It is possible, that for the majority of us (ladies of a certain age that is), following trends is just not as much fun as it was when we were younger. I, also, realize that for some of you following a trend makes you too much like everyone else and could be viewed as robbing your individuality.

But, for the purposes of editorial….please allow me to discuss my inspiration for today’s outfit. I was looking over the Fall 2011 Trends and this layout from VOGUE was one in particular which caught my attention. I thought…”Santa Fe/Southwestern Style would be a piece of cake for a Texan!!” In fact, there were several different ways I could’ve gone with this inspiration look, but then I found a Chaps Cardigan at KOHL’S and I knew it was the statement piece! I also knew I could use it for many different purposes and looks. It’s lightweight so the warmer weather is not a problem. Southwestern style to me just screams SILVER when deciding on accessories…though I do have some bronze and turquoise pieces that I love.

Chaps Cardigan: Kohl’s
LRL, Lauren Jeans Co. Skirt: Macys
Chico’s Southwestern, Vintage Tank
Jewelry: Stein Mart

Shoes: Ross
Toes by Opi: Suzi Takes the Wheel (Gray!)

What about you….is there a particular trend that you just had to follow this autumn?


First, this article caught my eye in the San Antonio Express News yesterday. It was written by Molly Glentzer and titled: MESMERIZED BY AN EXOTIC PAIR OF DROP EARRINGS. She fell in love with this pair of Ralph Lauren earrings during the runway show for the fall collection. “But I am still dreaming of the Orientalist drop earrings that danced around the impossible long necks of Ralph Lauren’s models in February, when I saw the fall collection on the runway. There are many variations on the theme, but the pair I covet features a crystal rhodium rondelle in red above an elongated teardrop of black onyx. (The design was also made in jade). His fall 2011 collection – widely considered his best in years – is pure Shanghai Express. Look at stills from the 1932 film, and you’ll even see Anna May Wong in the earrings. The tassel necklaces, hats, and scrumptious coats – pure Marlene Dietrich as Shanghai Lily.”

I would link her entire article if it was available and if it becomes available online….I will go back and do that. But for now, I share her love of Oriental jewelry and her desire to own these earrings which are a bargain (sarcasm!) over $700. Molly and I can only dream.

Finally, I also loved Gigi’s shoes yesterday! She wore them with some fabulous tweed pants from Kohl’s and they made the look.

Have a Wonderful Autumn Weekend Everyone! I can’t believe it is already October!

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