Blouse: Ross $7.00
Talbot’s Capris
Target Shoes: Goodwill for

I’ve got good news and bad news….first the bad news. South Texas has soared back into temps over 100 and predictions keep us breaking records for 100 DEGREE days in 2011…which means we will see more after October 1. That keeps me in bare legs, capris, and summer skirts longer than I wanted to be. I long for a real autumn…the heat has been excruciating this year and the drought is so, so sad. I drove by one of my favorite rivers last week only to see boat docks sitting on the bottom…it is really concerning for those of us who love this state. The colors we see in the forests are not seasonal color changes, but rather too many dead trees from lack of rain.

Rainsticks sold in boutiques

The good news? It’s Tuesday! That means that because I am over 55, I can save an extra 10% at ROSS. My ROSS is surrounded by Payless, Dress Barn, Michaels, and Office Max. I accidently discovered that since ROSS does the discount on Tuesdays, so does the entire complex. They don’t advertise it….the customer has to ask. There are also more retailers who offer a discount to teachers…it does pay to do your research.

Bracelet:  Forever 21
Ring:  Stein Mart

Does anyone else know of some great discounts out there beneficial for all of us?

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