Color, Color and Cigarette Pants

Michael Quintanilla on color

Back to last Saturday’s Fashion & Passion Women’s Weekend!! The first segment of the style show was about the white/neutral trend…the second one BRING ON THE EXPLOSIVE COLORS!!  Keep scrolling for my answer to bright color!

Purple sells big in SA!

Once again Michael Quintanilla, Express News fashion editor, said that spring was budding with designers presenting simple, high impact styles. “We have returned to simple styles with timeless appeal,” he said. One fact…I loved…was that the top selling color in San Antonio is PURPLE. Being a lover of purple myself, that pleased me!!  Does anyone know the top selling color in their town?

Shorts!  Not
Cigarette Pants!

Also, during the color segment we learned that the infamous cigarette pant is back. This slimming, short pant originally made popular by Yves St. Laurent, should be tried by all women, he said, because “all women will like it.” This pant is a great way to show off your color. Purchase cigarette pants in neutrals and then pop on top some bright colors. I personally like this pant better than the capris, but they have not been easy to find….I guess all women do like them! I can remember the look on vintage stars like Sandra Dee and Marilyn Monroe!

All fashions came from

What do you think….the slim, cigarette pant or not?

I have had this thrifted jacket for
years and it is actually bright green!
Pants & Pink Top: Stein Mart


  1. Your jacket is a great colour! So pretty! I love the look of cigarette pants, but have yet to find a pair that really work for me. The search continues!

  2. I didn't realize there was a name for them. Thought they were bermudas. Anyway, I like them, but have skinny calves, so they rarely look good on me. Love color and if purple is in, then good golly Miss Molly!

  3. I actually love the look of cigarette pants! Much more so than capris…never really been a fan of those. You look great! I love how you combined all these colors! I used to never wear color….my closet was a sea of neutral. Now it's bursting with color and I have to say, I love it! Hugs! ~serene

  4. I'm for cigarette pants, especially on you. I am so glad all the classics are getting their moment. That means all our purchases this year should have alot more staying power. I try to always stay current by buying a classic piece that has a twist or working a trend in w accessories. But I think it's time to buy a new "investment piece".

  5. Yes! And the color palatte you're working here is sensational on you. Love the white accessories with the gold shoes, too.

  6. Hello dear! Thanks so much for posting up my button :o) I love cigarette pants and while I have some, I had no clue that's what they were called lol. I thought they were Bermuda shorts too. I'm following you back! & You look gorgeous by the way!

  7. That blue and pink combo is gorgeous on you. Love it. I'm in love with yellow. I have to find a yellow dress. A yellow maxi dress would be even better. Gotta go search the interwebs!


  8. I like them on other people. I'm very pear shaped and don't like that slim leg tapering up to my wide thighs.

    I don't think you have to be thin to wear them. IMO they flatter gals with less defined waists better than those with defined waists and substantial thighs.

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