Fashionista Gift Ideas – Part Two + What I Wore

Barnes and Noble Bookstores

OK, ladies, for those who love Audrey and Paris, Barnes and Noble has the answers.   Feast your eyes on this fun fare:

Walk into any Lane Bryant and you’ll find a special display of fashionista stocking stuffers….
This is an old Daisy Fuentes top from Kohls.  I really like the cut and the knit, but I have since made a
decision to stop purchasing tops with double pockets.  The “girls” are big enough without pocket
billboards calling attention to them!!!


  1. Hi Pam, Oh My since you decided to do big pics, what a pleasure to see you your lovely self!
    Watch out for my gift! i mailed it last Friday with chance it might be delivered tomorrow!
    You look lovely and the gifts ideas are so cool!


  2. Cute "Tiffany's" puzzle.

    Grey and red are lovely colors on you. I feel the same way about pockets on the chest. They are a deal breaker for me. With the scarf you're wearing, you don't really notice them that much.

  3. You and your girls look gorgeous! The red next to your face is beautiful! I just adore Audrey Hepburn… feminine and a sweet spirit! Thanks for the pictures, they DO inspire….HOLIDAY HUGS GIRLY! ~Serene

  4. I, on the other hand, need a closet full of double pocket shirts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh dearest, THANK YOU FOR COMING TO VISIT and for your sweet comment about running to show your friend!!!!!HOW ABOUT THAT ITALIAN HOT CHOCOLATE????? Paris, there is a fab café named ANGELINA'S where they serve up a hot chocolate that is like HOT PUDDING!!!!! WOOOWOOOWW

    You are ever so kind to share my post!!! LOVE TO YOU AND YOU LOOK FABULOUS! Anita

  5. You look fantastic, Pam and so do all your choices, ahhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Love them all
    How are you getting on with the Christmas Swap???

  6. I used to never wear pockets on shirts because of the emphasis. Now, I need them to give me a little bit of padding. You look great in the top. The red patterned scarf adds a delicious topping to the outfit.

  7. I'll take all the pocket help I can get in the bust dept! And whatever shade of red that scarf is, it's perfect for you. It really lights up your face. The last one was pretty, but this one is THE red for you. Gorgeous.

    Oh, and I guess I'd better introduce myself: I'm Marti *waves* I'm also in San Antonio. I found your blog via a series of links from Une Femme d'un certain age, I think, and have been lurking for awhile. I love fashion blogs for real, ordinary women, so thanks for having one.

  8. Pam, I love the red scarf and the blue shirt! The scarf is what makes your pic pop, including your smile and lovely hair style!!

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