There it was….laying in the middle of the Target parking lot.  I was about to run right by it in my haste….but the single shoe caught my attention… just discarded randomly on the pavement by several cars.  I looked around.  Where was this Cinderella who had run completely out of her shoe?   There was no Prince Charming sprinting by me to grab it and head off to seek his love….and I saw no one-shoed wonder woman out on the horizon.
However, that is when I looked closer at the shoe…(heeding my mother’s warnings in the back of my  mind to never touch something like that just lying around.)  The truth is….it was one ugly shoe!!  I then pondered this thought…maybe I should write a post just to Cinderella…offering shoe advice to help her find Prince Charming.
It was a conservative pump which I imagine may have been worn for professional attire.   The heel is so chunky another scenario might be that she was accosted by purse snatchers in the parking lot and decided to use her shoe as a weapon!!  None-the-less, she can do better….much better….and should be glad that this shoe is retiring in the Target lot.
Cinderella, I shopped around….and here are some great alternatives for a classic pump…I hope they will assist you to catch the Prince!!

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