From Hating Jeans to Loving Them!

Jacket: Dress Barn
JNY Top: Consignment
Lee Denim: Kohls
Flats: Old Navy

About ten years ago, I absolutely hated jeans! That’s right everyone’s favorite, go-to, life-wear was my worst nightmare. I just was misinformed and believed all jeans were light blue denim, mom-jeans, which had to be saggy in order to fit! If you had asked me then if I ever saw myself wearing jeans to work, I would have scoffed at your suggestion big time.

Dark denim trouser jeans were introduced to me by Stacy and Clinton on WHAT NOT TO WEAR and I would wear them every day if I could. This was another one of those things that I had to try them on to be convinced that they were slimming and stylish. I wore a pair once to a football game and one of the moms asked me why I was so dressed up! Such is the power of the dark denim jean.

Dana Buchman Necklace: Kohls
Bracelets: Kohls
Animal Print Watch:  Garment Exchange Consignment

Today’s look is just one of the many ways that I style them for teaching, but what is so great about this jean is that you can wear it almost anywhere. I have worn them to work, church, casual functions, shopping, luncheons…and I have never felt out of place. By the way, this Jones of New York animal print top was purchased at the resale shop in Blanco, TX. I wrote about on Monday. Gigi talked me into it!

I also think it is perfect for Silverstyle’s Trending through the Decades: Animal Prints Challenge  Who knows how old this top really is, since I bought it in a re-sale shop, but one thing is for sure, animal print is ALWAYS in vogue.

In the top picture, I hid the sleeves
to the JNY shirt.  Here they are out of
the jacket.  I like both looks.  It could go
either way.


  1. Hi, LOVE your blog!

    What kind of Lee jeans are they? I went to the Kohl's website and saw several different ones; bootcut, straight-leg, slimming straight-leg, etc.


  2. Pam you are looking SOOOO fantastic! The svelte figure has given shape to a brightly more confident you. I LOVE it!

    Dark jeans are the way to go. I used to only wear dark jeans in my youth (indigo or black) but since my jeans are now shorts- I've been playing with different washes for fun. But for a chic statement- dark rinse is thee color to wear.

  3. I wish I knew where the original "mom jeans" started and by whom?! I would have a few choice words for them.
    Love jeans, but will not wear light colored ones for any amount of money ever again. Not caring if acid wash is on the verge of a comeback!!
    You look terrific!

  4. As you know, I pretty much live in jeans now. I did not see those jeans at Kohl's when I was there the other day. If I can get them hemmed, I will wear my brown NYDJ soon. My lifestyle now is such that jeans are really the most practical wear for me. They wash nicely and don't require the dreaded ironing!
    Dark denim is great. Unfortunately, many manufacturers seem to think that whiskers and rubbed off areas are what we all want. For me, I think dark denim is much more attractive.

  5. Wonderful! You look great. I think I wore those same jeans today!
    I'm sorry I didn't even realize I didn't follow your blog. Since we comment back and forth a couple of days a week…….I didn't even notice.
    I will fix that soon.
    I need you to tell me how you make the link with somebody's name instead of the whole link address. Hyperlink?

  6. Pam- If I could only have one thing to wear it would be a dark trouser jean! I love this look on you – yes, like the mom asked you at the game… you look so dressed up. but casual too.
    Have a pretty day!

  7. I love a nice pair of dark denim jeans. These look great and really work well with your tops. I rarely wear lightwash jeans and I HATE MomJean looks. YIKES!!!

  8. I used to have a hard time finding jeans that would fit — the only ones that would fit my thunder thighs were men's jeans, and they really gapped at the waist. But once stretch denim came into vogue? I was sold and never looked back. I like that shirt — interesting. I also like the second look of this … I don't know why — I had to look to make sure that it was really the same jacket.

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