2024 Fashion Trends: Metallics

2024 fashion trends

Happy Saturday, everyone!  Today let’s look at our 2024 Fashion Trends: Metallics.

This trend has been evident in stores since the beginning of the year, and is growing in what is offered on several levels.

I am one who likes metallics, but not to the point of looking wrapped in aluminum foil.

Most of what I have seen is subtle and I do like a subtle touch of shimmer and shine.

I am not participating in it because it is a trend, but because the trend increases the number of styles I like that fit my style adjectives.

I have worn metallic touches every year…whether on trend or not.

I also, like that the 2024 fashion trends feature all metallics and I have been pleased to see more bronze appear.

So, get comfy and let’s take a look at 2024 Fashion Trends: Metallics.


2024 fashion trends

When I tried on this summer linen outfit at Chico’s last week, I did not notice the subtle gold metallic thread in the stripe until I took it to the dressing room.

This is a very soft way to participate in this trend and it looks great.

The jacket is the LINEN BLEND STRETCH STRIPE BLAZER and it has a little touch of gold metallic running through the stripe.


Most often when I wear metallics, it is in accessories.


Since I began to fashion my wardrobe around my autumn palette, I decided to add gold and bronze and wear less silver.

2024 fashion trends

The only new metallics I have added to my wardrobe in 2024, is the Ribbed Sweater Tank at Talbots.  I like the look under my jackets and the fact that it is short is actually flattering in this garment.

And I added the orange Talbots METALLIC BEAD TRIM V-NECK tee with the gold metallic around the neckline and wore it with my brown jacket.

Once again, the gold thread and trim is very subtle in these tops.

2024 fashion trends

There are many ways to style metallics and participate in the 2024 fashion trends.

The Talbots Stylist, Lyndsey, put their Metallic Halter Top under a jean jacket which also has silver buttons and it looked great.

The top received a lot of attention in the dressing rooms by the other real world women models.


2024 fashion trends

Today’s slideshow features metallics from several retailers…I like the Donna Karan designs at Macy’s in this show…..

You can see the top underneath the Chico’s linen suit is metallic and is in the slideshow.

2024 Fashion Trends

There are many beautiful accessories in metallics right now, but I particularly like this sandal from Easy Spirit.

This is the EASY SPIRIT MEADOW SLIP ON SANDAL in Bronze Leather…and currently on sale.

It is comfortable, quality and a lovely metallic.

I hope I have given you some ideas with the 2024 fashion trends and encouraged you to be current with your looks.

Please feel free to comment or ask questions…I will be here tomorrow and until then….


By Pamela Lutrell

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2024 fashion trends


  1. I’m with you, Pam. I like subtle touches of metallic on clothes. Love metallic shoes and the strap on the tote bag for an accent. By the way, I am reporting back on the Quince European Linen jacket. I bought it in martini olive, and it is beautiful! Fits just a little roomy on me and is perfect for layering.

  2. Hi Marcia, I hope those interested in the jacket will go to Quince on my Shopping Links page to check it out. I will be styling one in another color soon. Thanks for the report.

  3. Sometimes it is, but what I have tried on so far this year have been soft.

  4. I like the metallic addition when limited so I can wear the item more often. I especially like the neckline accents.

  5. Like animal prints, I prefer metallics in small doses. The Talbot’s ruana & stiped shirt are good examples. I might wear a tank under a jacket, but definitely wouldn’t wear metallic pants. I have seen some sneakers that are subtle enough to make my list. It might depend on what the actual garment looked like, as some of the pictures had a cheap look to them. It’s so hard to judge from a picture.

  6. I’m with you, i like the subtle effects. I’m already looking at a couple of the items you showcased.

  7. It really is, Becky. I try to curate pieces I think the larger audience would want to see, but I understand what you are saying.

  8. There are some really cute pieces for the subtle touch of this trend.

  9. I’m with you Pam, I like subtle touches. I find necklaces hot in summer so a neckline touch is perfect. The soft striped suit is lovely too. I have a pair of sandals from Easy Spirit that are like yours only with the heel strap. They are so perfect with a summer dress!

  10. I’ve always like metallics as accessories and only one metallic piece at a time. A little goes a long way for me. I have gold sneakers which I love, bronze sandals and a bronze belt. I also like small amounts as accents like the gold neckline of the Talbot’s v-neck you showed. I was thrilled to see it in autumn colors and bought it in olive and brown. I also purchased a sweater from Chico’s that isn’t precisely metallic but has a subtle metallic-like sheen that isn’t evident from the photo on the website. Happy Saturday.

  11. Easy Spirit has beautiful choices right now. Everyone remember the code PAMELA20 gets you 20% off all year.

  12. Some lovely garments in the slide show today! Re metallics; do have a few garments that have said thread woven in them, as well as a pair of espadrilles both of which is best described as subtle to the eye similar to the two piece linen suit you modeled. Also wear such in jewelry either in brushed or high polished metals. -Brenda-

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