It Started With A Necklace!


 This necklace!  When I saw it at Tourneau in La Cantera Mall, I thought “I am not sure how I will wear it, but I am sure that I want it!!”  Have you purchased accessories before not really sure where they fit into your wardrobe, but just because you love them?

I wish I could tell you where I purchased the bracelets
but I have had them so long, I just do not

Since I happen to love accessories, I probably do this more than I care to admit.  And Tourneau had a great enticement going on last weekend…buy two, get the third for $1!!  Couldn’t pass that up…right?  I really believe that before I buy any accessory that I should have in mind what I want to do with it…what it will go with…how much mileage I can get out of it…but occasionally an exceptional piece comes along and I throw my own rules out the window!

Denim shirt: WalMart
Cami: Chicos
Pants: Sein Mart  (new, but already too big!!)
Bronze Sandals: Marshalls
Watch; Stein Mart

So, today I pulled this outfit together just to go with the necklace and not the other way around!!


  1. That IS a gorgeous necklace….I know I have something to go with it…so…. LOL
    I did get your email (thanks) but haven't been home long enough to reply.

  2. I wish I had made more logical decisions in my fashion purchases! For me it's more like a love affair. Inexplicable, illogical and TOTALLY emotional!! 🙂 Love to you and you look beautiful with your earthy accessories!!! ~Serene

  3. LOVE the necklace, what a great piece! And yes, it's an outfit-maker. There's nothing wrong with building an outfit around a necklace; in fact I think it helps to have a focal point.

  4. Unfortunately, a good bit of my jewelry, shoes, clothes and bags are just because I fell in love with them. So I have a lot of things that nothing goes with. Still working on putting things to use.

  5. what a great statement piece! i love the look of browns and blues together. 90% of the time i buy jewelry just because…and i worry about what to wear it with later!

  6. I really adore reading your blog. I love your pictures. Thanks for sharing these with us. I get so many ideas from you about styling. I'm pretty good at buying pieces but then get a little lost when creating outfits and accessorizing. Your photos are inspiring. Thanks!

  7. Once again, I think I could learn valuable lessons from your lack of rules! I am always trying to choose accessories to go WITH specific clothes. It often backfires. I almost never buy a piece of jewelry just because I love it — I have to know what I'll wear it with. Since I'm sometimes surprised by how pieces actually pair with clothing, I should probably be more daring.

  8. Hey Pammy girl.. I always buy stuff without knowing for sure how I will wear it.. sometimes it sits for quite awhile before I wear it but eventually it all come together.. love that really funky and you have made a great purchase.. its great with your outfit today too!!

    xx oJ

  9. That necklace is right up my alley! And I love the rest of the look. You really hit this look right out of the ballpark. It's hit hard, it's hit deep, it's OUT OF HERE!!! That's how our baseball announcers call a homerun.


  10. I've been known to buy something just because I loved it… and sometimes it takes years to find a good way to wear it. But when I do… its magic!

    And I really want one of this necklace… it would look fantastic under my blue button-down, methinks. Any way I can order one?

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