Eileen Fisher spring clothing at Dillard’s


Eileen Fisher's spring clothing

Happy Thursday, everyone!  Today, I am sharing with you a few Eileen Fisher spring clothing at Dillard’s.

I know that many of us like Eileen Fisher for quality and sustainable fabrics.

When I left the professional office building world, I thought I might leave Eileen Fisher behind…but, au contraire…Eileen Fisher remains a big part of my wardrobe story.

I am so glad that I hung on to many of my original pieces.

Dillard’s always has great selections for Eileen Fisher…and I am an avid fan of shopping this brand on sale at Dillard’s.

So, let’s look over a few of my new picks in the Eileen Fisher spring clothing at Dillard’s. 


Eileen Fisher spring clothing


I am such a warm palette fan of the new “Bronze” color that Eileen Fisher recently released, and it runs in a stripe in this top.

I love this top and how it is designed just right to be a boyfriend-type design, yet to also be flattering to the figure.

This easily topped my list of picks in the Eileen Fisher spring clothing.

It is the Puckered Organic Linen Stripe Print Point Collar Long Sleeve Button-Front Shirt.

It can easily be styled as a tunic button front top or open with a tank as a topper.

I ordered the new tanks in two colors perfect for my palette and will style them for you soon.

It is the Organic Linen Stretch Jersey Knit Scoop Neck Sleeveless Relaxed Fit Tank…which comes in four colors, and I purchased the bronze and atlantis blue.

I love so much how this tank feels and looks on…I promise to share soon.

Eileen Fisher spring clothing


My Eileen Fisher spring clothing picks must include this dress with the same bronze stripe.

The sales associate at Dillard’s said that most of the women who have purchased this dress bought it to wear as a long topper.

I like it as a summer dress, but it is a little sheer, so I would recommend undergarments with that in mind.

This is the Puckered Organic Linen Point Collar Short Sleeve Button-Front Striped Shirt Dress.



Eileen Fisher spring clothing

Eileen Fisher spring clothing at Dillard’s must include the beautiful colors they have this year from bright to soft hues.

I wanted to make sure you saw this shade….please keep in mind that a Large would have worked better on me than this XL, but there was not one in the store when I was there.

Eileen Fisher spring favorites also include beautiful, quality linen.

The color is called FLAME…and the pants are the Pleated Linen Wide-Leg Pull-On Pants.

The top is the Organic Linen Bateau Neck 3/4 Sleeve Coordinating Boxy Top.

Eileen Fisher spring clothing


Of course,  you might like the Flame color as an accent color, in a beautiful scarf.

This is the Washed Silk Scarf in Flame…but autumns, this scarf in the bronze is gorgeous.

Eileen Fisher spring clothing


If I ever did wear pink, this would be the shade.

In my Eileen Fisher spring clothing picks is the color called crystal pink…very soft and lovely.

The top is the Washable Wool Crepe Knit V-Neck Cap Sleeve Side Slit Boxy Tunic.

And the pants are the Organic Linen Lantern-Leg Pull-On Cropped Pants.

Eileen Fisher sprong clothing


The Dillard’s sale associate told me that this little toppers, offered in many colors, are on the list of Eileen Fisher spring clothing picks for many of their customers.

This is the Delave Organic Linen Round Neck Elbow Sleeve Cropped Poncho in the color called geranium.

Many women are selecting these to wear with any sleeveless outfit …more than just dresses.

The linen poncho is more substantial than the sheer one I wore last year with my rehearsal dinner dress.

Eileen Fisher spring clothing


This dress is still in the lineup of Eileen Fisher spring clothing.

It is the  Crinkle Silk Scoop Neck Sleeveless A-Line Tiered Midi Dress in the soft color, clearwater.

I have also worn it with an ivory denim jacket and it looks great that way.

Here I am wearing the Sheer Silk Georgette Short Sleeve Boxy Poncho also in clearwater.

My necklace here (and other necklaces for showers and wedding events) came from Dillard’s Southern Living collections.

These necklaces are beautiful and priced very reasonably.

That is it for the Eileen Fisher spring clothing at Dillard’s today.   Remember that everything I showed you here today is also available in Plus Sizes.

Here are the Eileen Fisher pieces currently on sale at Dillard’s in this slideshow:

Thanks for shopping with me today, ladies!  I will be back tomorrow with something fun!  Until then…..


By Pamela Lutrell

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I appreciate everyone who does this and keeps me going here!

Eileen Fisher spring clothing


  1. Run, don’t walk, back to Dillards and get the Geranium top. I looks great on you as does the Flame set.

  2. The pants outfit in the flame is absolutely stunning. The dress is the green is also beautiful, and you have shoes to match! I love both of those outfits, but unfortunately they will need to have a really BIG sale before I would purchase those. Seems like I might need to take up sewing again! Thanks for showing us the beauty, Pam.

  3. Loved today’s looks! I have many I can put together right in my closet if warm weather ever arrives here! Love the 3 piece outfit wuth geranium topper! You look gorgeous! And the longer linen dress with nice stripe – a find! I’m wearing a sweater and snacks to my hair appointment. Chilly and rainyhere! Boo!

  4. Hopefully it will warm up for you soon! Enjoy your appointment, Paulette!

  5. For those of us that love EF style but not the price, I have discovered Quince’s linen collection this year is lovely; similar style, well made and comfortable. I have already ordered several pieces I didn’t know I needed but apparently did:).

  6. Hi Jocelyn, I am a Quince partner and love the brand. I love both brands and they are unique in their own ways. I post about both because I know there are readers here that are loyal to each. Today is an Eileen Fisher focus and soon there will be one for Quince.

  7. The flame color is lovely on you. And I look forward to seeing you style the bronze tank. It should prove quite versatile. Happy Thursday.

  8. I am so glad I have the tank, Kathie. Perfect addition to a warm palette wardrobe. The flame did not come home with me, but it is an awesome color!

  9. My dream would be a closet full of EF. I am planning on this brand to help me slowly rebuild my wardrobe with very versatile and durable pieces. The pieces I’ve had in the past seem to last, both in their timelessness and their ability (often) to span the seasons somewhat. Some of it is a bit too shapeless for my polished adjective, but it’s generally cut so that it has a flattering drape. The bronze is absolutely a stunning color.

  10. I still wear the EF pants I wore to the office for years. They continue to wash and wear well.

  11. The EF crop poncho in geranium is a winner on you, Pam. Fun, relaxed profile, and so spirit brightening! Also would work with various pant styles, including sleeker.

  12. Every time you wear that sea glass necklace, I fall in love with it all over again. And it is perfect with that dress.

  13. These all look great on you! I just discovered Eileen Fisher and love it! I am still trying to figure out sizing on the pants though. I’ve gotten everything from a 1X thru a 3X depending on the style. Also love their pj’s but wish they would bring back the lighter pinks and blues the used to have.

  14. I feel certain you will see those colors again! Thanks for being here, Maria!

  15. EF is timeless quality clothing. I have pieces that are at least 8 years old. I do not mind paying for quality.
    Manya Bryan

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