One of the coats from the Jana Kos
Fall 2011 collection.  The fabric has
French silk woven in and it feels fabulous
More on the collection tomorrow!

I meet so many in the boomer generation whose perspective is just a little janky (a new word… I am taking liberties here… …means bad…isn’t the younger generation great!)  Back to janky… I call it the “I give up mentality!” For many, hitting the big 5-0 means that life is over and old age has set in. They cannot handle the changes around them…whether it is kids leaving the nest, relationships changing…or accepting they will never run with the millionaire crowd.

Please understand, I am not getting down on you if you are going through a difficult time….what I hope to do is encourage you. You are still ALIVE….here on this earth…with talents to give. It’s time to stop allowing the difficult circumstances to control you and CHOOSE to get back in the game.

Middle age delivers some great opportunities for many of us. Once our children reach adulthood, our parenting time can become time for a personal passion. There are several in the blogosphere who are testimonies to this very idea. I love writing and I love fashion…so here I am one year later a Fashion & Style writer….go figure…I NEVER in a million years would have predicted this seven years ago when I turned fifty. But, let me tell you ….I am having so much fun!!

In 1975, when I left Austin with my journalism diploma in my hand, I ended up going into advertising and public relations, because that was where decent salaries and opportunity existed. After living in the world of PR for two years, the Houston Chronicle called and offered me a position as a features writer. This was my dream job…the type of writing I had wanted since I was in middle school. However, the salary would not pay the bills and I felt forced to turn it down.

Get back in the game…enjoy life…this little baby was
following me on my walk this past week!! Stop and
notice what is going on around you!

To this day, that decision haunts me. I have become a writer for other publications, but none were in the Features Section of the newspaper. So, this blog is now my features section. Though it comes with NO PAYCHECK, I somehow am fulfilling my dream.

What’s your passion? You still have time, you know, to find it and follow it? I plan on going until my cold, stiff hands are lifted from the computer keys….I don’t think that’s morbid…it sounds better to me than watching mass quantities of television!! And, along these same lines….I saw the movie Larry Crowne last night and I recommend it for inspiration and for laughs….I really enjoyed it. Maybe because I am a speech teacher….but try as I might…I will never look like Julia Roberts!

Get out of the house…look at the things you
can find in the jewelry store!!

Please share with us….are you fulfilling a passion today…would you like to….where do you find your joy? (Also, if you are going to pursue a new direction, you need to look your best, so keep coming back here!)


I apologize that I have not posted the list…I promise to do that in tomorrow’s post!  Happy 4th!!

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