Celebrate all fitness over 60 with Easy Spirit and Me

fitness over 60

Happy Tuesday, friends!  Today, come celebrate all fitness over 60 with Easy Spirit and me!

This post is about a different mindset with your fitness over 60, and Easy Spirit has our backs for it all.

My journey to return to my regular levels of activity continues, but baby steps are made every week.

I have to continually watch my self talk and propensity to sit more than I stand.

So, come join in the conversation today and let’s discuss how we look at our fitness over 60.


fitness over 60

I posted today’s feature image from a dressing room and not the gym to make a point.

So often we get trapped into thinking that the only activity that counts happens in a gym…with a workout video…in a yoga studio….you get the point.

And, don’t get me wrong, all of those have great value.

fitness over 60

But, what also has great value, is getting up and getting out.

Every time we leave the house to go anywhere, we are participating in fitness over 60.

Daily activity should play a major role in all of our wellness plans.

fitness over 60

I am now feeling confident again to park farther from the grocery or other retailers.

Last weekend, I gave Mr. B permission to park farther from church…and it was quite a walk back and forth to the car.

But, this type of activity is crucial for our fitness over 60 and requires us getting out and making plans on how to get the most from the walking with the places we go.

I have to be careful not to compare myself with my husband who is a runner and super in shape and can walk long distances.

When I just focus on me and not compare, then I can make a difference with daily activity.

I do, however, need one more thing for my activity to be at higher levels….


fitness over 60

Yes, reliable shoes in comfort and structure and dependability…this is what I find when I wear Easy Spirit.

Recently, Easy Spirit sent these Romy Walking Shoes in White Suede for me to review.

They said these shoes are built for all day comfort…and I agree.  There have been a couple of days I have worn them all day.

The suede gives them more of an off-white or even light grey appearance (which I like) and I really love the touch of brown leather at the back of the shoe.

This shoe is available with extended widths, and also has removable foot beds to accomplish special orthotic pieces.

I really like the Romy Walking shoe…it keeps me active and I know has helped with my return toward more activity after surgery.


fitness over 60

To pursue overall fitness over 60, good footwear is a must.

And Easy Spirit has many choices for us.  I also really like the Denise Austin shoes with EMOVE TECHNOLOGY.

So remember you have a savings code at Easy Spirit all year long.  Just put in PAMELA20 at checkout for 20% off!

Once again, thank you to Easy Spirit for offering this extended code to this audience!

Don’t beat yourself up if you are not participating in organized workouts, but please make sure that you MOVE, no matter how you do it.

Those of us seeking fitness over 60 must move and have shoes that help us do it more.



By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was provided product for this post, and do make compensation through affiliate links.

A special thank you to everyone who shops with my SHOPPING LINKS…your support is everything!

fitness over 60


  1. This is so true. I used to think I had to walk a certain distance, or a certain route, or for a certain amount of time for it to “count.” Or going to the gym somehow counted the most. None of this is true. The stress of thinking we are falling short is probably worse for our bodies anyway. Parking farther away, steps instead of elevator (within reason!), I think of running around the yard with the dog playing, it all “counts.” I can break a sweat deep cleaning at home. I honestly don’t enjoy rigid workouts and “plans.” You are right, we can incorporate extra movement into our daily lives, and it all “counts!”

  2. It does all count and I agree that the stress of worrying about doing it a certain way can be hard on us. Stress is so unhealthy. We need to think moving is improving! Thanks Karen!

  3. You are so right, Pam. It’s so beneficial to move anytime we can. If you are seated a long time, such as at your desk or reading or watching TV, it’s good to get up periodically and walk around the room. Then “bend and stretch and reach for the stars, there goes Jupiter, there goes Mars” like Miss Lois used to tell us on Romper Room. 😁 Remember that? Good footwear is essential to a happy day. It can make all the difference.

  4. I feel blessed to have good feet and to be healthy. I wanted to say that my Fitbit gave up the ghost and I’ve not replaced it and feel all the better for it. I knew that I could spend the whole day cooking for a family event and only log a few hundred steps. I could record 20,000 steps on a holiday and only a few thousand on an active gardening or housecleaning day and feel equally ready for bed at the end of the day. As you mentioned the stress of always worrying about how many steps I’d made in a day is no longer and I feel healthier than ever.

  5. And can I point out, Pam, that exercise does not have to mean walking? Lifting weights has been shown to reduce your chances of dementia and many of those exercises can be done seated, or standing. Machines at the gym are not all foot load bearing. I do enjoy my hour a day workouts because they are such a habit now. When we break for a month I try to keep up an hour of some sort of activity. Swimming can be a great activity too or water aerobics this time of year. It’s all good!

  6. I tried running rather than swimming because I was told that “swimming is too gentle !” . I quickly developed knee trouble ! An osteopath suggested learning different strokes instead so now I alternate front crawl and breast stroke – so exercise means the feeling of flying through water with just as much raised heartbeat and deep breaths when I finish as before – but less agony !

  7. Pamela, love the Romy shoes on you…including your outfit . I’ve been wearing Romy walking by Easy Spirit for many years. I don’t have any foot problems to speak of, I wear them because they have proven to be the most comfortable of sneakers I’ve have found. I like how there are so many color choices, but I never saw before, the ones you have on. Glad to know I can get a pair, 20% off, thru you. Thanks! Karen L.

  8. I have an Apple Watch and when I am sitting too long at my desk or otherwise, it tells me to stand up and move. Sometimes annoying but helpful!

  9. I stopped counting steps for awhile. Now that I need to return to more activity, I may return to it for awhile..,but agree there will come a time to retire it.

  10. They are sooo comfy! I agree and the code is good all year long. Thanks Easy Spirit!

  11. Thanks to Marcia for the flashback to Romper Room! I got to be on the show for a week in 1963, and it’s one of my best childhood memories. Also, thanks to Pam for yet another healthy shoe option, and the reminder to get moving. After adding a step counter app to my phone I was surprised to find that I can rack up as much as 2 miles just running errands or working in the food pantry at my church. I also use the parking farther strategy to add extra steps. I always say that my superpower is finding a shady parking place. During a Texas summer, this can make such a difference, but that parking place may or may not be in the same ZIP Code as my destination! Shifting my mindset to one where walking outside a structured exercise situation “counts“ has helped me want to walk more. I cracked a bone in my foot in April, so walking longer distances has been painful, but I still believe the right pair of shoes is out there to help me get back to three or four miles a day. I’m adding these shoes to my list of potential styles to try, and I’m feeling a renewed desire to move more so I can keep moving for many more years.

  12. I love Easy Spirits. I recently purchased the Emove tan walking shoe and the Glenni natural colored sandal. I was so excited about the slip on walking shoe, but was surprised and disappointed that after walking around the house for a minute that my bunion ached. Because of the knit, I thought that it would be a winner. Maybe with the lace up style, I could lighten that side up. I really like the Glenni sandal. I have a few Naots in my favorite gladiator style, but I had a hole to fill for a more dressy outfit. It is simple and neutral. It has a low block heel, so it is versatile. It will dress up jeans or look perfect with a summer dress when I feel more classic. Thank you for the discount! I , like many here, keep moving, and I am lifting weights!

  13. I purchased the emote white sneakers by Easy Spirit and love them! Thank you for the discount code! I have to say that I bought Brooks Ghost Max walking and running shoes for my Mr. B and myself when you got yours during recovery. Because of my severe osteoarthritis and peripheral neuropathy, I must have wide toe boots, good arch support and a soft foot bed. Easy Spirit shoes that I have purchased on your code have fit the bill.

  14. So glad you are enjoying Easy Spirit selections. They have so many great style!

  15. I am learning a lot about shoes through surgery recovery. Easy Spirit is one of my trusted brands.

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