Introducing Foxcroft Collections….and my little DIY necklace!!

Send up the balloons…break out the bubbly…shoot off the bottle rockets…I have finally completed a successful DIY project and decided to debut it at the same time as this fabulous line of clothing….!!

White No Iron Shirt: Foxcroft Collection
Black Trousers: Foxcroft
Back jacket: Lane Bryant
Pointed Toe Flats,Target: Brand New at Goodwill

My white shirt and black pants are provided by Foxcroft today and I want you to know that I am loving the fit and feel of these pieces. The shirt is a no-iron soft cotton with impeccable detail and seaming for a figure flattering fit. These are updated classic pieces which every woman needs in her wardrobe and can either be purchased online or in stores including Nordstrom, Von Maur, Lord & Taylor and some select Bloomingdales. The pants are now the most comfortable pants I own and I was so happy with the length…so often pants are too short for me and I have to go to a tailor and have the hem let out.

Bracelet: Stein Mart

In March, I will be hosting a giveaway with Foxcroft , so make sure you look for the announcement and tell all of your friends. Till then… visit their website to see more of their collection.

 Now, for the amazing part….I finally completed a DIY project that worked….I am not the most artsy/craftsy person, but, believe me, the desire to be is there. I found a broken belt in my closet and just hated to throw it out because I loved the buckle…this round, turquoise piece. So, I took it off, and with my needle nose pliers, added it to this little black necklace which had been sitting in my jewelry for some time…not worn. You can see on the back of the buckle (below) how the belt looped through the piece…I had to superglue the little chain I placed there in order to hold it in the middle. VOILA! I love it! And I did it without help! I’ve come a long way, baby!

Now, please DIY crowd, don’t make fun…can I hear some applause??


Some of you may remember I was selected to be one of the nine Over 50 and Fascinating winners by KENS TV.  Each one of us received a weekend downtown…which I wrote excessive posts about before Christmas!!  Now, everyone can vote for the one who will receive a trip to Beverly Hills, CA.  BUT, I do not want you to vote for me.  I would like everyone to go to this link and vote for Janet Everett, who received organ donations for a second chance on life.  As far as I am concerned, she needs to go celebrate life!!  Would you please click on this link and vote for Janet….I just did!!–Fascinating-Contest-137696598.html

ALSO,  Visit Katie’s Blog Hop  and meet some wonderful women on the blogs:


  1. You look FANTASTIC in those pieces!! And hooray for your DIY, how clever are you? I've had some wonderful Foxcroft shirts in the past, will definitely check out their website!

  2. Pam, I am impressed with your DIY — I would not think to do it myself — and the end result is fab. I am also going to check out the Foxcroft collection, and I voted for Janet. It's so *you* to want us to vote for someone other than yourself, because you find her deserving: that is the kind of woman you are!

  3. Gotta love me some Foxcroft. I used to live in Oregon and Nordstrom's carried the shirts.I bet I have 15 of them in my closet right now. Comfy, well priced, and no iron. can't beat that. Love the DIY. I just started beading, so I can relate.

  4. Pam, I love this necklace so much!!! You did an AMAZING job with that necklace….it looks high dollar and like its from a boutique! And you look GORGEOUS! That's the way to do black and white…..add an eye popping accessory!! Hugs to you girly! ~Serene

  5. Pam, I am loving all that turquoise! I love that you made the necklace yourself. I'm not very crafty or DIY at all. I'd like to sew a little more, but mainly so I can appreciate couture even more.

    I will go vote for Janet. You are so generous, which I have known for some time! XO, Jill

  6. I have several Foxcroft shirts. They just look so nice whenever I wear them.
    Your DIY looks fabulous. The buckle is perfect on that necklace. I like to do DIY, but it seems as though I never get anything done, just imagined.

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