I am well aware that time is running out for us here in South Texas to enjoy our winter clothes. In fact, the forecast for Saturday is into the lower 80s!! I have written before of my love affair with fall and winter clothing. I think it’s mostly due to the fact that we have warm weather for so long where I live and, after all, variety is the spice of life! I get bored with the warm weather dressing!  By September…it has become old, old, old.

Red Cardigan: $1.99 at Goodwill
Cream Colored Blouse and Bracelet: Kohls
Denim Skirt and Tights: Lane Bryant
Boots: Ross
Perry Ellis Scarf: Marshalls

We know that things will warm up in January and also during our rodeo in February, we will experience one or two really cold days! That’s about it! Therefore, you will most likely see me look for ways to enjoy my boots, tights, sweaters and wool jackets as much as possible on the blog before the opportunities fade until next October. Today, I realized that I had not yet worn this wool scarf…so I fashioned an outfit around it. The scarf is just too warm for spring and summer.

Are there items in your closet you would like to wear longer this year??

 Time is also running out on the Shabby Apple Skirt Giveaway…make sure you have your name entered!! Just click HERE.  Also, make sure you tell your friends about this…easy way to start off spring with a really cute skirt…they might not forgive you, if you don’t include them!!


Happy weekend, everyone!! 

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