Accentuate the Positives!

Green Blouse:  Coldwater Creek
Ellen Tracy Wool Jacket: Goodwill
Tweed Skirt:  Lane Bryant
Spanx Tights: Nordstroms
Liz Claiborne Boots:  Marshalls

I’ve already told you that I like the new ABC TV show The Revolution Tim Gunn’s segment of this show is called the Timtervention…where he swoops in and encourages women to look and feel their best. During their premiere, Tim said that many women get into a style rut by focusing on their negatives….

I’m too fat…

I’m ugly…

My hips are huge!…

you get my drift.

He encouraged women to get a fresh start with style by accentuating their positives…focus on the strengths!! I began to do this a few years back when I went through my reinvention! First, I decided, I like my eyes! So, I experimented with makeup and learned that various shades of purple make my eyes POP!

Scarf:  Marshalls
Premiere Jewelry Bracelet

Then, I decided that an open neckline was flattering and in some ways slimming! I know that I am a scarf addict, but I really look my best with a V neck or open neck such as the one I am wearing today. Gigi has great legs, so I pictured them here in the cutest polka dot sheer tights.

Gigi’s positives!!!

So, tell me…what your strengths are and if are you dressing to accentuate them!!

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  1. My strengths are my legs and my eyes…not necessarily in that order. I don't feel comfortable in stockings (physical limitations), so no one sees my legs much until the summer. I like to wear colors that bring out the blue/green in my eyes and wrap dresses or blouses that give me a waist!

  2. Great points, Pam – we all can learn to talk more kindly to our bodies, and appreciate them for all they do. And even super-models find flaws with themselves. I like to accentuate my long neck and upper chest, so I wear a lot of scoop and v-necks. A also like my smallish waist, but I do enjoy "surrendering" it to a loose fit sometimes too : >

  3. Well, I think you nailed it with your strengths! You DO have beautiful eyes, and I think an open neck just draws the eye down and creates a longer line. As for my positive, I think it would have to be my hour glass shape. I'm pretty well proportioned and so I like to cinch the waist a lot. Great post! Hugs to you!!! You're right, by the way, your post works hand in glove with mine! I guess it's great minds! ~Serene

  4. Love the bracelet and the stockings!

    I'd like to think my positives are a small waist and back. However, I have an ample natural bosom that runs in my mother's side of the family (30HH or G sometimes), so in order to accentuate the positive, I wear dresses that highlight the small waist, but have that criss-crossing effect with the fabric across the breasts – it's a V-cut neckline that makes a Y in front (if that makes any sense). It minimizes the boobs while keeping everything else looking smaller.

  5. I think it's definitely easy to get caught up on the negatives! I can obsess over my short legs and ample hips when I should be focusing on my eyes, small waist and thin arms. I really like that gray skirt on you – it looks very nice!

    And lastly, I made 2 purse clutches and I'm giving away 1 on my blog – you can pick which size you like! Check out the giveaway here!

  6. Pam, you look fabulous in this outfit.
    As to the positives, I am going to have to do some thinking on that. Off hand, I can't think of any when it comes to my body. I think my positives are my general outlook on life and my love of learning.

  7. Great cuff bracelet – I love cuffs. Can't get enough of them.

    Hmm…why is this question hard? It shouldn't be. I have a smallish waist, long and healthy hair, and long legs. And I am tall.

    Thanks for giving me something to think about…more positive good stuff from you, Pam. I love it! xoxo

  8. You look beautiful. I love the stockings. I just asked mu husband and he said my smile and my eyes….Thank you for joining in the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. Big Hugs!

  9. I'm over from Katherine's Corner blog hop. What a great idea for a blog…women do need to bond together and encourage each other more. Love your style and you look great. I'm looking forward to following you and being inspired.


  10. I never have time to watch tv anymore! You are one of the most positive people I've come to meet in the blog world and I know you'll definitely enjoy Tim's show. I loved him when he was on Bravo TV and had the show, Tim Gunn's Guide to Style!

  11. It is true that v-necklines make people appear smaller! I like to dress in a way that enhances what I like about myself, too, and I think looking our best makes such a huge difference in how we view ourselves and our possibilities in life!

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