An October State of Mind

(Note: It helps if you sing this first line to the tune of the 12 Days of Christmas!!) On the first day of October, my husband said to me….Why don’t you go sho-o-oping??”

Don’t worry, that ‘s where I stop with song lyrics. But, when I felt a nip in the morning air today, I was ready to head out and experience October!! Of course, after a brisk neighborhood walk, I was tired and feeling a little black and white, so I headed off to start the day at Starbuck’s with a Pumpkin Spice Non-fat Latte just for a seasonal kick! It put some color in my mood and I was ready to shop.

Started out a little off color,
but dressed for a morning
of purposeful shopping!

Headed into Starbuck’s……

One Pumpkin Spiced Latte…and….
I was ready to go in my Cole Hahn flats! (I got these several years
ago on a Marshalls clearance rack).  They are the best!!

I actually had a mission with my shopping. I have in my future an important meeting where I want to look my professional best…for me that means heels and not flats. Since, bunion surgery, I usually wear flats, but I really want my outfit for this meeting to be perfect, powerful, and youthful.

 Marshall’s met my need with a pair of T-strapped Aerosoles that I really love and cannot wait to wear. Between my coffee and the shoes, I was feeling pretty great and went on to find an awesome scarf at Stein Mart and beautiful autumn mums for my house….and a surprise for the hubs…

In such a good mood, I bought Mr. B a Perry Ellis shirt at
Marshalls with autumn colors

Love this Nicole Miller/ Peacock Scarf I found at
Stein Mart!!

Flowers always brighen my mood!!  Mums are inexpensive
and seasonal!

The temperature outside is moving back up this afternoon, but I do not think anything could spoil my October State of Mind!!


I stopped by Garment Exchange, and Marilyn has some great pieces in her shop!! I picked up these orange, fun earrings and you can see here some of the special items in her store. Garment Exchange is located on Thousand Oaks at highway 281 in between Big Lots and the Egg & I Restaurant…this is one consignment boutique that is growing in popularity so if you see something here you like, you better give Marilyn a call (210-820-3000) and tell her I sent you!!



  1. The first pair of boots in the consignment shop are fabulous! I'm impressed with the shirt you found for your hubs. I don't dare shop for my slender-torsoed, but long armed husband. I do consult though on the rare occasions HE shops.

  2. I love the Aerosoles you found! Super cute and I hope they are comfy. I know what you mean about powerful and youthful. I run up against this everyday at work. I think I need to be a woman and act like a man….that has usually worked for me in the man's world in which I work. Then there are those women that are much like "men" and they are the VPs….sigh. Any advice you can give? I love advice from professional women. You did look great in your shopping outfit. And I am SO GLAD you had a great "fall" day…. nothing says fall like a Pumpkin Spice Latte! Cheers!

  3. What a wonderful day – wish I could have been with you for coffee + shopping = fun! I adore your peacock scarf. Alas, I could not get to SteinMart today as other chores interfered, but I will try again very soon. : >

  4. Hooray for October! We had a warm, humid day yesterday, but it's cooler and a little cloudy today. Those shoes are very cute, and Aerosoles are so comfy. The Nicole Miller peacock scarf is gorgeous. I would've snapped that one up!

  5. I adore those boots with the bow too cute.Hi Pam,thanks for following me,im sure we will have some fun with sharing our blogs.

    Happy new week ahead!

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