Before You Leave the House, Put a Little Laughter in Your Bag

Jacket: Stein Mart
Blouse: Coldwater Creek
Blue Pants: Coldwater Creek
Shoes: Marshalls
Earrings: Garment Exchange
Something to laugh about?
The blouse is too big, because
I have lost weight!!

I begin every day with headlines….breaking news alerts….and constant bullets shot into my brain of what is happening in the world. You have to be fairly thick skinned and well balanced in order to be in journalism. If not, the depressing news will get you down. That is why I think it really is beneficial to have a sense of humor and not take life too seriously.

This year is the 60th anniversary of “I Love Lucy.” I grew up on the messes of Lucy and Ethel and at times, I still find them very funny. Honestly, how many of those candies can you really hide in your mouth and shirt from a supervisor??

 I know one thing….it is good to laugh and sometimes television can give us that outlet. I no longer watch Saturday Night Live, but remember crying over classics by the original cast…or finding the escapades of Rachel, Phoebe, Ross, Joey, Chandler, and Monica to be hysterical.

Dana Buchman Bracelet: Kohls

As someone surrounded by so much gloom and doom, I try to live one day at a time and every day find something humorous…whether it is a high school moment while I am teaching or classic comedy….both will work wonders to get you through.

What are your favorite funny scenes from television?


  1. I watch Friends reruns every day while I work out. And I make time for How I Met Your Mother every Monday night. But that has more to do with the fact that I am hopelessly in love with Neil Patrick Harris.

    🙂 great post, Pamela!

  2. My favorite funny scene is from a Frasier episode where Niles experiences a series of calamities involving a stain, a wound, his trousers, an ironing board, and a fire, not necessarily in that order.
    The first time I saw it I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe, and even in reruns I have to be careful not to choke on something or lose control of my bodily functions.

  3. I have a rain stick! I'll shake it for ya! (us old hippies will go for anything 😉

    One of the funniest moments, speaking of friends, was Ross's pair of leather pants! LOL MAO!!!!!!!!!
    (i swear to get your scarf in the mail this week!)
    I have been such a slacker lately!

  4. There is nothing like the old I love Lucy shows! They still make me laugh. Making someone laugh is one of the hardest things to do, don't you think? And laughter IS the best way to start the day (or end it too!)

  5. "Lucy??? You have some explaining to do!"

    I love all quotes from Seinfeld. I really miss that show.

    I was a huge Sex and the City fan. The series, not the ridiculously stupid movies. But anyway, this is my favorite line. Set up is the ladies talking about dating (big surprise) and Charlotte says, "I've been dating since I was fifteen. I'm exhausted. Where is he?"

    Love that colorful jacket!


  6. Katrina, I LOVED that Frasier episode!

    And for Lucy, remember when they moved to the country and she was hatching chickens and they ran all over the house? Love that one.

  7. Lucy was a favorite of mine. I haven't seen an episode for a long time.
    I love The Big Bang Theory-the episode where Sheldon showed the dark side of the moon at the banquet was one of my favorites. (I used to work with guys quite similar to TBBT guys.)
    John Belushi on SNL was hilarious in so many sketches.

  8. Pam, You are so right. Things can really get you down if you let them.
    This week I have started watching mike and molly and Hot in cleveland cracks me up!!!
    Lucy though – classic!
    Have a pretty day Pam!

  9. I don't know how you do it, working in journalism that is. I've quit reading & watching headlines because frankly, it saddens me. Props to you for trying to always see the lighter side of things!

    Your outfit is super cute- that cardi is GREAT 🙂

  10. I'm with Angie…I try to tune out so much news. I will scan the headlines and bookmark 4 or 5 articles a day to read in depth. There is no single thing that I can always rely on for humor…don't watch much television, but situations in daily life often make me laugh.

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