I Need to Speak with Cinderella!

There it was….laying in the middle of the Target parking lot.  I was about to run right by it in my haste….but the single shoe caught my attention… just discarded randomly on the pavement by several cars.  I looked around.  Where was this Cinderella who had run completely out of her shoe?   There was no Prince Charming sprinting by me to grab it and head off to seek his love….and I saw no one-shoed wonder woman out on the horizon.
However, that is when I looked closer at the shoe…(heeding my mother’s warnings in the back of my  mind to never touch something like that just lying around.)  The truth is….it was one ugly shoe!!  I then pondered this thought…maybe I should write a post just to Cinderella…offering shoe advice to help her find Prince Charming.
It was a conservative pump which I imagine may have been worn for professional attire.   The heel is so chunky another scenario might be that she was accosted by purse snatchers in the parking lot and decided to use her shoe as a weapon!!  None-the-less, she can do better….much better….and should be glad that this shoe is retiring in the Target lot.
Cinderella, I shopped around….and here are some great alternatives for a classic pump…I hope they will assist you to catch the Prince!!



  1. Pam! That's too funny!! I love the zebra print shoe! A fun neutral that will definitely get attention! Have a great weekend! Hugs! ~Serene

  2. The mystery shoe could also have been uncomfortable. (Less glamorous shoes can be just as torturous as the cute, pointy, high-heeled ones! Trust me on this one). I love the idea of somebody just getting so disgusted that she leaves the shoe at the side of the road, so to speak, and walks away barefoot. Cute post! Thanks for the giggle.

  3. I had to laugh at this post. For many years, I would notice single shoes like this in the middle of our local interstate highways and often wanted to snap a photo. Like you, these shoes/souls captured my imagination. I was so disappointed when someone finally explained to me that some folks will dispose of their replaced shoes this way…though most of the time the shoes I saw were athletic shoes and not a pump.

  4. No way I would wear any of the alternatives posted! My ankles fold like sheets, and those cute shoes are a quick trip to the ER for your truly!

    I'm suspecting the ugly shoes were crammed into a cluttered car, and one fell out as this poor harried woman with ranbunctious kids and a cartfull of shopping bags was trying to run her errands after having taken off her work-shoes for something more comfortable to shop in.

    Now this poor woman (given the shoe's apparent inferiority) is going to have to pony up extra dough for a new pair of ugly yet "professional" work shoes.

    I suspect the "prince" has left home, and is probably complaining about being expected to pay $50/week in child support….

  5. hello my dear friend. I have been looking for blue shoes for a while now, and I think you have just found them for me.
    I hope your summer is good.

  6. Love the story! Wish my feel would allow me to wear shoes like this, but there are pretty flats these days too. No one should have to wear ones like this.

  7. Ha ha! Now I'm wondering what sort of "Prince Charming" would track down a woman who had lost that hideous shoe. She is better off without it! I only hope she reads this post; your picks are 1000 times cuter.

  8. That first shoe is amazing. I have been looking for just THE perfect colored burgundy/merlot pump. I, myself, am not a fan of the plain black pump although I do have a pair or so. I like color. I like bows. I like big wide straps. Cinderella should come shopping with me and I will TOTALLY help her find a new shoe. I can't promise Prince Charming, though. I am just not into that.

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