Black & White: A Power Player

Classic film director, Vincente Minnelli, once said, “Color can do anything that black and white can do.” While I realize he was discussing a changing trend in movie production, his quote also made me think that today color would have the upper hand in fashion. However, it is hard to beat the classic, timeless styling of black and white.

Amanda Smith, Pinstripe Jacket: Goodwill
Chaus Blouse: Bealls
Jones of New York Pants: Macys

When I want a powerful, professional look, I most often decide to go black and white. What is great though, is that you will probably see some amazing, creativity in today’s black and white blogger challenge…because this combination is anything but boring.

Me Too Shoes: DSW

So, I hope you will visit Everybody Everywear today and check out the inspiration overload. I recently read the words of a stylist on another blog, who commented that we would make a mistake to come home from after-Christmas shopping with black and gray. I would have to disagree….while I love color, black and gray are rarely a mistake!!

Pop of red bracelet:  Langford Market


  GIGI had to get in on the action with this great look:


  1. I'm wearing my B&W today, too! No pics till later, though…it's my swim-work-run-work-rehearse day, so pictures don't happen until 10:30 p.m. Ugh. But I'm with you in spirit!

    Love the bracelet.

  2. You look so chic and authoritative in that suit, Pam – it's a great look for you. I must agree – there's nothing like crisp black and white (with a shot of red) to send the message that we're confident and mean business. Love it!

  3. That little pop of red really makes this outfit special.
    I love black and white and I don't care how many people tell me black is not a good color on me….it's so classic and simply chic.

    Where are your silly boys today? xoxo

  4. I agree with above comments. My job is going horrible. Maybe I should wear a black suit with a snazzy white blouse and just flip them out. They would probably think I was going on an interview. Which I am seriously considering!
    I love the red shoes and especially the bracelet.
    Thanks for your support and supporting my link:)

  5. Love your pops of color, I also tend to wear black and white when I need to wear something professional and powerful. Great bracelet!

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