I’ve Got Good News and Bad News

Blouse: Ross $7.00
Talbot’s Capris
Target Shoes: Goodwill for

I’ve got good news and bad news….first the bad news. South Texas has soared back into temps over 100 and predictions keep us breaking records for 100 DEGREE days in 2011…which means we will see more after October 1. That keeps me in bare legs, capris, and summer skirts longer than I wanted to be. I long for a real autumn…the heat has been excruciating this year and the drought is so, so sad. I drove by one of my favorite rivers last week only to see boat docks sitting on the bottom…it is really concerning for those of us who love this state. The colors we see in the forests are not seasonal color changes, but rather too many dead trees from lack of rain.

Rainsticks sold in boutiques

The good news? It’s Tuesday! That means that because I am over 55, I can save an extra 10% at ROSS. My ROSS is surrounded by Payless, Dress Barn, Michaels, and Office Max. I accidently discovered that since ROSS does the discount on Tuesdays, so does the entire complex. They don’t advertise it….the customer has to ask. There are also more retailers who offer a discount to teachers…it does pay to do your research.

Bracelet:  Forever 21
Ring:  Stein Mart

Does anyone else know of some great discounts out there beneficial for all of us?


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that your drought continues. You look so dynamic in that black and white top!

    (I turn 55 next year, will have to remember to start asking about discounts.)

  2. I am so sick of summer in fall, it's hot here too, I pulled out my pale khakis and sailor stripe top since it's still so gross outside. I love this black and white top on you. Do a red nail with it sometime! I think the Gap/Piperlime/Banana Republic/Old Navy also does a 10% discount on Tuesdays, but am unsure if it's just online or in stores. And they are not so great about advertising it either, which is why I am unclear.

  3. I hope you get your much needed cooler weather. It's so sad to see the barren, dried up ground, I bet.
    You look lovely in this graphic b&w ensemble, and woohoo for saving some bucks!

  4. That outfit is so cute! We aren't having fall temps here either but we don't have the drought situation like y'all do. DD3 is in Texas for grad school and she's always telling us about the heat there. And we thought it was hot here! LOL

  5. Gorgeous shirt, Pam. You look happy despite the temps going back up. I'm shaking a rainstick for you from California. It's a long distance rainstick so I think we're good to go. 😉

    I never pay full price for anything. Or rarely that is. When I'm shopping online, I always google deals to see if I can get some kind of discount. So, I'm with you. Research it. More than likely, you can get a deal.


  6. so sorry about the heat and lack of rain
    it has actually been raining here since Thursday!
    love that top, you need to pair it with a bright color pant or skirt. it would look awesome!

  7. I really feel for you and your concerns about the weather. The world is a strange creature and continually changes.
    I'm just glad I didn't pick plaids or boots for this week!
    Please come over to join the fun. What do you have to loose?

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