Why I dress with style adjectives

dress with style adjectives

Happy Tuesday, everyone !  Welcome to one more discussion about why I dress with style adjectives...plus I need to ask you something later.

I know some of you may be wondering why I am discussing how to dress with style adjectives again, but thankfully, we have many new readers.

And they deserve to know why I mention that an outfit communicates my style adjectives of creative, polished, approachable, joyful and current.

I still believe that creating each outfit to speak those five adjectives has saved me money and given me a trusted wardrobe that tells the world exactly who I am.

Our choice of clothing tells people we meet about us before we ever speak a word.


dress with style adjectives

I submit to you in this quote by Tim Gunn that he is advocating we dress with style adjectives…though he may not knowing.

Controlling the messaging of our outfits to speak our unique style adjectives develops our own personal style.

The style adjectives become that connection throughout our wardrobe.

I have written about this so many times and previously called my theory the Foundational Five…I meant to do some hard core marketing with it, but just did not have the time.

I also did not have the time or the assistance to keep developing a thriving YouTube Channel, but I believe this video made about 2 years ago, is the best explanation of how to dress with style adjectives.

For those who have not seen it, here it is…..(know that if I can ever keep a Channel full of new content that I will bring it back)

Even to this day, I look at what I am wearing before I leave the house and ask…does this outfit say I am polished, creative, approachable, joyful and current.

If it does not say that to me, I go back to the closet and dress with style adjectives to put together another outfit.

I do not identify with one word descriptions of style …such as classic, bohemian, feminine, preppy…and I do not find that helpful.  But, my five adjectives do work for me…and have created Pamela-style.

After watching the video, if you have questions, then please let me know.  

Throughout the past 15 years, I have tweaked the adjective occasionally and even tried the one word approach.  The most successful style for me are the five style adjectives I currently use.

I also enjoy it when a reader sends me her five adjectives and ask that I help find clothing that speaks her combination…that is fun!


dress with style adjectives

Sale shopping is one way to clothe this masterpiece, but I definitely use the style adjectives to do it.

And, right now, there are MAJOR SALES HAPPENING...that will continue throughout July. 

If you go to my SHOPPING LINKS to find your favorite retailer, they most likely have a sale going on for Fourth of July week…in fashion and home decor.

For example, today is 40% off selections at Easy Spirit!

I would like to know two things from you…WHAT ARE YOU SHOPPING FOR RIGHT NOW in the sales…basics, special pieces, certain colors, special occasions??? 

Please share so that I can help you shop….and if you are shopping for home needs, I can also help with that.

dress with style adjectives

Second, are you interested in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale which marks down the first of fall fashions?

If so,  what are you looking for this year…coats, sweaters, certain brands, specific colors….etc.

As an influencer, I have an appointment to go see and try on some of the looks, so it helps me to know what your list includes.

Please do not be shy about these answers…even if the answer is that you are not currently shopping for anything. 

I need to understand your needs and wants in order to shop for you….and to help you dress with style adjectives.

If we purchase sale pieces that do not speak what the rest of the wardrobe speaks, then we probably have wasted money.

I look forward to your answers or any questions on how to dress with style adjectives….

And thank you so much for yesterday and the kind words of encouragement…I cannot say enough how special this audience is….now make sure that you….




dress with style adjectives

Combining my style adjectives with great skincare is everything to Pamela-confident-style at 70.

And my regenerative skincare BY BRIAN has made it happen.

Today, you can save 25% on the RE-CREATION SKIN FIRMING SERUM BY BRIAN.  I use this daily around my eyes, on my eyelids, and throughout the rest of my face. This offer is limited, so jump on it now!

According to BRIAN, Recreation Skin Firming Serum contains a scientific and natural plant-based blend of ingredients. Research shows that Matrixyl Peptides out-performs Vitamin C & Retinol to smooth wrinkles as much as 68% in 2-6 months. Coneflower (Echinacea Angustifolia) studies have shown improves the skin firmness up to 21% in four weeks. Chlorella Vulgaris Extract supports the production of collagen and increases the cellular energy. Grape leaf, Black Currant, Passionflower are shown to protects from loss of firmness, maintaining skin’s elasticity. And algae peptides helps increase skin’s firmness up to 20%, reduces appearance of lines & wrinkles by 27%. For added under eye firmness use Re-Creation Skin Firming Serum under Illuminate & Contour Eye Treatment.

So, from July 1 through July 7, you can save 25% on this product with the code:weeklyspecial25

I highly recommend his ONE-ON-ONE IN-PERSON MASTER WORKSHOP.  It is a great way to know exactly what skincare products to use at your particular stage of life. 

Thanks to Brian for all he does to help us with our aging with confidence journeys.

Now,  it is your turn…are you aging with confidence like I am…aging gracefully…aging naturally…what fits your unique journey best?

I hope to see you tomorrow…until then….

dress with style adjectives


  1. There are several items on my needs list this year: black boots, brown boots, black loafers, coats, sweaters, wool pants and a handbag. And I’m always looking for no-show underwear (not thongs). Unfortunately, I’ve gone through the Anniversary Sale preview and found very little that interests me. I’ve been disappointed in the sale for quite a few years now, so I get tired of the hype very quickly.

  2. Thanks for sharing Elle. It helps me so much to know what the audience is thinking. I will make note of what you are shopping for and look for great options! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I have no interest in the Nordstrom sale. I’ve bought a few things there, but by the time I’m “allowed” to shop it, things I’ve been interested in are gone. I wanted a Vince sweater last year, and it was gone. Lo and behold, I walked into a Nordstrom Rack a couple of months later, and there they were, at way less than the N Sale. I also don’t know my sizes/fit in many of these brands, and I find the Nordstrom house brands (with the exception of Zella) to be underwhelming for the money. I’m not shopping for summer right now, but sure wish I was, as the sales are epic and the clothes really cute this year. I am shopping for transitional tops, lightweight crewneck sweaters, and tall boots with 1.5-2 inch block heels for fall. The jury is still out as to whether the boots will be tan or chocolate or black. Maybe dark luggage tan, as I want these as classic and versatile as possible.

  4. So many fashion bloggers get into the Nordstrom sales. I am not interested. Have never bought anything from Nordstroms and find it annoying that so much time is devoted to this sale by so many bloggers.

  5. Pam, you helped me with style adjectives a few years ago, and it changed my fashion life! I encourage all ladies to try it. It is magic.

  6. Thank you for sharing this, Marcia…they are magic for me as well…and I have heard from others that it has really helped.

  7. At the moment my wardrobe is quite good. I bought red closed-toe shoes recently, as I need them for cooler weather and it’s hard for me to find shoes. So, I could use a skirt or two with some red in them, which shouldn’t be hard to come by or make (for allll the color in my wardrobe, I don’t have much red). Oh, and I need to replace a pair of worn out Birkenstocks and a swimsuit coverup for water aerobics. // Tim Gunn’s quote is so thoughtful and affirming.

  8. The Nordstrom sale never interested me and I agree with Linda LM that many of those items often appear later in the season for less when you can actually wear them. When I retired to SoCal my wardrobe was not prepared for the climate or lifestyle. With your help I feel I have finally put together the versatile elements I actually need for my daily routines. Because of you I now look for a certain maize/gold color that I like with my autumn coloring. I don’t buy anything because it is on sale; I buy because I need it and it fits into my wardrobe.

  9. As you know, I have used the adjectives for years and they do help, I’ve found. I evaluate mine every six months and sometimes they do change, based on current activities or lifestyle changes. The basics do stay the same. I used to carry them with me when I shopped, but now they are just who I am so I know without too much thought what does and does not work. They were game changers for me when you first mentioned them! Like so many others, I have zero interest in the Nordstrom hype and find the store to be over-priced while under delivering. Except the Cafe Bistro!

  10. I, too, want a little creativity, so I like how you have interpreted “creative” (mature & not overdone). And I LOVE your commitment to wearing your colors! I’m so “over” wearing black, so I like seeing how you incorporate colors in your wardrobe. Well done, Pam!

  11. living in Florida I’m looking for summer clothes that I can wear into the fall plus I just bought a pair of red capris from Chicos and looking for some casual tops to go with them I know a lot of women don’t care for capris but they seem to work really well with my lifestyle right now the only thing I buy from Nordstrom are shoes

  12. I’m starting to look for long sleeved light weight tops I can wear now and transition into Fall. Most of my wardrobe can be worn two seasons as I live in west central Georgia where we have mild winters. I’m also retired so I’m looking for casual but stylish outfits.

  13. I like the cafe too! Thanks so much Karen…always happy to see your name pop up!

  14. I used to love Nordstrom, but am no longer interested.
    I consider my style to be elevated sporty. I live in a suburb of San Diego. Sporty is about the only style I see. However, it seems most people live in an unexamined sporty style. I always have small earrings and necklaces. My tops and bottoms go together. It’s clear, at least to me, that I don’t just roll out of bed and go.

  15. Sounds like you don’t, Linlee. You are showing self respect when you dress for the day!

  16. I have shopped the Nordstrom Pre-Fall Sales in the past but nothing I bought there ever turned out to be a solid winner and I’ve stopped shopping at it. I think that shopping early in the season is a good idea b/c you get a better selection, but July is too early. It won’t be cooling off where I live until late October.

    We go on an active camping vacation in late July so my shopping is usually focused on fill-in for my vacation. Last year I wished I could find some cotton gauze clothing and there was none to be found in July. I made a point this year to shop for that in the Spring when the selection is better.

    I have been sale shopping at Aerie, a casual/knit-based offshoot of American Eagle. They’ve got a cute Summer shirt, a light sweatshirt material with a polo collar, that I’m considering. It bears a striking resemblance to a Frank & Eileen shirt I’ve seen. It’s worth it to look at sales and premium brands, even if you’d never spend that much as you can then spot acceptable substitutes in your price range.

  17. Gosh, well I’m gonna go against the tide here and say that I DO love a good Nordie’s sale and have taken advantage several summers in a row now. Thanks to being a card member, it is probably easier to snag items than waiting for the general sale. That said, I have a beautiful cream blazer and several fall/winter cardigans from N. that are nice quality and perfect for my PNW climate in Oregon. This year I am still looking for (from Nordie’s or Macy’s On 34th dept.) a butter-yellow cardigan, perhaps with a touch of cashmere. I also want to find a pair of evergreen colored corduroy pants. Not to wear TOGETHER, mind you! I’d look like my old Cadette G.S. uniform, circa 1975. 🤣

    Happy 1st Day of Year 16, Pam! 🎉

  18. Thanks Connie and thank you for representing another side on the sale. I want to hear from as many as possible and then I will make a plan. It does help to know what you are shopping for…I appreciate that!

  19. I really enjoyed your video, Pam. Thanks for reminding us of our style adjectives and explaining why and how you chose yours. I wrote some down quite a long time ago. I’m not sure I finalized the list and now, of course, I can’t find it. I think I may have rushed the process then. I’m going to revisit this exercise and give myself some time to come up with the ones that really describe what I am trying to project at this time in my life. And then I’m going to put them in the color wallet I keep in my purse. I received a catalog from Nordstrom about their sale and I’m not interested either. I don’t find things that appeal to me in department stores anymore. I’m search for some sleeveless sweaters that hit me right below my waistline. My medical issue causes tummy bloat and I can’t tuck but I like a short layer under a jacket or cardigan. I used to have tops like that years ago. They are hard to find now. So many are way too long for me. And the ones that are called cropped are often too boxy. Am I making any sense?

  20. For Fashion trends I find the Nordstrom Pre-Season Sale interesting, but I rarely buy anything at Nordstrom’s. I am thinking of a pair of low heeled knee high boots but want them in grey leather as I have several pair in black (ankle booties). I also don’t want to spend $$$ for them as I am also in San Diego where boot weather is a short season.
    For summer sales I am good. I seem to have everything needed. Thank you!

  21. Yes! You are making sense…at least to me…I get it. Thanks so much.

  22. Thank you, Mary. I will add your boots to my list in case I see a good deal any where for you.

  23. I do use style adjectives when shopping because they keep me from those impulse buys that are such a bargain that they are too good to pass up, & then they languish in my closet because they really aren’t my style. It’s not really a bargain if you don’t wear & donate it with tags still on it. I’m not a particular fan of Nordstrom’s. I have visited the store near me but have never really found anything of interest. I hate to return things, so I prefer to try things on & feel the fabric as opposed to ordering online. I have found Nordstrom’s in store selection very limited in my size range. I will be evaluating my summer clothes to see if I need to replace anything that is becoming faded or looking shabby, & I am always in the market for nice button-down blouses & lightweight sweaters.

  24. As a Canadian I am glad that Nordstrom is shipping to Canada now (regardless the pricing differs from that of the USA, as somewhat more due to the exhange rate) but at least now have the opportunity of the same selection which we didn’t have before when they had stores here. In respect to their sale; still must check it out as often on the outlook to find something unique and/or as a hobby sewer wouldn’t make myself. i.e.: As in outerwear/footwear/purses/jewelry. Whereas in overall garments; as a classic dresser appreciate the staples in my wardrobe to have an edge in style ‘n quality but can also be mixed with lower end pieces.

  25. I was glad to see the change for Canadian buyers as well, Brenda. Thanks so much.

  26. I don’t shop at Nordstrom but have a few things purchased from the Rack online. I’m over 50 miles from a big enough city to have a Nordstrom or even a mall. I’m an online shopper. Since you introduced me to Chicos, I have bought most of my jeans there. I recently bought cute shorts in the Brigette line and a colorful top to go with them. I shop a lot at Landsend and JCP. My budget goes farther at these stores. I do use my style adjectives: comfortable, functional, affordable, stylish, timeless. My adjectives change as my health needs change. I’m petite, fair with almost white hair so cool blues look best on me. I’m 79 and disabled with instability issues and chronic pain. Hence my leaning into comfort and function. But I enjoy seeing what others wear well in their color palettes and different sizes and heights. Fashion is fun!

  27. Enjoyed your post again.
    No for the Nordstrom sale.
    I finished my shopping for now, I shop my colors and my adjectives. Blessings

  28. It is fun and I am so glad you have discovered brands that work for you, Sydney!

  29. Great adjective refresh. Live by mine.
    Will always look at Nordies but it isn’t what it was 10-15 years ago.
    I am constantly looking for a great third piece sweater or jacket. Something special. This year I would like new flat “riding” boots but bunions make it difficult.
    Then there is the athletic wear…trying to update.

  30. I love the Nordstrom sale! I guess I’m in the minority. The clothes I buy from Nordstrom’s seem to last forever. I am retiring this month, though, and am at a loss what my new style should be. I dress pretty nice for work but on weekends I’m kind of disheveled. How do I find something in the middle? What’s the new me going to look like?

  31. I think we can help you! You might watch my video and decide what you want to communicate about you with your wardrobe in retirement! Let me know if you need help. I will feature some of the Nordstrom Sale but not bombard everyone with it.

  32. I don’t think I’ve ever shopped a Nordstrom sale. There’s never been much that was available by the time I could buy it in the past. We do have Nordstrom Rack here but not a full-on Nordstrom store. I just had my color analysis done and recently got rid of all black except for 1 pair of black slacks so I’m looking for new items in my Autumn color palette (I’m a True or Leaf Autumn but I am able to borrow from most of the Autumn sub-seasons and a bit of Spring, thankfully).

  33. I always enjoy watching (and re-watching) your videos. Thank you for this refresher course in style adjectives, which has encouraged me to revisit mine and evaluate whether they need updating. I turn 65 next week and find myself veering toward styles that suddenly seem “age appropriate,” but read “frumpy” to me. I’ve always been a very tailored, classic dresser but less of those items in retirement. Still a work in progress, but this is good food for thought. For years I spend thousands each year at Nordstrom, which earned me early access to the Anniversary Sale. Back in the day, you could score some amazing deals on quality coats, boots and other fall/winter items. In fact, I have three pair of Sam Edelman classic riding boots that are at least 12-15 years old and are still in great shape. My best winter parka was also a sale find, but those days are gone. I have reviewed the sale catalog as well as the website and I cannot find one single item I want to buy. It feels like Nordstrom is targeting a much younger audience and their current offerings just don’t resonate with me at this life stage. I do still rely on them for Eliza J and Karen Kane dresses (my go-to for wedding coordination) but I now have a good black dress for every possible season and scenario, which covers the events I staff. I am finding that Dillard’s feels more like “me” these days, especially for eveningwear and event dresses. I am constantly on the lookout for comfort shoes that work with my wonky feet, and possibly a good winter coat in a color (teal? eggplant?) but no other items on my current wish list. To be fair, I have bought more clothes this summer than I can ever wear, so I am suddenly not feeling like I need to shop. I have finally seen the scale needle start to move ever so slowly downward, and I want to lose at least ten pounds before committing to any additional clothes. Thanks for braving the sales for us!

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