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Happy Wednesday, all!  Welcome to the weekly Today’s News for Women over 50.

I know several of you are new to the blog, so allow me to explain the today’s news feature.

Every week, I curate lifestyle (mostly positive) news headlines into one location for you.

I look for lifestyle news in media world that may be helpful or of interest to this audience of women over 50 and beyond.

Just think of this day as you own online magazine for women with four main categories.

One note…it is clearance time, so there is not a lot of fashion news.  For your favorite retail sales, check the links on my SHOPPING LINKS sale.

So, let’s get our morning beverage and a comfy spot and read today’s news.


today's news

News-Medical.Net: Natural compound found in olives can lower blood sugar levels and promote weight loss

The Health Site: Top 10 Unusual Signs of Low Vitamin B12 Levels That Appears At Night

Yahoo Finance: Boomers are stuck in their jobs because companies don’t want to hire them, but savvy CEOs who do can access an untapped oasis

CNBC: 11 quotes on living a long, happy life from a 102-year-old who hasn’t retired: ‘I don’t do exceptions’


today's news

Taste of Home: Gruyere Spinach Quiche Recipe and Skip the takeout—make this easy pad thai recipe instead for a quick and delicious meal!

Jar of Lemons: Peach Mozzarella Salad Recipe 

Eating Well: 24 Vegetarian Side Dishes for a Healthy Gut

B. T. Leigh’s:  Green Chile White Cheddar Grits

AOL: Joanna Gaines Just Shared an Easy Peach Cobbler Recipe You’ll Want to Make All Summer Long

Plant Powered: Crispy Hot Honey-Sesame Feta Bites

Simply Recipes:  The 1-minute Salad Dressing I cannot stop making

Southern Living:  12 Best Fourth of July Recipes


today's news

Southern Living: The 11 Best Fast-Growing Vines, According To Garden Experts

Homes & Gardens:  Paul McCartney’s dining room is a masterclass in the gallery wall look – experts say his popular style is easy to replicate

Better Homes & Gardens:  20 French Country Bedroom Ideas for an Elegant Sanctuary and This Easy-Care Butterfly Garden Plan will attract lots of pollinatorsand 15 container garden plants that beat the heat


today's news

Looks & Curls: 36 Chic Shag Hairstyles for Women Over 50

FASHION VIDEO OF THE WEEK: 10 Tips on how to dress elegant in high heat for women over 60

Note: I selected this one, because I would like your thoughts on the technique of combining real ladies with artificial intelligence generated women. Does this work for you?  Was the video helpful despite the technique?



today's news

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Now, please leave any thoughts you have on Today’s News for Women Over 50!  And make sure that you….


By Pamela Lutrell

today's news



  1. I really found some interesting articles today! Recipes, Paul McCartney,
    refreshing my guest room. I didn’t like the video using AI. The tips were very general and not taking into consideration personal color and style. The use of AI (and photoshopping) makes me very grumpy. I find it difficult to keep an open mind about it. That could be a topic to explore here one day! As always, thank you for Wednesday News.

  2. AI also makes me grumpy…I like the human touch. I completely agree with that sentiment, Deborah. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here and I am so glad. you enjoyed some of today’s reads.

  3. The AI generated video was actually kind of creepy … these older but smooth-skinned women all bright against a blurry background were very distracting; that said, I liked that they showed women of all shapes. I thought the tips were not helpful (scarves around the neck in hot weather? Wear sandals … hmmm, never thought of that :)), but I did like how complete the outfits were. On some you tube channels (and blogs that are not yours), the clothes are modeled but not accessorized. Since accessories are my jam, I enjoyed that part. They had a lot of stacked bracelets, and I’ve done that for years, though I understand cuffs are coming back (I have that covered too :)).

  4. You are right on the cuffs…I am working to compile some accessory trends for next week and cuffs are a part of it. I agree with you and Deborah…the AI is really creepy to me. I see many bloggers using AI generated content and I really do not plan to ever do that except for occasional research when needed, but if anyone likes these images…please let me know…I am flexible and here for the audience.

  5. I think I’ll make the spinach quiche, and the peach/goat cheese version of the salad together – sounds like a perfect meal for a warm summer evening. As to the video, I don’t have a strong opinion regarding the use of AI-generated imagery yet. I heard a piece on NPR a while back about the first beauty contest for all-AI and thought that was fairly silly, but I suppose it was for the computer folks to compete at their tech skills. 🤷‍♀️

  6. I really like the idea of those two together…thanks for the tip, Connie…it does sound good.

  7. Dear Pam, I always look forward to your Wednesday newsletter! There is so much good information as always. I enjoyed the video very much. I don’t mind AI-generated images as long as the video highlights that the photos are AI or digitally altered. Many of the outfits were gorgeous and I would love to find them in a store.
    My husband and I have been vegetarians for 47 years. Although I have many vegetarian recipes, I always find something new in your newsletter that I want to try.
    Thank you for continuing to put this Wednesday edition together and thank you for your thoughtful blogging ideas and wisdom!

  8. You made my day, Carolyn! I am so glad you are here and that enjoy the Weds. feature. Thank you for the encouraging words.

  9. I enjoyed the French bedroom designs although mine is more costal meets the mountains. I enjoyed all of the flower articles as well as I no longer have any annuals in pots as our weather extremes kill them off if I don’t. I was surprised at how many were poisonous to pets and children. I find the AI interspersed with real women jarring and I don’t like it. It is so obvious that they are fakes. The clothes were beautiful. Just give me real older women models for style videos please. I wish we could see a better picture of McCartney’s wall in the article. Thank you Pam for the variety of articles and the controversial AI and real women mixed video. I didn’t like it.

  10. I only did this video so see how this audience feels about AI. There are more and more of these popping up. Thanks for giving your vote, Sydney.

  11. Lots of good articles here. Thank you. I am not a fan of the AI mixed with the real people. It gets rather distracting after a while. I did like that various sized women were represented. For me, I would be open to all AI or all real. Mixing together seems a little odd for me, unless the AI could be labeled. On sewing patterns, such as Simplicity, McCalls etc. it’s very obvious what is a drawing and what is a photo of an actual model. Both are helpful for me.

  12. Enjoyed the news articles today. I read more articles on the benefits of olives after reading the one you brought us. I enjoyed the video, on fashion tips and now I just have to be cool and carry it off.

  13. I am sure you are super cool, Audrey. Do what brings you confidence!

  14. I really like the French country bedroom ideas. Now that my living room redo is almost complete, I am starting to collect bedroom ideas as that room is next on my list. The use of AI is both disturbing & creepy. It bad enough that we have had to endure air brushed & photoshopped photos, now our young women & men have to contend with the perfection of AI. It sends a terrible message to those who are already dealing with body image issues, young & old.

  15. The peach salad sounds good to me especially the grilled version. I’m not sure about avocado with peach but I’ll use the recipe as a starting out point. I’m also creeped out by the AI images. I spent most of my working life in the computer world, even as a teacher and I have reservations about AI. I installed a new computer today. Let’s just say its been a trip. Happy Wednesday night.

  16. Thanks for including my Green Chile White Cheddar Grits recipe in your list! Hopefully you enjoyed the recipe as much as I appreciate the post 🙂


  17. The recipe looks delicious and that is why I selected it! Thank you for stopping by.

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