This necklace!  When I saw it at Tourneau in La Cantera Mall, I thought “I am not sure how I will wear it, but I am sure that I want it!!”  Have you purchased accessories before not really sure where they fit into your wardrobe, but just because you love them?

I wish I could tell you where I purchased the bracelets
but I have had them so long, I just do not

Since I happen to love accessories, I probably do this more than I care to admit.  And Tourneau had a great enticement going on last weekend…buy two, get the third for $1!!  Couldn’t pass that up…right?  I really believe that before I buy any accessory that I should have in mind what I want to do with it…what it will go with…how much mileage I can get out of it…but occasionally an exceptional piece comes along and I throw my own rules out the window!

Denim shirt: WalMart
Cami: Chicos
Pants: Sein Mart  (new, but already too big!!)
Bronze Sandals: Marshalls
Watch; Stein Mart

So, today I pulled this outfit together just to go with the necklace and not the other way around!!

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