Visible Monday: The Cape Crusader!

In the Ann Taylor Dressing Room area:
Blouse and Cape: Stein Mart
Lee Slimming Jeans: Kohls
Target Flats: Brand New from Goodwill

 I am doing one of my favorite things right now….sitting at my desk, on a Sunday afternoon, writing, and watching it rain. This is the most rain we have had in over a year and it has been glorious….a wonderful, autumn afternoon. But, I am here to write about one of my favorite autumn trends for Visible Monday. This is one of those trends that is making another lap in popularity, because I definitely remember it from the past……the trend is the CAPE!

I purchased this Peck and Peck cape in the Boutique area of Stein Mart and was so pleased to actually get forty dollars off of the original price after using a coupon and a rewards check for being a Preferred Customer. I like the red that appears beneath the black and the fact that it is a lighter weight material. Most capes I have seen advertised this fall are for colder temperatures and seem to all have a touch of wool. But, this one was perfect for a balmy afternoon to go watch the Tim Gunn event and then shop afterwards. I felt stylish ….yet, very comfortable. Feeling confident is important for many reasons, but especially when you want to have the courage to stand up and speak to Tim Gunn (check out Saturday’s post!). In this look, I had the courage!!

Weather was humid, in the 80s and I never once
felt warm in the cape!
Wish I could take this dressing room
home!!  Did I tell you that my shoes
were $1.99 at Goodwill…brand new!

Has anyone else purchased a cape for this season, or do you still have one in your closet from the last time around??

Cuff Bracelet at Ann Taylor… I would love to own,
but had to leave behind!!  Enjoy the bracelet and
ignore that hand full of veins!!

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  1. Love that cape, Pam. I am so glad they are "in" again, because I like them so much for Florida winters. Yours would be perfect here : )

    Thank you for participating in Visible Monday!

  2. I actually have one in my closet from the Target clearance rack a couple of years ago! It should be cool enough next week to take it out! I always struggle with what to wear with it, so it has never made it out of the house, but I will copycat you and go with trouser jeans and a lot of arm bling!

  3. I cannot wear a cape. Being 5" I look rediculous in one. My bff who is tall, looks great in one. That's okay…I'll let others enjoy them.

  4. Oh, Yes….I just purchased a cape at Cracker Barrel on the way home from DC.It is black and has a hood. (not my prefered color, but the color I chose first had a fur collar). It was perfect on the bus. I haven't worn it since but am looking forward to wearing it to church and when I'm out and about.

  5. Honestly, I've never even tried on a cape. I tend to think that they're the opposite shape of what flatters my particular body type. But I should probably open my mind and at least try one, no? You look wonderful in yours!

  6. My mom made me a wonderful cape in the very early 70s — Black Watch tartan, lined with a sumptuous satin, very dramatic, knee length. I do wish I'd saved it, but I doubt I'd have worn it this time round — yours looks like a much more realistic, versatile option.

  7. This cape is lovely. I clicked on one of your pics to enlarge it and get a better look. To my surprise and delight, I could then see the wonderful texture of the cape as well as the red lining. Absolutely stunning. What a great find.


  8. Stylish and wonderful as always Pam, i love a cape but can not find a stylish cape. Izzy bought one at a store called Lululemon in Montreal and it is stylish and all, i asked to do a post with the cape –

    Lots of friendship – Ariane xxxx

  9. I love the cape on you. I may have to go look for one myself. I am also SO GLAD it is raining in Texas! Yee-haw! I hope it doesn't flood but some rain is a good thing.

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