It’s Friday, Friday….Casual Friday!!

Blouse: Ann Taylor
Scarf: Marshall’s
Shoes:  Nordstrom’s RACK

I know , I know …it’s Monday…not Friday. But, perhaps this will brighten your outlook about the week. If we begin with a Friday attitude, we should enjoy the rest of the week…right??

In our school, teachers and students are allowed to wear jeans and school spirit shirts on Fridays. The only problem with that is that Gigi and I feel frumpy and old in that particular look!! So, being the rebellious ones, we try to have fun with the jeans as much as we can. These looks were from last Friday!

Jeggings& Blouse: Lane Bryant
Shoes & Jacket: Target
Belt: Stein Mart
Necklace: Chico’s
Earrings: Stein Mart

Earlier in the week, Gigi shared with me her birthday shopping prizes, one of which was this long sleeved T from Ann Taylor. It has these understated, snap epaulets on the shoulder. I suggested she create a look I recently saw on A Femme d un Certain Age with a scarf on the shoulder.

Trish posts pictures of French women on the street and in the countryside and more than one have sported a scarf on the shoulder. The outcome brought compliments even from Gigi’s husband and she loved the look. All thanks goes to Tish. 
I still love my jeggings from Lane Bryant…they are currently one of the few things I have that fit…and I really like them with a great jacket. Though casual, I feel confident and powerful in this style!! Looking at it gets me excited about Friday, so close yet so far away!!

Does anyone have a Friday casual look we can use for inspiration later this week?



  1. Those are two very smart outfits! I like the scarf idea — I somehow never get around to tying one around my neck but I like this "Parisian" look a lot.
    At my office we can dress like this any day but I too save my most casual looks for Friday – it gives us something even *more* fun to look forward to at the end of the week!

  2. Well, aren't you two too, too chic. I've never been able to get jeans right, not matter what I do.

    You look stunning.

    Merci for the shout out.

    Warmest regards,

  3. I love the scarf on the shoulder idea. I have to try it. You both look great in these pictures. When is your daughter getting married? Is it next month?

  4. GREAT outfit, Pam. I love love love it. Catching up on your blog today. You inspire me. It seems like you just keep getting more stylish the more you blog. And it looks easy and comfortable. But super chic at the same time. Loving watching your style evolve.

    If I'm ever visiting my sister, I'll let you know. Would love to meet you.


  5. Well, my first post just disappeared, so this won't be as good but here goes.
    First you both look great. I love to wear belts under jackets because it makes me (apple shaped) look like I have a waist.
    For casual Friday, I always wore something on top that I would have normally worn with my regular slacks. I think that using Chico's/Coldwater Creek catalog ideas would be a good start for any casual Friday outfit. They ususally show a lot of tops, jackets, and sweaters with jeans.

  6. I found you on Collette's blog too–cute jeggings! I love how they're skinny, but not TOO tight (so they don't look like tights, literally). I saw on your side bar that you met Christina from Down and Out Chic? She's one of my longtime friends–we grew up together!

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