Brown Cardigan: Chico’s
Peck & Peck Blouse: Stein Mart
Army Green Skirt: Lane Bryant

Romance author, Jackie Collins, once said, “My weakness is wearing too much leopard print!” With so much of it available from season to season, we all may have the same weakness!! I think what makes animal prints so great is they really never go out of style, but, aye, that is also the rub. We can easily overdo when adding new prints with each season.

Gigi joined in the fun!!

Other than excessive availability, I pondered why I like animal prints so much, and arrived at these conclusions….powerful, chic, stylish, strong femininity are all my feelings when wearing any animal print. Sometimes I feel like portraying a full out attack in a jacket and other times, a soft touch in a flat or belt. But, between leopards, snakes, zebras, and cheetahs…they definitely reign in my closet.

Stein Mart Earrings
Langford Market Bracelet
Brown flats from Old Navy:  SOOO Comfortable

Tomorrow, you can see a host of BLOGGERS DO IT BETTERanimal prints that is. Click the link and come back on Wednesday, October 5 or participate yourself…..

Then tell me, what do you think?? Does anyone just hate the trend and stay away from it? Does anyone think they have gone too far?

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Cardigan from Stein Mart
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Jacket: Serendipity Cothes SA
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