JULY CELEBRATIONS: Starting with Links a la Mode & My Blogoversary!!

I love July!  Not just because of July 4th…however I am a very patriotic person and love a great BBQ as much as the next girl.  And not just because there are GREAT sales in July and I need some clothes that actually fit me this year!!

But, this year, I love July even more because today I celebrate the one year anniversary of
over50feeling40 and this month I will turn 58.  Yes, that’s right I am actually celebrating 58 and not dreading it…I like where I am
today!  I have been through somewhat of a reinvention, and that journey is a large part of what this blog is about.

I had planned all kinds of big announcments for today, but have decided to string them out so that I am properly prepared.  All I really want to do on this day is CELEBRATE!

1. I celebrate YOU!!  I am so touched by the readers and followers of over50feeling40….your friendship has become very special to me.  How I would love to meet each one of you face to face…show you San Antonio…then sit in a coffee shop and talk for hours.  You have no idea what your encouragment means to a writer….seeing the words GREAT POST is the same as finding an original Michael Kors, in my size, hidden deep inside of Goodwill for only $2!!  Because of you, I believe I have now gained favor and have been asked to write for three other websites to date!  Because of you, I officially passed on the one year anniversary a hit mark that I just did not think this site would achieve in the beginning.  Because of you, I want to return to the laptop and write again and again.

2.. I celebrate my local friends and their support!!  Gigi…I love you for many reasons and today for talking me into this!  Mrs. Joy , I miss you…you are my encouragment and photographer during the school day (now that school is out, I need you).  All of you locally who have supported and encouraged me to continue…thanks so much for the kind words.


3.  I celebrate my sweet intern, Mary!  That’s right…I have an intern.  I will officially introduce you to her very soon.  She is such a talented young lady in many areas.  I met younger bloggers last year at the blogging conference in Austin who had interns and after many days of being overwhelmed by this…I decided, having an intern is a great idea.  Now, we have only been testing the waters with this for a couple of weeks, but hopefully the readers will see results very soon.  She makes it possible for me to meet several deadlines with other online publications.

4.  I celebrate new insights obtained through this blog and blogging world….I will begin sharing the new insights this week!

5. Finally, but not the least, I celebrate my one year blogoversary as part of the LINKS A LA MODE list! Isn’t that a great way to begin??  Also, I want to tell you how beneficial it is to read the IFB site regularly…the information really helps!

Today, I am off to celebrate with a behind the scenes look as New York designer, Jana Kos, introduces her Fall 2011 line….remember to sign up for the Accessory Swap!  I will post the pairs tomorrow!  Now, go celebrate something!!


Links à la Mode: The IFB Weekly Roundup

 30 June 2011

Hey blogger. Get over yourself. Seriously.

Edited by Vahni of Grit & Glamour

This week I’m fresh out of love and rainbows, so there will be no kumbaya intro. Doesn’t mean I don’t love y’all, but I have got to tell you that lately, I’m a wee bit peeved by the fame-whoring and big-noting going on in the fashion blogosphere (and Twitterverse). Who of us doesn’t want brand endorsements and blogging fame? We’re all stars in our own right, and there is nothing wrong with ambition. But no one likes a self-absorbed, one-sided braggart. And no one likes an ass-kisser. Period.

Have you given props to someone other than yourself lately? Is every status update about hyping you? Is everything in your life now about the blog? As Emily of Ruby Slipper Journeys wonders in her post, are you capturing reality on your blog or manufacturing it? If any of this sounds like you, you might be on the road to becoming a full-blown fame monster. Maybe it’s time to check yourself.

A Challenge

If you’re destined for blogging fame, it will come through dedication, professionalism, and genuine respect. Through interaction, supporting your community, and authenticity. Let’s take blogging back to its roots. This week’s roundup is chock full of posts teeming with creativity, wit, and wisdom. I challenge you all to not only read and comment on at least 10 blog posts, but to share them as well. Find something that resonates with you and tweet it, like it, stumble it. All those hearts and thumbs up weren’t made just for you.
Links à la Mode: June 30th

Beautifully Invisible: A Rant: Why Women Are (at times) Their Own Worst Enemy

Bell Street: Zero-waste patternmaking

Beyond Fabric: Key-carrying options for guys

Brunette Blogging: Tips & Tricks: How to get more blog traffic

By Anika: On being non-conformist from within

Divergent Musings: The blogger’s dilemma: I want nice pictures, but do I get a DSLR?

Fashables: Men that like fashion are gay

Grit & Glamour: What V Wore: Modern Greek

Haute in Texas: Lingerie tips and tricks, because life is too short to wear boring panties.

In Between Seams: Tips on scoring an internship from a Teen Vogue intern

Independent Fashion Bloggers: What Twitter Taught Me About Interaction Online

Kirstin Marie: Fashion Inspiration: Patterns & Textures

Made-to-Travel: Tumblr party pics and why you should join tumblr for fun—and for your blog.

Mis Papelicos: A sartorial and philosophical approach to keeping cool

My Orange Stilettos: The Campaign for Clearer Clothes Sizing

North On Harper: Runway To Room: Milla Jovovich (translating a red carpet look into a room in your home)

Over 50 Feeling 40: How I chose what the mother of the bride would wear

Ruby Slipper Journeys: The problem with “blogger poses,” and getting back to what’s authentic.

Sprinkles in Springs: DIY a spiked bag like Alexander Wang’s Rocco satchel

Style Sizzle: It’s hot out. Let’s talk about (preventing) boob sweat.

The Citizen Rosebud: As a +40 personal style blogger I share what and why I dress the way I do.

The Loudmouth Lifestyle: Be a better shopper, part two: Implementation

Women’s Shoes Sale at Shopbop: Heeled Sandals, Wedges, Platform Sandals, Pumps, Ballet Flats, Clogs, Heeled Boots, & Gladiators Sandals.


  1. Happy Blog Birthday! And Happy (regular) Birthday, when it comes around this month. I love that you have an intern! Have fun at the fashion show and have a great 4th! I'm following you on Twitter, could you possibly (pretty please) follow me back. I only ask because I feel I know you! I'm @jillburgess815. Just got on Twitter about 2 weeks ago, and still trying to figure it all out.

  2. I have been reading your blog for several months now and love your style of writing and fashion!
    Happy double birthday!!

    Could you share the name of the lipstick/gloss you are wearing? It is gorgeous and just the red I'm looking for – we have about the same coloring so I think it would work for me.


  3. aren't celebrations fabulous? and you've got lots to celebrate! enjoy your birthday month! i'm so glad to have found your blog!
    and wow…jana kos! i used to sell her collection…the previews were always so much fun! enjoy your weekend as well!

  4. Congratulations all around. Blogoversary AND birthday. You are one of my favorites and I start every day reading your newest post. Thank you for many wonderful morning reads over my first cup of coffee. Here's to another year of your wonderful posts!!

  5. it really has been a great year for you! you have accomplished so much! look forward to hearing all about the next chapter!


  6. Happy blogiversary to you! You have accomplished so much this year…and encouraged the rest of us. An intern is a great idea!

  7. Happy Blog Anniversary and Happy Birthday!

    I just celebrated my one year blog birthday yesterday….funny that I should come upon your blog today.

    I am your newest follower- look forward to catching up on your years' worth of posts!

  8. Congratulations Pam! Love reading your posts and getting to know you through your blog. I too celebrate my blogoversary this month. I didn't realize that we launched at about the same time. Looking forward to following you over the coming year!

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