Fashion Show Style
from Dillards

“Buy a mirror…in fact, make that a three way mirror!” was Michael Quintanilla’s advice for women over 50. “You need to check yourself from head to toe before leaving the house.” The Express News fashion editor also wants this age group to have courage and break out of familiar ruts.

Print Jumpsuit

“I think fashion magazines scare some women, so they shut down and think they can never look that good. “ Ladies, give yourselves some credit, go for it!

Michael’s final spring trend for last Saturday’s fashion show was all about PRINTS! This spring look for high impact with digital, tribal, and floral prints. Wear them with a great pencil or a slimmer legged pant….a maxi dress or a skirt. Prints can be found in soft or vibrant colors, or if you are really brave, mix up the patterns. Michael loved many of the looks in this fashion show with bracelets to which he commented, “when it comes to bracelets, more is more.”

If you think you are in a rut, tell us one thing you could do today, to begin to break free!!!

More, More Bracelets from Various Places
Earrings from Target


Chico’s Print Tunic
Bling Blouse, Marisol from Macy’s
Slim Pants from Stein Mart
Shoes: Target

(Note:  This tunic needs some tailoring…I bought it last year when I was larger)

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