The lazy, hazy days of summer can really drag on unless we spice them up a bit!! Is anyone game? How about an over50feeling40 SUMMER ACCESSORY SWAP?

The rules are simple….just tell me here if you want to participate. I will pair you up with another blogger and you will exchange accessories (dollar value not over $25). Then we will all style a look with the accessories and post them on our sites on Tuesday, August 2!! I will make sure on that day to have everyone’s link on my site.

Review…all you have to do is let me know if you want to participate by Friday. On Saturday, I will post the pairs. Then you contact each other and arrange for the swap!! Style a look. Post it on August 2.

The last accessory swap I participated in was tons of fun. I loved getting a secret package that I did not know what was going to be inside!! Spread the word around on your Twitter and Face Book and let’s get as many to participate as possible!

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