Enjoy summer fashions with Marshall’s finds

Marshall's finds

Happy Monday, everyone!  Today let’s discuss how to enjoy summer fashions with Marshall’s finds.

Warning:  Today’s looks feature untucked tops in my Marshall’s finds!  Yes, there is untucking ahead.

If you did not read the Summer Sundays in Texas post yesterday, then click on that link and read so you will understand why I warned about untucking ahead.

When I want to have some fashion fun and look for more affordable summer fashions, I head out to see what Marshall’s finds are on the racks.

Though I cannot link directly to this, I want to inspire you with what you might find at your local Marshall’s.

So, let’s get to shopping, ladies.


Marshall's finds

This is a huge difference In price when you think about it for your Marshall’s finds.

It is such an easy way to find designer quality garments and to participate in fashion trends if you so desire.

Occasionally, you will find pieces that are currently offered in higher end retailers.  Marshall’s is often able to purchase some of the overstock.

Marshall's Finds

If I wore white shirts, I would’ve taken this Karl Lagerfeld top home with me…just for the fun of it.

I loved the button down design, stiff collar, and the fashion illustration…again, it is just for fun.  But, I liked it….just don’t wear white.


Marshall's finds

After I pulled tops and got to the dressing room, I saw that several were one brand…Jane & Delancey.

If you research it, to not get confused, because there is also a Jane and Delaney brand.  

I did not find much information, but did see some Jane & Delancey on the Marshall’s Website.

Marshall's Finds

Marshall's finds

I cannot link directly to this fun misses size parrot top, but there is a similar one online in a plus size and with different birds.


Treasure hunting for Marshall’s finds is similar to thrifting…you just never know what you might discover.

Some trips are abundant with finds and some are not…but it is always fun.

Marshall's finds

The Marshall’s finds with these tops are fun, whimsical, and made with soft, nice materials.

Marshall's finds

All of these were $14 to $16 dollars per top.

Something else I like about this, is that in the summer there are many activities which might ruin clothing.

I would prefer it happen to something I spent a low amount on than a higher one.


Marshall's Finds

I have been on the look for a nice, OFF-WHITE, button down top and this one almost did it.

I like to head off for a hunt in Marshall’s finds so that when I am looking for something specific, I might find more options.

This top is by Cable & Gauge.

Why did it not go home with me?  The big pockets on the front and the off the should seams.

I was sad, because I did like the color and the length…and it could be tucked or untucked….depending on YOUR personal preference.

Getting closer…I will let you know when I find it.


Marshall's Finds

A trip to Marshall’s always is long…and includes time in housewares, pet’s, and children’s departments.

This trip included gift bags and cards for Father’s Day too.

I loved this Farmers Market bag…If I lived where I went to a Farmer’s Market often, I think I would have brought it home…a great, durable, cute bag.

I hope you have enjoyed shopping for summer fashions with Marshall’s finds along with me….thank you for being here…and always….


By Pamela Lutrell

A special thank you to everyone who shops with my SHOPPING LINKS…your support is everything!

Marshall's Finds


  1. So happy to hear that you are on the hunt for an untucked, non-pocketed, on shoulder seamed top. I have been for years! Marshall’s is always a fun place to look for bargains. Shopping your colors cuts down on time. It is so easy to scan the racks. Have a fun day and stay cool.

  2. That’s what I do when I shop for me! I scan for my colors first! You are right…then shopping is much easier. Thanks Deborah!

  3. I always like when you stop into Marshall’s for us . The knit top with stripes looks darling on you! Don’t forget, you can dye the Karl L. ShirtI (you might like a light tea stain, too)

  4. I think you look lovely in all of the tops…I think the white one is perfect on you, too! What brand are your shoes today, please? Love following you!

  5. Actually, my post tomorrow is all about these shoes with a savings code! Hope to see you back tomorrow!

  6. Loved your untucked warning — thanks for the morning laugh. I’m also always on the lookout for nice off-white tops with a warm cast. They are hard to find. I rarely shop at Marshall’s. I’ve never been good at going through the jammed racks but maybe I should give it a try. I’m sure there are some good bargains to be had. I looked up Jane & Delancey and their website says they partner with TJ Maxx & Marshall’s so its probably a house brand–both stores are owned by the same company. I shop house brands at the supermarket and find the quality usually to be comparable. With clothing its kind of funny. Department stores will sometimes have 2 or 3 different labels for their house brands, like they are trying to make them look like they aren’t house brands? Funny because retailers like Talbot’s, Chico’s, J Jill, etc only sell their own house brands. Happy Monday.

  7. What cute, easy summer pieces you’ve found! I completely agree that it makes sense to buy some lower priced items for summer, knowing they will be stained with grandkids’ snow cones, gardening soil, and other side effects of enjoying this season. I haven’t been in Marshall’s in years, but will plan to stop by. Earlier this spring I started shopping at TJ Maxx again, with similar success. I got some great deals on nicer linen pieces from Michael Kors and Tahiti that will last me much longer than one summer, but also some fun pieces that will serve me well no matter how long they last. Thanks for reminding us of the great deals hidden in these stores for those who have the time to dig through the racks!

  8. Hi Pam, cute clothes. I finally found the post from Chris concerning tuck vs untuck..I’m with you, wear what flatters & is comfortable. I’m 73, 5”4’ , on a good day abt 150lbs, on a bad day a few pounds up. Not thrilled with my thicker middle , but that’s life. Some days I can tuck, and sometimes the same outfit doesn’t work., so untuck. You always show great choices of clothes. I’m not a fan of Chicos, more Talbots, J.Jill, & Nordstrom..but TJ Maxx is fun . A Marshall’s just opened nearby so I’ll give it a look.. Thanks for always starting the day on a positive note..

  9. I love seeing you wearing lighter , brighter colors…make you look youthful and happy, also they look great “untucked”… lol 😂

  10. I do shop at Marshall’s for housewares, summery shoes ( if they fit properly to insert my orthotic made by Podiatrist I see several times a year. ) Love many of the tops you’re modeling, Pam! Yes to lighter and cooler! I’m part of the untuck team!

  11. I am not normally a fan of graphics, but the Karl Lagerfeld shirt is so fun & cute I would likely buy it. The blue & white stripe knit top is definitely something I would like. The Marshall’s nearest to me is usually hit or miss, but since TJ Maxx is owned by the same company, they sometimes carry the same brands & carry a better overall selection of goods in my area.

  12. Love the cute clothes from Marshall’s. They look great on you. Thanks for sharing!

  13. I couldn’t help chuckling over your untucking warning!

    I haven’t shopped Marshalls, but Winners is a similar chain here in Canada that’s owned by the same company. I find big, crowded stores like that (including the larger thrift stores like Goodwill) quite overwhelming, but perhaps if I went in with one or two specific items in mind, I might do better.

  14. I know for some, the racks are overwhelming. Because t I have always enjoyed the hunt!

  15. Sometimes I tuck in, sometimes I don’t. It felt upon TBE pants I am wraring. I have a hard time making the half tucked look work for me. It just looks off when I try it.

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