I enjoy it.

  3. I love that pink and always have – I remember it as ‘hot pink’ and also as parakeet and flamingo pink . Currently I have just dyed a faded pair of cotton chinos and will be wearing them this summer . I remember it from way back in the ’60s when it turned up in ‘Vogue’ when they featured the Italian collections….

  4. I am a winter and can wear these pinks, but in many cases, I choose not to. They “scream” at me and the viewer, and there are lots of people – women as well as men – who don’t like these colors and sometimes even find them offensive. Having said that, I have several deep pink tops, which I tend to use as layering pieces. I like pinks in winter as an antidote to gray, winter weather.

  5. Well, I have never met anyone who finds pink offensive. But these days some are easily offended. Interesting comment, Maeve.

  6. I love pink. All shades. For your followers who love Tuckernuck and pink this may be a dress they would like. Pink Embroidery Arem Caftan – Light Pink with Dark Pink Embroidery. I just ordered it. Keep fingers cross it looks as good in person as on website.

  7. There is a link for Tuckernuck on my shopping links page! Thanks to everyone who support this blog shopping with my links!

  8. I do like bright pinks, but don’t have any clothing in these shades, other than one handbag, tempered with saddle-tan trim and handle, so it is easy to wear with saddle-tan summer sandals. It’s just a tiny pop, but makes me 😊 happy. The few other blouses or scarves I have are in a muted pastel pink, which works better with my coloring.

  9. I love vibrant/hot pink; I am wearing it right now! This morning I had a soft light gray cardigan over my pink tee, and as the day warms, I plan to layer my pink tee with a chartreuse open-weave crochet topper. Recently, I have mixing bright pinks with many colors in my closet

  10. Pale pink or blush are good colors for me as a cool summer blonde, now mostly white. Since the Barbie trend hit it seems we are seeing a lot of hot pink. On another note, is anyone else getting sick of hair blowing in mouth and eyes constantly with a Bob? I’ve worn my hair like this for two years and I am ready for a short breezy summer cut that is too short to eat in the wind. We have wind all year round here.

  11. As a winter, many shades of pink are in my color palette, including brighter pinks. I wore a bright pink Vera Wang tunic to my 50th high school class reunion last fall. Although most of the fashions in the main pictures weren’t my style, as they are too busy, several of the items in the slide show appealed to me because they were simpler & more classic. This a trend I can get behind.

  12. Hi Pamela
    You look nice in pink – very approachable and cheerful! I just clicked the chico’s link and bought the crochet poncho. I plan to wear it with jeans. It’s a happy color and looks good in the sunshine. I’ve got some catching up to do with your posts! Take care and have an awesome weekend. 😊

  13. Vibrant pink is a good color for me, much more so than pastels. Still, I limit this color to a layered top or scarf, avoiding a dress or whole column of this color. A little goes a long way is my rule of thumb. I liked best the JCPenney tank and just ordered that one and a red one too. Thanks for the link—i probably would not have found them on my own.

  14. Currently own one oversized shirt (and leather thong sandals) that is in a solid bright pink which I pair with leggings and only wear around the house, as in all honesty it was an impulse purchase so is not one of my favourite garments both in design and color. That being said though, I do like both on others. -Brenda-

  15. Since childhood I have loved pink! With 2 sisters my mother had an easy formula for dressing us; I was pink, sister #1 was blue & sister #2 was lavender. Funny how over these years we still identify with our colors. Hot pink & raspberry pink are my favorites.

  16. Since childhood I have loved pink! With 2 sisters my mother had an easy formula for dressing us; I was pink, sister #1 was blue & sister #2 was lavender. Funny how over these years we still identify with our colors. Hot pink & raspberry pink are my favorites.

  17. I enjoy your trend updates so much, even when it’s one I won’t be adopting. I’m another “autumn” who has to sit out the hot pink craze, but it’s never been a color I was drawn to, so I’m okay with that. Bright red was harder to give up, but now that I understand how contrast can work to our favor in selecting clothing, I finally get it.

    Hoping Syndey will circle back to Saturday comments so I can offer solidarity in her frustration with bob-length hair. I just updated my collarbone length bob to a bit more layered and slightly shorter cut. In the three days since I made that unfortunate choice, my hair has been in my eyes or mouth constantly, but now it’s too short to pull pack in a ponytail or barrette. It looks great if I am standing still, but it’s windy almost every day here, so it’s not going to work long-term. So thankful mine grows pretty quickly, but it’s going to be a long few months. I once heard that having a haircut you hate is like wearing your least favorite dress every day for three months. Hoping Sydney gets a shorter cut that you love!

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