Friend Friday – Color Questions!

Jacket: Chicos
Multi Colored Tank: Coldwater Creek
Soft Cords: Colorwater Creeek

Today, Friend Friday covers one of my favorite topics….COLOR!  Check out all the fashion blogger responses with Katy at  Modly Chic

1. What color dominates your closet? When I recently re-organized and hung all the colors together, I noticed the black, browns, and white/crèmes/khaki were the larger groups. I am not surprised by this because they are the neutrals! But, my purple and green categories are not far behind the neutrals!!

2. If money weren’t an issue how would you change the color emphasis in your closet? Mostly with the addition of more color prints and saturated colors. I believe I look the best in deep, rich, saturated colors over the pastels. I really would love to add more blouses in strong colors for the spring and summer. I would love more purple, deep royal blue, and the color of the year, Honeysuckle……maybe saffron yellow!

3. What is your mantra about mixing color? I do not know that I have a mantra….other than when I mix things up, I tend to keep the colors in the same family.

I love color in accessories!

4. For you, how do your incorporate color into your outfit? I find myself building around neutrals with a pop of color or a strong print as the super-star!! This super star may be a great blouse or a fabulous scarf! I have learned what colors I look best in with my eyes, hair color, and skin tone so I gravitate toward those colors.

Scarves are one of the best ways to pop color!

5. Which Bloggers to you think do a good job of incorporating color? There are some where I go for color inspiration….Vanessa @; Collette @;  and Kasmira @…..
But there are many who do this really well and have inspired me and others.

Now….DIET UPDATE….after one week, the doctor’s scales say I have lost 6 pounds!!  My home scales say five pounds!!  She told me yesterday to eat the biggest apples I could find, so I went to the store and found Jonagolds…..and they are delicious!!  Today is the Rodeo BBQ at our school….it will be tough…the senior boys have been smoking briskets and chicken all night!!  But, right now the scales are my friends….a plate of BBQ is not!  I also received my second B12/Amino Acid shot yesterday in my bo-honky….it’s painful.  My new mantra is MUCH PAIN; NO GAIN!!!



  1. Pam, what a gorgeous scarf!!! Color is something I'm still playing with…..I think I've always been a little scared of it. Also, my mom always wore neutrals and I think I took on some of her esthetic. But as I see myself in color, I actually think it suits me. Great answers! ~Serene

  2. Hey Pam!! babes!!! sorry its been awhile that I've visited!!!
    I am like you with my answers for today.. neutrals with pop of color and patterns and my closet is mostly blacks, browns.. but I am changing that!!!

    And congrats on the 6lbs lost.. good news!!!
    I always think of a lb of butter. when I see the size of it I think holy cow, and thats like 1lb on my body.. it puts it into perspective for me!! LOL

    happy weekend, great answers this week!! xoxo J

  3. Sacramento is so right–you are full of bright colors INSIDE–and they are slowly coming out on the outside! I say, break from the colors as accessories, and go for the saffron dress! Paula

  4. I love that colorful scarf (Nepalese, I think you said). I DREAM about that scarf. 🙂 What fabric is it made of? It looks a little silky, a little glowy.

    FYI, long ago, before they hhad vaccinations and I was doing a lot of traveling overseas, I used to have to get gamma globulin shots in the butt. Totally by accident I discovered that if I walked home from the appointment, about 2 miles or so, I had much less soreness the next day.

    Congrats on the weight loss and keep up the good work!

  5. Playing with colors is so much fun (I don't always do what I preach; have lots of neutrals, black, grey… but colors always make me happy).
    I'm not big on apples but find Cortland variety delish!

  6. Woo on the 6 lbs! And Jonagolds are delicious (nice and firm).

    Thank you so much for the "who I found"! I really appreciate your comment on my blog.


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